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Sandra B
Sandra B Enfield, Connecticut | July 30 2019
Scot was great, after one visit Riley has mostly quit her barking at everyone walking in the street or coming to my door. She still needs training to not bite my groomer. I will be calling Scot back soon. He's great! Permalink
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Kathy C Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut | March 19 2019
Scot was great. My 4 month old pit bull mix came from a shelter and was quite unruly. Jumping, biting and eating anything (including rocks). She was also quite an ugly player with other dogs, snarling and biting at them. I felt very anxious that she would be an aggressive dog that we would not be able to tame. Scot came in and immediately got her under control. He taught us how to communicate with Ziva in a language she understands. There is still some work to do, and I wish I had called Scot before spending money on silly puppy classes at the local pet store. Don't bother calling anyone else. If you need help training your dog call Scot. Permalink
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Mary S
Mary S Somers, Tolland, Connecticut | February 23 2019
For four long weeks, my husband and I, experienced dog owners, tried in vain to integrate our new English Springer, Finley. Biting, snapping, growling, destruction, leaping, barking, the list was long. If he was like this at 12 weeks, how was he going to be at a year old and 50 lbs. It is vital to set the foundations to a wonderful dog as soon as he comes home. And yet, we needed help!! We were very aware of all the stuff out on the internet-seems like everyone had opinions-food bribery, abuse, shock collars! Group classes with dogs you don’t know. But how to communicate and appreciate all that makes a great dog without breaking his spirit?... We are so glad we called Scot at BarkBusters. Their training philosophy was perfect. Scot worked with me and quickly identified my missed cues, tweaked our approaches, provided guidance. He translated all our baby dog was trying to tell us, and gave us the tools to assure Finley -he did not have to worry, that his new pet parents were in charge. Our new beginnings all thanks to Scot! Who is Fabulous, knowledgeable and patient-especially with an overwhelmed owner. Finley and I will keep practicing for success every day. Thank you so very much! Well done. p.s. For the first time, Finley lay contentedly at my feet while we watched a little TV before his crate bedtime. Permalink
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Kaila P Hudson, Middlesex, Massachusetts | February 03 2019
I have had my Shiba Inu for about two years now and increasingly she has got more and more aggressive. Nearly a year ago I decided on getting another dog a pug and my shiba became very possessive. Today I met Scott who provided me with hope for the first time since I bought my shiba. I had other training with her before that was just not effective. But today Scott showed me how to communicate with my dog on a level they understand. A way for me to become the pack leader and prevent my shiba from running my house so my dogs can live in a happy care free home. This was the first time in two years I saw my shiba actually listen and it happened in a matter of minutes. Not only was Scott effective, but he took the time to truly explain everything and made sure my family and I truly understand the training process. In no way did this training hurt my animals! It worked to help me understand my dogs language and how to get them to understand what I want them to do. I highly recommend training with Scott. I truly believe with the tools I was given today I can provide a happy healthy home and prevent future sibling rivalry. Thank you Scott! Permalink
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James D Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut | January 20 2019
Awesome working with Scot. Our Rottweiler pup would not stop jumping on us or company. Also would not listen. Scot trained us more to think in dog language than English. Looking forward to our next meeting. 3 hours with him flew by. If you want a competent trainer please do not hesitate to call Bark Busters. All issues were not covered in the first meeting. Major ones were and Bella is already a different dog. Permalink
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Cherish G
Cherish G Windsor Locks, Hartford, Connecticut | October 07 2018
Scot was amazing and so incredibly helpful there are not enough words to say how grateful we are. Our Molly was a rescue and we have been having so many behavioral issues that we lost hope it could be better. Scot came in and within one training session taught us & our 2 children ways to fix our behavior to ultimately fix our dogs issues. We are so thankful & highly recommend him for anyone struggling with their furry family member. Permalink
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Margaux L Manchester, Connecticut | February 03 2018
Scot was honestly amazing. There was something so relatable and personable about his demeanor, which was evident even upon our first phone conversation. As I met Scot and had him meet Luna, he picked up on my nervousness. Luna was jumpy and barking even before he entered the door. He eased each fear and calmly explained each step of the training process and what we were there to accomplish. He made me think about not just my perspective but my dog's perspective as well. This made a huge difference when it came down to implementing corrections for bad behavior. It eased my mind knowing the philosophy behind the unique corrective technique. And to my utmost surprise, she responded! Albeit she still needs continued practice, but that's the beauty of how Scot trains. He trains YOU and gives YOU the skills to take with you every day and implement with your beloved pooch. I'm very happy with his work. He goes above and beyond and I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone seeking help with training their pup. Permalink
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Amy R
Amy R Westfield, Massachusetts | December 28 2017
Calling Scot was one of the best things we've ever done. Our dog Duncan was exhibiting extreme aggression when we tried to invite our family and friends into our home. It became incredibly stressful for us to constantly be on guard and worried about how he would react, and ultimately we began to avoid any situations where Duncan would interact with anyone other than ourselves. Now, a year later, Duncan is a different dog. Scot helped us learn how to communicate with Duncan in a way that showed him that we were in control, and that he did not need to protect us. It took some behavior changes on our part, but my husband and I, and Duncan, are all happier as a result. We can invite people in to our home, and Duncan is happy to have them. He gives them a quick sniff and enjoys the belly rubs he receives in return. A year ago, that NEVER would have happened. I sing praises about Bark Busters and Scot to whoever will listen because what we learned from our time with Scot was, in all honestly, life changing for us. Permalink
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Jeff C
Jeff C Ellington, Connecticut | November 02 2017
Amazing and immediate results. Within 15 minutes, our dog Charlie exhibited an extremely noticeable behavioral change. Scott explained the process thoroughly to our entire family especially our children. We could tell instantly that Scott had a passion for his work and an unmatched enthusiasm . The results speak for themselves. He teaches you the techniques that you need to be successful with your dog. Our family would highly recommend bark busters and Scott. Permalink
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Beth W Springfield, Massachusetts | October 30 2017
My husband and I were very impressed with Scots's training of us because lets face it it is the owners that need the training. He explained things to us in terms that are very easy to understand and we were very comfortable with him being in our home and with our Sabrina. Permalink
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