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Meagan and David K Miami, Florida | May 16 2023
Luis is such wonderful trainer and person! Within seconds of meeting him, we could immediately tell how much he loves dogs. He was so kind with our girl and took the time to get to know her and our family. Luis really listened to our concerns so that he could ensure that all of our dog’s needs would be met. He provided a clear understanding of what a dog needs to be happy and how we can provide that to our girl. Within minutes of using Luis’s techniques, we noticed instant changes and comfort in our girl. He takes as much time is needed to really observe and modify our behaviors to prevent any mixed messages that we may have been sending. Luis provides you with the tools needed to give you and your dog a happy and stress-free life. Our lives will forever be changed because of Luis and we cannot be more grateful! I would highly recommend Luis! If you stick with his program and follow his recommendations, you will absolutely live the best possible life with your furry friend. Thank you again! Permalink
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Trainer note from Luis : Thank you so much for your amazing review. You honor me with your words. I really enjoy helping my clients and comments like this, encourage me to continue my mission. Thanks again.
Christopher C
Christopher C Hollywood, Broward, Florida | May 02 2023
It's been almost 4 years after our first session With Luis Escobar. It was one of the best investment I ever have done. Very helpful and educational for dog owners. Luis is a great trainer, definitely will recommend him. Every dog owner should get your training. Thank you big time Luis. Blue have been a great dog. Thank you again Permalink
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Trainer note from Luis : Blue is an amazing gentle giant. I’m proud of the work you have done following my instructions. Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you for allowing me to continue helping you. Good job!
Helen R
Helen R Miami, Miami-Dade, Florida | February 21 2023
Luis is such a wonderful trainer! He’s funny, kind, concise and fair. He doesn’t judge previous training mistakes and gently helps to correct while injecting humor in everything he does. He is full of stories and examples that help keep dog parents engaged. He adores dogs and it’s plain to see. Not only is he an effective trainer, he is also a wonderful person. Please call him immediately if your dog needs correction. Best investment we ever made!!! Permalink
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Trainer note from Luis : Omg Helen, thank you so much for your kind words. You honor me with your review. Peppermint is a wonderful dog and a joy to work with.
Loreta S
Loreta S Miami, Florida | October 30 2022
My first visit with Luis was yesterday and the change in behavior with my puppy Mickey, were practically instant. Luis took the time to throughly explain the process and things I needed to do to achieve my goal. After he left I practiced with Mickey and by mid afternoon it seemed that my puppy had been replaced. My parents visited at night and could not believe how changed Mickey was. I highly recommend Luis and the Bark Busters style of training. Permalink
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Trainer note from Luis : Thank you so much Loreta for your lovely review. Mickey is a true “Galán” and with consistency, I’m very confident that he will be a joy to live with. Please keep me posted on his progress and don’t hesitate to let me know if you need any extra assistance. Thank you!
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Kristina M Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Florida | August 30 2022
Bark Busters has, by far, been the best investment I have made! As a college student, I have moved across the state of Florida frequently and Bark Busters trainers have always been there. Their lifetime assistance is real! Now that I am in the South Florida area, Luis came for a training session after a two year hiatus (life got busy) and within minutes my dog’s behavior improved. I received great corrections and a plan on what to continue practicing moving forward. Make sure you are willing to take a good look at yourself and how you are commanding your dog’s attention because the responsibility ultimately falls on us. Thank you Bark Busters for giving dog owners tools that actually work and thank you Luis for your guidance?? Permalink
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Melissa B Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Florida | August 25 2022
I just finished my initial training session with Luis. I have 5 dogs in my house and my main issues are 2 things, 1 is that when ever there is someone at the door, our boys go nuts barking and running at the door wanting to jump all over our guest before we can even say hello to them and the second thing is that I can no longer take my dogs out for a walk or run because they have become impossible to walk together, they will pull me to the point that I can’t handle them because they pull me to the ground that’s how strong they are. Well, with our first session we practiced ringing the doorbell and having guest walk in, after the second exercise, the boys did not run to the door or barked at the door, instead they stayed completely away and so I was able to greet my guest and have them come in with no dogs jumping all over them. My second issue of walking the boys together, we did some exercises of walking them together in my backyard around the pool and they seemed to do great, now the real test will come after I’m done doing this for 10 days, then I get to take them out on the street and see how they behave. I truly believe in his program, I believe it’s very effective and will work as long as I am consistent with the training and follow all his instructions. I can honestly say, I would recommend Luis to anyone that has a dog and wants to have the best relationship with them and not a frustrating one. Permalink
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Nickcoe & Azizi A Miami, Miami-Dade, Florida | June 16 2022
Luis is the best. The time and patience he took to train us was unbelievable. He provided all the right tools to have a well behaved puppy/dog. He definitely is THE dog whisperer. Thank you Luis!!!! Permalink
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Trainer note from Luis : Thank you so much for your kind words. I truly enjoyed helping and meeting you all. I’m honored with your comments. Thank you!
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Berri F Hollywood, Broward, Florida | May 04 2022
Our cavalier was lunging and barking at cars on walks and Luis was able to train us and KC so that I can now enjoy walking him. We really enjoy working with Luis and really like his training methods. We have learned a lot and feel that we can now extend the training to other issues that may arise. Permalink
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Trainer note from Luis : Thank you so much for your kind words. I really enjoyed helping you and your family. You honor me with your comments, specially considering your knowledge and expertise as a veterinarian. Thank you!
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Nanette T Miami, Miami-Dade, Florida | January 13 2022
Excellent, calm, informative and guided training. Very explicit and great with Pepe and us! Had to call Luis back today to help Pepe adjust to new puppy in home. Luis is great and gives valuable and useful guidance. Definitely worth every penny! Highly recommend Permalink
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Trainer note from Luis : Thank you so much for your kind review. You honor me with your words. Pepe is a wonderful dog and I really enjoyed seeing him after 4 years since we first started with the training. I’m really proud on how he has matured. Great job!
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Wendy B Miami, Miami-Dade, Florida | November 03 2021
I have two very willful, opinionated, tenacious and simply "I don't care what you say" Miniature Dachshounds. Luis Escobar came to our home for the first time. I was extremely skeptical that my family members and myself would be able to get these two Divas, Mina age 3 and Mazey age 7 months, to do anything or to stop barking and to stop the pushy behavior without begging them in my "mommy" voice or offering food, which is their main reason for living. The excessive barking made us "screaming" parents. Well, I don't know if Luis sprayed them with fairy dust when I wasn't looking, or had a hidden Harry Potter magic wand somewhere but the results were instant. Not perfect, but pretty amazing for the first time introducing these two willful dogs to any type of formal training. They need to learn good manners. He truly taught us how to speak "DOG" in the first hour he was here and how to establish ourselves as pack leaders. Dog's don't speak human, so we had to learn "dog" and it works beautifully. We just started and will continue our exercises daily and behavior modification "homework" and look forward to being amazed daily with their progress. They have caught on quicker than expected. Bark Busters' training philosophy makes total sense yet is not obvious to most people. Dogs communicate with each other, establish dominance and follow directions with NO WORDS SPOKEN. We have learned how to convey that communication with body language, a simple low gutteral sound to get their attention and it totally works! NO WORDS NECESSARY! They know what we expect by simply watching our body language. Thanks Luis, you are a life saver. We look forward to watching the positive results happen with what you taught me and my family. Our girls will be happier and more well adjusted as will our family because of what you taught us. Permalink
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Trainer note from Luis : Thank you so much for your extremely generous comments. I’m truly blessed to be able to help you. ??

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