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Chane A Jacksonville, Duval, Florida | November 11 2022
I highly recommend working with Nathan. His passion for animals and upbeat personality make class fun. My puppy is like my baby and he made me feel at ease that She was in good hands. He has a tremendous knowledge and extensive experience. He is passionate about educating pet owners and working to correct undesirable behaviors. She has never been better behaved. Our whole family is thankful for the training we recieved. Don't hesitate, give Nathan a call today. You will be glad you did! Permalink
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Christine H Jacksonville, Duval, Florida | October 19 2022
Where do I even begin? My dog was an absolute disaster when I brought her home from the shelter as a pup and disaster is an understatement! (she had a very rough beginning of life) I have paid more money in the last 2 years than I would have liked trying to find the right trainer for my dog and I have finally found the gold we’ve been looking for. NATHAN IS AN ANGEL SENT FROM ABOVE! I have a completely new dog. She listens and is so well behaved around other people and dogs. Comes when she is called and stays when she needs to. In a matter of 5 sessions! Not to mention the absolute amazing personality and fantastic communication skills Nathan has. I felt like we had known each other for years and it allowed me to let my wall down after being let down numerous amount of times. I know i can always count on Nathan to help guide me with my dog and future dogs. Permalink
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Alexandria J jacksonville, Florida | October 19 2022
Nathan was incredibly professional and easy to talk to. He made me feel confident in his abilities from the get-go. My dog, Mari, has had terrible issues with anxiety, and sometimes, aggression towards kiddos. I came to Nathan because I wanted someone who could save me from having to do the unthinkable with my Mari. Nathan did just that! Mari is a brand new dog. She is no longer submissive or anxious and her demeanor has completely changed around kids. He taught us ways to communicate with Mari to help build her confidence. Thank you a million times over, Nathan! Aside from his work with Mari, Nathan’s communication skills were great and his professionalism was incredible. He was easy to get in touch with and never made me feel like I was wasting my time or money. Overall, the entire experience was fantastic and I highly recommend him! Permalink
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Amanda M
Amanda M Jacksonville, Duval, Florida | January 29 2022
Nathan is hands down the best dog trainer I’ve met. I was worried Nipsey would be too much but he handled her extremely well. He taught me a lot in our first session and I’ve seen a change already in my pup. You can tell he has a passion and understanding for dogs and proper handling. No shock collars or extra distractions, just genuine connection. I highly recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Esther P Jacksonville, Duval, Florida | December 19 2020
WOW! Can’t believe first day session both of our boys have immediate obedient response. Respect at the door to immediate obedient response to their misbehavior. Would like to say that our boys are brilliant, but Nathan proved himself by said, you did it your way (which was not working) and now try it our way! Immediate positive reaction on the way to great obedience. Thank you Nathan and now look forward to the rest of good behavior. Permalink
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Haley H Jacksonville, Florida | November 05 2020
Nathan is a miracle worker! I honestly thought my wild boxer was beyond help. We couldn't control him anywhere, not in the house, not on a walk. Nothing we did worked. Nathan explained things in a way we understood and I really started to understand what was going on in my dog's brain. Now we have a much more manageable dog and my sanity has been saved! I can't say enough about Bark Busters. They truly saved me from having to give up my dog. Permalink
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Josue J
Josue J Athens, Georgia | November 04 2020
Nathan is a freaking dog whisperer or something. A while ago I rescued a pup from a shelter. The lady there told me the previous owners had a lot of dogs and were apparently really abusive. I live alone and rescued Bandit so I wouldn't be completely by myself. After bringing him home, it was really hard to get Bandit to come out of hiding to take him on walks and stuff, but I wasn't sure how to help him feel more at ease in a new home. After a short talk with Nathan, he showed me some techniques I could use to help me earn Bandit's trust. It's been maybe 2-3 weeks since then, and Bandit has already started opening up to me! He stands at the door when he needs to go out and I've caught him curling up with me on the couch when he thinks I'm passed out. We still have more work to do, Bandit and I, but thanks to Nathan I feel more confident being able to take care of my new bud. Permalink
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Beth G Ponte Vedra Beach, Saint Johns, Florida | September 25 2020
We are so happy with our first training session today! Nathan was so patient and encouraging. We were already seeing huge improvements in 1 session. We feel confident we can use the tools Nathan provided to continue working on our problem areas with our dogs. We are excited to keep training and our anxiety about not knowing what to do is gone. Permalink
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Keri H Jacksonville, Duval, Florida | September 17 2020
Nathan was very professional and knowledgeable. We have an energetic 6-month-old puppy that was exhausting us. We've done puppy classes and worked on daily training with her without much progress. Nathan has taught us to be her leader and we are gaining control every day. We feel very supported knowing we can contact Nathan with any setback that may arise. He is very responsive and patient. We highly recommend Nathan and Bark Buster's method of dog training. Permalink
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Ana O
Ana O Jacksonville, Duval, Florida | June 19 2020
Linda has been such a help for helping me to build a better bond between my service dog Bella and I. Her lessons have allowed me to be confident in Bella to bring her on a training trip to Islands of adventure. I love how she doesn't use food as a reward because I don't want to use treats unless Bella is learning a new task in public (i.e. deep pressure therapy and anxiety alert). Not only would I recommend Linda to pet parents out there, but also to my fellow service dog handlers who want to owner train their service dog but want professional help. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Other, Puppy management, Recall
Trainer note from Nathan : Thank you Ana and your family for the opportunity to work with you. You have a strong bond with Bella and she will be a supportive companion to you.

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