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The Bark Busters worldwide home dog training service guarantee is unique in the industry. It is designed to help owners resolve their dog's behavior and obedience problems and to provide customers with the satisfaction of ongoing support and peace of mind. Find out more

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Josh Rombro
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Servicing: Alviso, Campbell, Cupertino, Fremont, Hayward, Los Altos, Milpitas, Mountain View, Newark, Palo Alto, Portola Valley, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Stanford, Sunnyvale, Union City

Best Dog Training in Santa Clara County West

Your dog can have good manners! With our personalized one-on-one dog training, we help you understand the way dogs communicate. We believe in empowering dog owners with simple, effective, time-efficient, and cruelty-free techniques that will work alongside dogs’ natural instincts. No harmful methods. No unnecessary treats.

l teach you the difference between dog obedience and good behavior, and help identify the root of the problems you are experiencing with your dog's behavior so that you can live a happier life together with your dog.

Bark Busters is the worldwide leader of in-home dog training. We help resolve the most challenging dog behavioral issues such as:

  • Aggression. Your dog wasn’t born aggressive. Learn why your dog acts aggressively towards food, balls, people or other dogs, and how to change that behavior.
  • Barking. Dogs bark to tell us something. We teach you to “speak dog” to help you communicate with your dog.
  • Destruction. Destructive behaviors can include chewing shoes, gnawing on furniture, or tearing through the garbage. This behavior can be corrected with our proven training techniques.
  • Digging. Tired of your garden or lawn being torn up? Digging is a common behavior for many dogs. Teach your dog to stop digging.
  • Jumping. Jumping can be annoying and dangerous. Avoid the embarrassment of having your dog jump on guests with our in-home training.
  • Leash pulling. Enjoy taking your dog for a walk without being pulled! Good leash manners can be taught.
  • Separation anxiety. Does your dog bark or howl when you leave? Make him feel comfortable with being home alone.
  • Sibling rivalry. Just like humans, dogs can get jealous. Sibling rivalry among dogs can be addressed and corrected.
  • Territory marking. Dogs show possession by marking their territory with urine. Prevent unwanted markings in your home with our training advice.
  • Whining. Whining is another form of communication. When you learn why your dog whines, then you can reduce the urge to whine.
  • And More!

If you've recently added a puppy to your family, start puppy training with me now and build a strong bond with a foundation of leadership, trust, and respect in your home between you and your new canine companion. 

Any Breed. Any Age. Any Issue. Bark Busters in Santa Clara County can help you live a happier life together with your dog!

Learn more about your Master Dog Trainer and Dog Behavioral Therapist, Josh Rombro

I have been a dog lover since childhood. I grew up with two dogs of my own, Smeagol and Wookiee. They were both Bichon Frise, a breed notorious for needing lots of care and maintenance, but those little furballs were my best friends. Whether I was coming home to my own dogs, or visiting some friends with their own furry buddies, I was always the first on the floor to introduce myself by letting him know I was there to play. Now, it's me and my rescue - a white Labrador named Bruce, who is a perfect gentleman.

In his past life, Bruce was a stud for a breeder. He was mostly left outdoors and experienced little-to-no socialization, attention, exercise, training, or care. He was largely a business asset, and not much more. He didn’t know his name and he wasn’t used to the love and security of having anyone stable upon which to rely. After being rescued early in the pandemic and stuck inside with me for more than a year, he developed a very strong case of separation anxiety, and a lingering weight issue.

After months and months of trying to "wing it" with internet research, I had made no substantive progress with my own dog training. I knew I needed professional guidance. I wanted someone who stood by their service and I really needed results. I called Bark Busters and was especially impressed by their Life of Dog Support Guarantee.

My Bark Busters trainers taught me how to "Speak Dog" - to communicate more effectively and put my dog on a path to a long and healthy life. If it hadn’t made so much sense, I would have called it magic. But it wasn’t magic - it was highly intuitive and incredibly effective.

Bruce is a happier, calmer, and more independent-than-ever dog. He has also lost nearly 25 pounds, has more energy, and fewer allergies. Bark Busters was truly a life changing experience for our family.

At my core, I am a life-long educator. Ever since I was a student myself, I have been engaged in roles where I was sharing what I knew with others. I have been a private tutor, a wrestling coach, a test-preparation instructor, a special-needs teacher/mentor, and a high school math teacher.

Once I learn something, I feel a need to share it with others who can benefit from the knowledge. This truth is exactly what led to me join Bark Busters and take the rigorous classroom and hands-on training program and become a Bark Busters master dog trainer and dog behavioral therapist myself. After experiencing first-hand what Bark Busters did for me and my dog, Bruce, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share that blessing with others. I made the leap, and I’ve been taught and mentored by some of the very best in the world.

I'm excited and inspired to share Bark Busters with you, and your canine family members.

For even more information, visit my personal website at dogtrainingsantaclara.com

Please reach out to me today and let me help you discover the joy of “Speaking Dog!”

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