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Wilbraham | December 12 2007
It was amazing. She really seems "to get it" I was very impressed. It wasn't rigid like some other methods. It had a calming effect on her. Permalink
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Broad Brook | December 08 2007
The theories and techniques make logical sense and they work! Permalink
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Enfield | November 14 2007
Very simple explanations - handouts and flip chart were great and made a lot of sense. Permalink
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Ludlow | October 26 2007
Scot was so pleasant. Permalink
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East Longmeadow | October 18 2007
Scot used a lot of "real life" scenarios to help explain the training techniques. Permalink
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Springfield | October 11 2007
Very simple to institute the techniques because they are very redundant. Permalink
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Longmeadow | October 10 2007
After 6 months of various training techniques & lead collars, choke collars, spike collars, electric collars and a harness, 1 hour with Scot and Ben heeled perfectly. Permalink
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Stafford Springs | October 01 2007
Very easy to understand. Permalink
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East Longmeadow | August 29 2007
Otis and all the dogs are doing great. I think he is happy for the first time in his life! Permalink

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