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How many types of dog doodles are there? You'll be amazed at the number! Bark Busters trainers have trained virtually every combination of breeds, each with its own behavioral issues. - News

August 6 2018
Oodles of Doodles

Types of Doodles
Bark Busters Home Dog Training has seen a big rise in training doodle dogs! How many different types of doodles are there? There are literally oodles of doodles. Doodles are a cross between two breeds and are often called “designer dogs”. Many people choose doodles because they are looking for a certain quality within a breed. For instance, a Goldendoodle sheds less than a Golden Retriever yet has the fun-loving personality of a Retriever combined with the intelligence of a Poodle.

Here are some of the more popular doodles. Generally, you can name a breed and someone has crossed a poodle with it! We’ll add to the list as they arise.

1.     Affenpoo (Affenpischer + Poodle)

2.     Airedoodle (Airedale Terrier + Poodle)

3.     Aussie Doodles (Australian Shepherd + Poodle)

4.     Bassettdoodle (Bassett Hound + Poodle)

5.     Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog + Poodle)

6.     Bich-poo (Bichon Frise + Poodle)

7.     Bolonoodle (Bolognese + Poodle)

8.     Bordoodle (Border Collie + Poodle)

9.     Bossi-Poo (Boston Terrier + Poodle)

10.Boxerdoodle (Boxer + Poodle)

11.Brittany Doodle (Brittany Spaniel + Poodle)

12.Cadoodle (Cavalier King Spaniel + Poodle)

13.Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Bichon Frise)

14.Choodle & Cho-poo (Chihuahua + Poodle)

15.Chorkie (Yorkshire Terrier + Chihuahua)

16.Clumberdoodle (Clumber Spaniel + Poodle)

17.Corgipoo (Corgi + Poodle)

18.Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel + Poodle)

19.Daisy Dog (Bichon Frise + Poodle + Shi Tzu)

20.Dalmadoodle (Dalmation + Poodle)

21.Doodleman Pinscher (Doberman + Standard Poodle)

22.Double Doodle (Goldendoodle & Labradoodle)

23.Doxiepoo (Dachsund + Poodle)

24.Eng-a-poo (English Toy Spaniel + Poodle)

25.English Boodle (English Bull Dog + Poodle)

26.Eskapoo (American Eskimo + Poodle)

27.Flandoodle (Bouvier Des Flandres + Poodle)

28.Flatdoodle (Flacoated Retriever + Poodle)

29.Foxhoodle (Fox Hound + Poodle)

30.Giant Schnoodle (Giant Schnauzer + Standard Poodle)

31.Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever + Poodle)

32.Great Pyredoodle (Great Pyrennes + Poodle)

33.Great Danoodle (Great Dane + Poodle)

34.Irishdoodle (Irish Settier + Poodle)

35.Irish Troodle (Irish Terrier + Poodle)

36.Jack-a-poo or Jacknoodle (Jack Russell Terrier + Poodle)

37.Kelpoodle (Kelpie + Poodle)

38.Labradoodle (Labrador Retriever + Poodle)

39.Lhasopoodle (Lhasa Apso + Poodle)

40.Maltipoo (Maltese + Poodle)

41.Newfypoo & Newdle (Newfoundland + Poodle)

42.Papi-poo (Papillon + Poodle)

43.Pekapoo (Pekingese + Poodle)

44.Pinny-Poo (Miniature Pinscher + Poodle)

45.Pomapoo (Pomeranian + Poodle)

46.Poo-Shi (Shiba Inu + Poodle)

47.Poo-Ton (Coton de Tulear + Poodle + Poodle)

48.Poochin (Japanese Chin + Poodle)

49.Poogle (Beagle + Poodle)

50.Pootalian (Italian Greyhound + Poodle)

51.Poovanese (Havanese + Poodle)

52.Pugapoo (Pug + Poodle)

53.Rattle (American Rat Terrier + Poodle)

54.Rottle (Rottweiler + Poodle)

55.Saint Berdoodle (Saint Bernard + Poodle)

56.Schipper-Poo (Schiperke + Poodle)

57.Schnoodle (Schnauzer + Poodle)

58.Scoodle (Scottish Terrier + Poodle)

59.Shar-Poo (Shar-Pei + Poodle)

60.Sheepadoodle (Sheep Dog + Poodle)

61.Sheltipoo (Sheltie + Poodle)

62.Shoodle (Shih-Tzu + Poodle)

63.Siberpoo (Siberian Husky + Poodle)

64.Skypoo (Sky Terrier + Poodle)

65.Spoodle (Cocker Spaniel + Poodle)

66.Stoodle (Silky Terrier + Poodle)

67.Springerdoodle (Springer Spaniel + Poodle)

68.Terri-Poo (Australian Terrier + Poodle)

69.Ttoodle (Tibetan Terrier + Poodle)

70.Weimardoodle (Weimaraner + Poodle)

71.Westipoo (Westie + Poodle)

72.Whoodle (Wheaton Terrier + Poodle)

73.Wire-Poo (Wirehaired Fox Terrier + Poodle)

74.Woodle (Welsh Terrier + Poodle)

75.Yorkipoo (Yorkshire Terrier + Poodle)





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