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Brandie H
Brandie H South Attleboro, Massachusetts | May 19 2021
Our Marcus is a 70 lbs Leopard Catahoula, and he came to us at about a year old and as far as we could tell, he was just as wild as any dog could be. We had a previous “trainer”, but she was inconsistent and after multiple emails to her with no response at all, I was thiiiiis close to throwing in the towel. Marcus would bark and run to the fence around our yard if someone just drove by. Visitors? Forget it. He was jumping, mouthing everyone and after he nipped my mom- who’s a saint- that was the final straw. We didn’t want to give him up, you don’t get rid of your children when they act out, right? You get help. You work as a solid unit. You communicate, and listen. We just had no idea how to do those things; we aren’t dogs. We’re people. We called Scot and after our initial appointment, we could see that he knew what was what, and that his methods would work. He watched Marcus, and he watched us with Marcus . He saw his behavior and explained it to us. He speaks dog fluently. All the love we had given him was actually the wrong love Marcus needed. Marcus was stressed and scared and overwhelmed- and had NO idea what relaxing was, or how to do it. After 6 days of really hard work, the change came. Marcus fought us, but we fought harder- without bribes, treats or electrocution collars. He comes when he’s called. He sits. He lays down. He SMILES, and I never knew he even could. He lays in the sun, and people can finally walk by without fear of “that dog”. We gave this 100000% and it was worth every tear and muttered curse we gave, just for this improvement today. And Marcus is only getting better and more obedient. It’s been 6 days, but I know this is a long game changer. If you are unsure of who to call, or if you think there’s no hope, CALL SCOT. For the sake of your home, and mostly for the sake of your dog, call Scot. He has the way. He fixed our Marcus, and us. Permalink
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Carlie M
Carlie M Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts | April 27 2021
I was SUPER skeptical about Scot's service, especially after seeing that the company is actually a franchise and some locations have very bad reviews. I am so glad we gave Scot a try. The way he runs his business is exceptional. Scot should call himself a people trainer, not a dog trainer because he literally taught my husband and I how to speak our dog's language. In one 3 hour visit - I kid you not - our dog was behaving like a different dog. We have a 3 year old super stubborn, alpha french bulldog. Since our first session yesterday we're already seeing dramatic improvements in recall and jumping on people. I'm shocked. Can't wait until our next session where we are going to tackle leash walking. Do not hesitate to book this guy, he's incredible. Permalink
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Kyle D Manchester, Connecticut | April 26 2021
Scot was amazing with our dogs. From the moment he entered, he made us feel at ease. He went over the program with us in great detail, explained how we got to the situation we were in, and how we will get out of it thanks to the Bark Busters program. Even as we sat at the dining room table discussing the situation, it was used as a training opportunity. It's said all over these reviews, but after the first session, we already are seeing a huge difference in Rory & Cooper. At one point, Scot went outside and knocked on our door. Normally, that would cause all sorts of chaos and barking, but thanks to practicing what Scot taught us, it was like night and day. We cannot wait to recommend Scot & Bark Busters to all of our friends. It was legitimately a life-changing experience. Permalink
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Eric L Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts | April 15 2021
Our Westie Charlie has had aggression issues with some of the larger dogs in the neighborhood. He also barks at most dogs from inside the house that walk by. I was skeptical that Scot could change Charlie's ways in a 4 hour session but boy was I wrong. Scot immediatly took control of Charlie and myself. He taught us that Charlie thinks he is the pack leader of our family and that we need to regain control so that he knows we are the pack leaders and not him. Scot taught us techniques to use on Charlie to stop the barking before it starts. It's been 3 days since Scot was here and Charlie is like a new dog. His aggression to other dogs is much better and he's hardly barking at dogs walking by. Scot also taught me the correct way to walk Charlie. Charlie as well as the whole family are a work in progress but I the training tips Scot left us with are really working so we couldn't be happier. Permalink
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Lauren C Maynard, Middlesex, Massachusetts | December 11 2020
I cannot say enough amazing things about Scot! We were dealing with (what we thought) was a territorial two-year-old Dutch Shepherd we recently rescued. She barked at any dog who walked by the house, while we were out on walks she would lunge and bark at other dogs. It got to the point where we took her for walks at night when we were sure we wouldn't run into another dog. Almost instantly Scot realized she was fearful and used barking as her way to keep people and other animals away. She barked upon the initial meeting, but was quiet for the remainder of the session. Roxy definitely was fearful, but she let Scot pet her and sit with her, as well as our friend, who Roxy barked at even if she just heard him upstairs. Scot taught us how to communicate with Roxy in a language she would understand and taught us how to be the "pack leader." It's been only a few days, but we see such an improvement in her behavior. Roxy seems so much more relaxed and listens a lot more and is receptive to our cues we give her. We are so grateful for Scot and his patience and his love of dogs to help them and their owners have the best life they can together! I can't recommend Scot enough! If you are on the fence about it or wondering if you should call, you need to! It is such a relief to have answers and to know how to continue working with Roxy! Permalink
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Mark H
Mark H Vernon Rockville, Tolland, Connecticut | October 09 2020
Scot was phenomenal - Penny responded immediately and has been an absolute pleasure since her training. Permalink
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Paul S West Roxbury, Massachusetts | October 01 2020
I was a skeptic. C'mon. How much? What exactly am I getting? Really? Ok, I'll give it a shot because frankly, it is me or the dog at this point. Rosie is an 11 year old Boston Terrier, super smart, and knows it. I decided to call Bark Busters as the ultimate last resort. My youngest (it's "her" dog after all...) was heading off to college, so i would have complete responsibility for a dog that was going off the rails. Barking, aggressive, super stressed, not the way it used to be. Fast forward and I suck it up, pay the $, and in comes Scott. Scott is The Man. Over the course of four hours he trained Rosie and us, and well, the rest is history. No joke. Different dog. Happy dog. Quiet and content dog. From Day 1. I am now the alpha dog, so thank you Scott and Bark Busters. Money well spent. A smart investment. Permalink
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Dave S Marlborough, Massachusetts | September 11 2020
After the first session all our dogs are showing a night and day change in behavior. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. We've had other training programs that didn't do in ten weeks what we did in an afternoon. We have to put in the work and keep it all going but we're really impressed so far. Two of our dogs had to be separated before so they wouldn't fight. Now they just relax in the same room as if the didn't ever have an issue. I highly recommend Scott and Bark Busters. What a difference. Permalink
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Bryanna S Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts | July 24 2020
Scot was beyond amazing!! We thought that there was no hope for our 3 and 1/2 pup thinking it was too late to seek help. Almost immediately we saw our dog respond to Scot and now, a week after the continued training, we have family members jokingly asking if we got a new dog!! That’s how well he has responded. Scot was very patient with our dog and us, explaining and answering all of our questions until we all had a good understanding on the training process. Our dog still has some way until he gets to the goals we have set for him, but I am beyond happy with the progress he has made so far. We are relieved to know that Scot is only a phone call away when we need his help again! Thank you Scot, you are amazing! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety
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Carolyn C Shrewsbury, Worcester, Massachusetts | March 03 2020
Scott is an amazing trainer. Within a few hours we saw a change in our dogs behaviors. He knows what he is doing, he is very helpful and informative and compassionate about his job. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Chewing, Digging, Jumping up, Recall, Separation anxiety, Sibling rivalry

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