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Jeff & Cathy Drier

Expert Dog Trainers, Jeff & Cathy Drier

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Jeff & Cathy Drier
Meet Your Trainers Jeff & Cathy Drier
Servicing: Aripeka, Brooksville, Elfers, Holiday, Hudson, New Port Richey, Odessa, Port Richey, Spring Hill, Tampa, Trinity

Best Dog Training Tampa, Florida to Spring Hill

Bark Busters has trained over one million dogs worldwide.

Since 1989, Bark Busters has trained over one million dogs worldwide. This has only been possible because our methods work, often very quickly, and with a little consistent practice you can have the companion you envisioned.

Your dog is an important member of your family. Since 2003, Cathy and I have helped thousands of families from South Tampa to Springhill with their canine family members.


We Teach You How to Communicate With Your Dog In a Language They Understand

Puppies learn from their mothers and siblings how to live with dogs. They don’t teach puppies how to live with people. That’s up to us when we bring them home to live with us. Cathy and I love helping people with their puppies and seeing them grow into great dogs.

Older dogs can have issues which can concern their families. We regularly help with issues of aggression, separation anxiety, or just teaching the basics of walking without pulling or how to greet without jumping up. No matter what issues your dog(s) might have Bark Busters can help. Older dogs can learn, often much quicker than puppies.


We Teach You To Be The Leader of the Pack

Cathy and I teach our clients how to train their dogs. Every dog is an individual and there is not a one size fits all course of action. Before starting on a program with our clients we spend time getting to know them, their dog(s) and the situation. Your thoughts, feelings and ideas are crucial to the process as is your commitment to practice daily the exercises that we will teach you.

“My dogs were very hyper and sometimes aggressive on their walks. I was not the boss. And with their help I have established that role easily.” Shelley S

Clear communication with your dog is a vital part of teaching your dog how to fit in. We will help you understand not only how your dog communicates with you, but also how to communicate in a way that is easy for him to understand. As with any relationship, clear communication is a key element.


We Only Use Humane, Positive Training Methods

We never use any harsh or physical methods or equipment and never recommend pinch, shock, prong or choke collars. We never use force or make dogs do anything.

We also never bribe dogs and we won’t turn you into a treat dispenser. Great relationships are built on mutual Bond, Respect and Trust. We will help you have a great relationship with your dogs.

We work with all breeds of dogs and all ages and we are experts at helping families with multiple dogs.


You Will See Immediate Results

“We are absolutely impressed with Jeff and Cathy. After only a few hours our dogs started to pay attention and listen to us.”

If you live in South Tampa, Channelside, Davis and Harbour Islands, Seminole Heights, Town and Country, Carrollwood, Westchase, Odessa, Trinity, New Port Richey, Port Richey, Hudson, Holiday, Brooksville or Spring Hill contact us. In two to three hours you can be well on your way towards having the dog you envisioned when you decided to bring him home and make him part of your family and with Bark Busters Life of the Dog Support you will have additional help whenever you need it.



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