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Greer | December 14 2008
I wanted natural training that was not treat, treat, treat; relief from food reward was very welcomed. I would recommend Bark Busters because I found the experience enjoyable, I learned more than expected, and got fast results. In fact, at the end of the training, the results were much better than I ever expected. Permalink
Wellford | July 10 2008
Alan and I are really impressed by the improvement in Wyatt. Larry makes it so easy to learn. Wyatt seems to enjoy the lesson with little or no stress. We would highly recommend this to anyone that wants to have a happy home with their pets. Permalink
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Piedmont | May 29 2008
We were very impressed with Larry from the moment we saw how he responded to Syrus. Most trainers we have worked with in the past were intimidated about working with Rottweilers. Not only did he help improve on Syrus' temperament but he was very friendly with Jade also. Syrus views me as his pack leader and listens anytime I command him. He doesn't join the neighbors' dogs in their barking contest anymore. Permalink
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Greenville | July 24 2007
Larry is great ! His training was very informative. He started off with basic techniques leading into more advanced ones. I was quite please with the changes in my dog in just the first session. What I like best about your approach is that it is compassionate and just makes good common sense. Permalink
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Greenville | July 24 2007
I found Larry's explanations and visual aids helpful and easy to understand. Once Larry worked with me and Starr, the race to the front door stopped (in just 10 minutes). God love my Bark Busters therapist. I had been trying for 10 months! Permalink
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Greer | July 24 2007
I was amazed at how effective the training was. I had thoughts of giving up on her and getting rid of her. It had been so frustrating. Now I will be able to enjoy my dog. Permalink
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Boiling Springs | June 30 2007
Larry came and worked with us and our 2 Labs, 6 months and 1½ yrs old, both that what we thought out of control. In just 2 hours we had wonderful results! Since he has left we have been able to have both dogs in at the same time with the cats and both of our children! It was an absolutely wonderful experience to learn these techniques and skills of such a great trainer! We have tried for months to solve these "difficult" problems and never accomplished, but in 2 hrs with Larry we have regained our home! I will and already have told everyone I know about Bark Busters! How thankful we are for the help we have received! We have made family and friends come just to ring the door bell and see how we have control now! Thank you again, Larry! Permalink
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Greenville, SC | August 10 2006
Larry was able to clearly explain and let us know the changes we needed to make to have Cooper respond to us in a variety of situations. Cooper followed more basic commands in the first session than in his whole lifetime ! I was amazed at how well he walked on leash in our yard after 10 minutes of leash training with Larry. I feel Cooper has made impovements in just one session; but even more importantly we have been given the tools to improve his behavior even more. Permalink
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Greer, SC | August 10 2006
I have been to a lot of different dog training sessions; but I have never seen immediate results like I did today! Permalink
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-Townville, CA | August 10 2006
I am shocked that my 7 yorkies made such progress in 2 hours of training. The constant barking stopped completely. I am so happy Permalink

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