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Kyra G Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut | January 23 2023
Cassidy was very helpful last year with our first foster dog who was a pitbull mix as she had some issues we had never dealt with in previous dogs. She gave us some great tools and I am happy to say her recommendations were very effective and such a great help. A few months ago we adopted a 7 month old Rottweiler puppy. Like many puppies he had some typical puppy issues which we were able to address effectively and overall he was a great dog. However, he developed a fixation with chasing and digging at his shadow. We tried distraction, extra exercise, spray bottles, turning him on his back, and a myriad of other tactics all to no avail. We were almost at our wits end. Cassidy to the rescue – wish we had called her sooner. After she evaluated our latest addition to the pack she shared some great tools and exercises from her trainer toolbox. I am elated that we saw an immediate change for the better in his behavior. Her suggestions were the best kind – simple and yet effective. She was able to not only demonstrate the tools/exercises but more importantly observe us to ensure these were used with the proper timing for them to be effective. Reading books and watching youtube videos is entertaining and there is some great content out there but every dog is different. Sometimes having a professional personally observe your dog and how you interact with them can save hours of frustration and drastically shorten the path to success. All we have to do now is follow the path Cassidy outlined so our Rottie will continue to improve. Would not hesitate to call her again and highly recommend her. Permalink
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Trainer note from Michael : Thank you so much for the kind words!
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Scott C Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut | November 13 2022
We had Cassidy come to our house to help with our 2 year old female dog (Maribelle) we adopted a couple months ago. She was having issues with pulling very hard on the leash, jumping on people that would come to the house, and tearing up outdoor furniture. Cassidy was able to provide us with an incredibly knowledgeable and structured plan that just made sense, no crazy tricks. She was friendly and made the sessions enjoyable and we learned a lot as owners. After our first session the difference in the behavior of Maribelle was night and day, no more pulling and much calmer. Between sessions Cassidy gave us some tips to continue to work with Maribelle. After the second and final session we can honestly say we do not have any more behavioral issues. It was an honest pleasure working with Cassidy and her extremely friendly personality and affection towards her clients is something you do not see to often anymore. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a trainer! Permalink
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Hugh K Greenwich, Connecticut | July 01 2022
We were thrilled with our training session with Michael Konstantaras . Our 2 french bull dogs responded immediately to the coaching Michael provided . It was amazing. Michael at all times made sure we were understanding his methods . He was a gifted teacher both to us and to our dogs . He dispels the notion that you can't teach an old dog new tricks . We saw immediate positive results in our dogs behaviors . I highly recommend Michael too anyone looking for help ! Thank you thank you Michael !!!!!!!!! Permalink
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Trainer note from Michael : Thank you for the kind words Hugh!
Sally S
Sally S Stamford, Connecticut | November 02 2021
I called Mike for our dog Bruno, who has SEVERE separation anxiety (he is the famous ROOF DOG). Our initial session with Mike occurred in August and lasted over 3 hrs. Mike was professional, knowledgeable, fun to work with and loved by my whole family (pups included!). His training techniques are easy to learn and effective. We saw a HUGE improvement in our dogs’ behavior immediately. What earns Mike a 5+ STAR review from me is his responsiveness. It’s been over 90 days since our first session and Mike is as accessible today as he was the day of our first session. Every call and text is responded to promptly, even when Mike has been out of town. Separation anxiety is not an easy fix. It’s a huge relief knowing that we have Mike available when needed. Mike is a committed, compassionate, honest, and gifted dog trainer with a big heart. I highly recommend him. Permalink
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Dhina K Greenwich, Connecticut | December 22 2019
Michael was fantastic! Wilkins has trouble with strangers visiting the house but Michael gave us great exercises to practice and Wilkins stopped his barking instantly! We’re so thankful for this meeting and wish we had done it sooner. Permalink
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Nancy B Westport, Fairfield, Connecticut | October 19 2019
Just WOW. It was like a magic trick. After learning Mike’s methods of communication, I was able to correct CJ’s front door aggression in seconds! I promise to do all of my homework and follow through with the tools and exercises he recommended. She will be a much happier and calmer dog knowing she doesn’t have to be our protector all of the time. Thanks Mike!!! Permalink
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Susie M Fairfield, Connecticut | October 09 2019
Two weeks ago today my husband and I met Michael for the first time in our home with our dog Cosmo. Immediately we recognized Michael's passion for what he is doing. We waited two weeks to review so we could give an accurate account of our experiences. Simply put, the "formula" works! We feel it is expensive, yes, but you are paying for a time tested, proven and effective technique that was years mastering and all being shared with you. Having said that, it is in our opinion, a wise investment, having a harmonious house is priceless! As I write this, our trash collectors are out front and Cosmo (2 weeks ago) would have been barking and jumping at the door and window. Instead, my 140lb. puppy is calmly at ease and unconcerned with the outside commotion. So yes, we highly recommend Michael!!! Permalink
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Trainer note from Michael : Thank you for the kind words! So happy for all of you :)
Emilia R
Emilia R Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut | September 21 2019
I was fostering a rescue dog and she started acting up and lunging for our resident dog, resulting in a bad incident. It often seemed unprovoked and we couldn’t figure out why or what we could do to stop it. Mike came and explained to us why the behavior was occurring and gave us training methods to help correct it. He didn’t just focus on our foster dog, he looked at the problem holistically and Showed us how to communicate with both of them in a way they can understand. We were working on fixing the behavior so she would be ready for her forever home but his methods worked so well in solving the problem, we ended up keeping our foster!!! We’re a happy family of 4 with no issues thanks to Mike! Permalink
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Andrea L
Andrea L Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut | September 05 2019
We are absolutely amazed with the training tips and information we received for our two yorkies. We were worried to even have people over for fear of our boy dog biting but now we feel more confident that we can. Trying to control two dogs, let alone two yorkies is difficult...or so we thought until Michael came and showed us how to do it. The training is easy and effective. In just a short time of Michael being in our home we noticed a huge change in our dogs. We covered everything from aggression to barking to marking and jumping. We are extremely happy with the results so far and are looking forward to a more peaceful home going forward. Permalink
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Barbara L Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut | August 16 2019
Not only did Mike deliver a “new” dog to me but the next day our house was chaos with a new window being put in. Not only did she listen when given her command, within 10 minutes Mia never barked or jumped on anyone. Thanks Mike! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety
Trainer note from Michael : Happy to hear of your success! :)

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