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Rachel Rodgers and Betty Lou Prickett

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Amanda A
Amanda A Mobile, Alabama | July 02 2021
Amanda's Google Review... "I have a very unruly pug! I was at my whits end with his marking, barking and not being able to enjoy any walks with him. Rachel was so kind and responsive. Even on the phone I knew she cared and would be able to help us! I’m a tough customer for sure, but rachel came in and knew just what to say to explain the method and the reasons behind it. I felt at ease before we even started. Which is very rare for me. I cannot say enough great things about rachel and bark busters. Y’all work miracles!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!" Permalink
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Trainer note from Rachel and Betty Lou : Google Response... "Thanks, Amanda. It was a pleasure working with you and Mr. Baby. I know things will only improve with practice. Go, Mr. Baby!"

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