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Tiffany T
Tiffany T Highlands, New Jersey | September 27 2016
Nicholas is great! He worked with me to help Apple overcome her fear anxiety issues! He was patient and understanding and totally in control of the situation. I did puppy training a few years ago with someone else and the level of skill that Nicholas has is evident compared to other training. I am confident that what he has taught me will make a huge difference for both me and Apple. Thanks Nicholas! Permalink
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Vanessa C
Vanessa C Marlboro, New Jersey | August 18 2016
Five...that's the number of trainers that I reached out to after rescuing Blue. Four is the number of times I was told, "No, I don't work with aggressive dogs." One, the time I was almost persuaded into board-training him. Let's leave that story for another time. I was filled with mixed emotions after rescuing Blue. Returning him was not an option, but coming to terms with living with an over-protective and aggressive dog -again- was life altering. You hear so many stories about the Bully breed. You learn of their stubbornness, their ridiculous physical strength, their loyalty, sense of humor, and no-joke protection for their pack....NO. JOKE. We quickly learned that while his papers labeled Blue as a "Boxer," he was most certainly NOT a Boxer. We now know he's a mix of American Bulldog and Pit-bull. PRICELESS. To clarify: From the moment Blue was rescued, he showed nothing but joy and excitement towards our family. The 'behavior' issues began when he learned and became more comfortable with his pack (us), while leashed and outside of his comfort zone. We will never know Blue's real story, but what we do know is that what was manifesting as aggression, was nothing more than fear. I had almost given up hope in finding help, but a blessing came our way -as God would have it. Just as I was connected to Blue, I was connected to Nicholas Pagano, a local dog trainer through our vet. 'Uncle Nick,' despite my warnings about Blue's behavior, NEVER. SAID. NO. We've been working with Mr. Pagano since March and boy...have things changed! Thank you Uncle Nick for teaching us that Blue will be the dog we want him and need him to be as long as we do the work with him. Permalink
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JP C Brielle, New Jersey | July 07 2016
Nick basically kept our family together. Cali had shown some aggression to our newborn, and we were faced with the heartbreaking decision to possibly get rid of our first baby, a rescue dog named Cali. We called Bark Busters, and long story short Nick kept our family whole. With some simple exercises, some diligence and some guidance, Cali broke all of her bad habits and the change occurred within a matter of days. We could not recommend Nick and Bark Busters more. Permalink
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Joan F Farmingdale, New Jersey | July 06 2016
When we told our vet that our two dogs were having behavior problems, she urged us to contact Bark Busters. I am so glad we did. Nicholas is wonderful with our dogs, and his calm demeanor helps us and our dogs interact well with each other. We have only had a few sessions so far and already Vino and Clyde are less anxious and better behaved with people and each other. Nicholas is excellent at explaining our dogs' behavior, and he has helped us to recognize triggers that produce unwanted behavior. Permalink
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Jennifer B Wall Township, New Jersey | June 17 2016
Nick is amazing!! My two mini dachshunds were having a serious case of sibling rivalry. I was also getting complaints from the neighbors about their incessant barking. After the first session with "Uncle Nick" the barking was cured and the fighting was greatly reduced. I am thrilled to say that after the second session the fighting has stopped! I feel like I have two new dogs! I was desperate and really didn't think they could be helped. I can't thank him enough!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Recall, Sibling rivalry
Karen G
Karen G Tinton Falls, New Jersey | June 14 2016
My daughter sent me a picture of the most adorable 7 week old puppy and asked "Can I save her"? Fast forward 12 months and I'm kicking myself for saying yes. So at the ripe old age of 15 mos (Sasha not me), I found Barkbusters. I only wish I had called Nick earlier instead of trying other training. I lost one couch, the carpet on the stairs, and various other home goods Sasha viewed as toys. I was ready to give both my daughter and her dog their walking papers. However, giving it one last shot, I talked to Nick. There is nothing like having the trainer in your house, one-on-one with your daughter, you and your dog! Nick's personalized attention and knowledge have made it so much easier to get into Sasha's "mind" and know the right way to approach her and how to change her behavior. My daughter and I have learned so much through Nick's patient guidance and tutoring. Sasha is a different dog -- much less barking, no more destructiveness and her sweet self is now evident all the time. She still has the "bit of stubborn" but we are winning the war thanks to Nick. And she is the lovely dog she always had the potential to be. Permalink
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Robert S
Robert S Holmdel, New Jersey | February 12 2016
Wow. Great experience. Nicholas is so knowledgable and helped greatly with all our problems we wanted fixed and it's only session one!!! Permalink
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Jackson | November 30 2011
I can't believe it has now been 6 years since we had our first training session with Cisco & Koda. When our Newfoundlands were 7-8 months old, they were 2 very different personality types, each with seperate issues that we needed help with. We were amazed at how quickly we were able to communicate with our 'boys' what we needed from them, and what they needed from us. Both are 7 years old now, and people are amazed at how well they are connected to us. Even after all this time, we sometimes see Nick out and about, and Cisco & Koda act like Nick's their long lost brother! Permalink
Brick | October 15 2011
Nick Pagano was a godsend to my dogs. His training, patience and skill saved my dogs life. I have two female beagle mixes, two and eight years old that were having sibling rivalry issues, including fights I'd have to break up between them. Nick came in and started showing me how to assert myself as the leader to my dogs, showing them that I was the boss. They went from misbehaving dogs on the edge or really hurting one another to the loving, obedient dogs they had the potential to really be. The older dog, an abused rescue with severe fear anxiety issues with other dogs, has become peaceful and docile, running through the dog park without having to aggressively acknowledge other dogs. The puppy is happy and carefree, and has stopped destroying everything in my house. They are content, and content to obey orders. Nick Pagano saved my dogs life, and I'd recommend him to anyone! Permalink
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Toms River | September 12 2010
My dog was sensitive, shy...would lay down on the sidewalk every 20 yards and not move...when he did move the sight of a person would make him freeze...bark at any movement within a block outside the house. Nicholas was recommended to me by my vet. I was impressed with his kindness and gentleness with my dog. Nicholas also had a variety of techniques that have dramatically changed my dog. He is 95% improved in all the areas and 100% improved in the walking department (something very important to me). Permalink

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