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Brett C Lockbourne, Pickaway, Ohio | December 28 2021
Noah has been great for our pup Mochi. He came yesterday for a follow up visit and has been very patient and loving with him. He hasn't made our sessions feel rushed and is passionate about helping you with your dog. He listens to the concerns that we had to address them first. If you are worried about paying a flat fee and feeling like you're going to get a trainer that is going to dodge you, this has not been something we have experienced with Noah. He takes pride in his work and it shows! Looking forward to more training as Mochi is about 5 months old and displaying new behaviors each week . Its great to see the improvement in such a short time and Noah makes it fun. Permalink
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Karen S
Karen S Columbus, Ohio | December 27 2021
My pup and I have learned SO much while working with Noah. I've done online puppy courses and trainings over zoom with some success, but being able to work in person on the specific issues that I've been facing has made such a difference. Before working with Noah, I felt like I was at a loss with how to work on leash skills, separation anxiety, and jumping up on/barking at people. Within the first meeting, I felt like I finally knew how to start addressing these issues with the right tools and confidence. I've learned a ton about how to interact/communicate with my pup, and how to correct behaviors without just constantly using treats haha. I also appreciate that I can contact Noah with questions or updates and we can adjust goals/what we're working on over time. Highly recommend Bark Busters!! Permalink
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Doug W Columbus, Franklin, Ohio | December 13 2021
I was just about ready to rehome my dog when Noah came into our life. What a relief! I live in an apartment and my dog's barking was driving my neighbor's crazy. Also, when I tried to walk her, she would lunge and growl at the other dogs. To say the least, I was not the favorite neighbor. Noah taught me how to stop her incessant barking and get her to walk on leash without being reactive. Permalink
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Jesse H Columbus, Franklin, Ohio | December 13 2021
I have a pack of 3 dogs -- 2 German Shepherds and 1 terrier. We have been having issues with all of our babies. Issues are: separation anxiety, alpha dog rivalry, not listening, tugging while walking etc. We paid for training prior to this and wasn't to pleased with the prior training. So this time we searched many different trainers and landed on Bark Busters. We loved it because it doesn't involve treats, prong or shock collars. In fact, it makes a lot of sense that it is based on the ways dogs naturally communicate. Noah is very knowledgeable and great about returning my emails. My pack is well on their way to being well behaved! Permalink
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Gina W Columbus, Franklin, Ohio | December 13 2021
The difference between my dog before Noah came versus after our lesson is night and day! My 4-year-old #labrador became somewhat aggressive when we moved and started barking at EVERYTHING outside. She also developed a severe case of separation anxiety, even though she used to be fine in her crate. Noah really helped me to understand why Franklin had developed this behavior and how to solve it. Noah, I am so grateful! Permalink
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