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Anoush E Randolph, New Jersey | October 18 2021
Steve is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and respectful. He sets you up to succeed and we appreciate all his help with our dog Ritter! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up
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Mike D South Orange, Essex, New Jersey | September 25 2021
Terry and Steve are beyond words. Just want to say AMAZING. Thank God Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Pulling, Puppy management, Separation anxiety, Toileting
Victoria S
Victoria S Montville, New Jersey | December 01 2020
Stephen knows what he is doing! It’s funny because we adopted a 3 year old dog, and based on Louie’s behavior and how we wanted to train him, I felt like us humans needed to be trained more to view the dog in a certain way rather than just training Louie. And Stephen was consistent in reminding us the behaviors we need to have to train our dog correctly and for him to respect & listen to us. Stephen explaining the way dogs communication & how they “listen” to body language helped tremendously. I would definitely recommend him! He also recommended a harness that CHANGED Louie’s behavior from the first moment we put it on him - that information alone was incredibly helpful! Permalink
Joann D
Joann D Clifton, New Jersey | March 25 2018
I would definitely recommend Stephen Borgfield and Bark Busters. Our recently adopted three year old rescue shih tzu was acting aggressively, mostly towards my husband, by nipping, biting, and not allowing my husband to pick him up. Through Stephen's thorough knowledge and patience with not only Conner, but with us also, the problem has been solved. We now look forward to a happy life with Conner. Thank you Stephen. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Recall
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Susan J Whippany, New Jersey | April 01 2015
Steve is the most patient trainer. He has answered all of our questions and has been an excellent source of information regarding our new dog, Cooper. We knew "we" needed training as well as our dog. Steve's personality is calm and therefore the entire training process goes very smoothly. Can't thank him enough! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Puppy management
Woodbridge | December 18 2010
We adopted Annie, a 2-year-old Jack Russel, from a rescue shelter where she'd been returned at least twice, for aggression. After one week with Annie, my husband and I were also considering returning her, because she got so mean and possessive of her toys and dog bed. Rather than become the third in a long line of people who brought Annie home only to bring her back to the shelter, we called Steve of Bark Busters, literally in tears. Now, two months later, Annie is a wonderful part of our family, and so is Steve! He's taught us how to teach Annie...who now exhibits no aggression, walks next to us on her lead in the "heel" position, sits and stays on command and politely waits for her food, sits quietly on the floor while we eat our dinner, and only jumps on the couch when invited! When I think about how we could have let her go back to the shelter, like so many others did, and how huge a part of our lives she is now, I realize that calling Bark Busters has changed the course of Annie's life, and of ours. Permalink
Montclair | March 25 2008
Steve was a terrific trainer. He is smart, experienced, and knows how to teach effective techniques to keep your dog obedient and eager to please. Since Steve helped me train my dog. I no longer need a leash or collar when walking her. Permalink
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Wayne | November 05 2007
It was an incredible transformation. In a few hours our dog was listening to our commands. Stephen was absolutely incredible with how he helped get my children to understand why we have to all be consistent. Permalink
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Denville | November 05 2007
I see the change in Murphey in one day and would love for others to have that joy with their dog. It was nice to learn more from the dog's point of view and made us realize why some of his behaviors exist. Permalink
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Cedar Grove | November 05 2007
Within 5 minutes, it was as if someone swapped our dogs! We asked the trainer where he was hiding the pixie dust. We've now recommended Bark Busters to two other owners. We hope you can get through to their "monsters" like you did ours. We only wish we'd started with Bark Busters when they were young pups! Permalink

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