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Aaron W Englewood, Colorado | August 20 2016
When people say that you cannot teach a dog new tricks, they must not have met Dan! I have a 7 year old English Bulldog (Biggie) who had some behavioral issues once his living situation changed. I assumed he would get better with time, but it just seemed to get worse. I was able to find Dan, and he came to my house within a week. That first appointment was amazing, as a lot of the negative behaviors that Biggie was exhibiting ceased almost immediately. Dan has taught me very good training tools that I continue to use with Biggie every day, and he has worked wonders! Dan is very easy to get a hold of and is fast to respond to any issues that you may have. I cannot thank Dan enough for the work that he has already done! Permalink
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Lisa B Littleton, Colorado | June 09 2016
adopted a shelter Dog, Jimmy, that had a lot of issues. He had tons of nervous energy and was terrified of my son. I called Dan at Bark Busters and set up an appointment for him at our home. I am so glad I did! The difference he has helped me make in Jimmy is amazing. He taught us how to help Jimmy dump the nervous energy and how to help him build trust with my son. It has all worked wonderfully. Dan has a gift with dogs and I'm so glad I found him to help us with ours! Thanks Dan!! Permalink
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Julia S Lone Tree, Colorado | June 07 2016
Dan is beyond amazing! My husband found Bark Busters online, read great reviews and Dan was able to meet with us within a few weeks. We recently moved from out of state into an apartment and Cheska became very unsure of the entire situation and began barking when we left her alone. She has always had separation anxiety but would never bark nonstop when we left her in our previous home. We did not want to bother our neighbors with her barking and Dan was able to teach us how to claim the space back and let her know we own it. We saw results immediately after our initial session and really enjoy working with Dan, he's flexible with dates and times and is super responsive! Highly recommended. Permalink
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Karly F
Karly F Highlands Ranch, Colorado | May 24 2016
My boyfriend and I adopted Jax when he was about 12 weeks old and he is our first dog so we were a little clueless! When Jax was about a year old, we reached out to Dan at Bark Busters. Jax was chewing things, not listening consistently, seemed anxious and so on. We knew if we didn't hire some help, things were only going to get worse as he got older. What a blessing Dan has been for us! Within the first hour of Dan spending time with our puppy, he was already drastically improved. Dan helped us understand how to communicate with our dog more efficiently, how to get him to focus in distracting situations, how to walk by our side and not pull us and most importantly, Dan really cares about Jax as if he were his own dog. I would recommend Dan to anyone in need of dog training! He has been a pleasure to deal with from the start and are very grateful for his help, worth every penny! Permalink
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Cathy H Littleton, Colorado | May 17 2016
When we rescued our Border Aussie Mix last year we soon found out that she had some behavior issues we needed to address. Most recently, she went super barky while we were out of town, going after neighbors at our joint fence, and in their driveway. Needless to say, they were not happy with us when we returned home. But Dan is AMAZING!!! In just one visit, he taught us how to get the situation under control. We now have really happy neighbors not to mention a happy dog and dog parents. I would HIGHLY recommend Dan to anyone who needs help getting their dog to be pleasant and behaved. Dan is incredibly responsive to training requests and proactive in scheduling follow up sessions. Permalink
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Betsy G Englewood, Colorado | May 10 2016
I cannot say enough good things about Dan and his training!! I recently moved from a quiet, single home setting into an apartment and within a week I received a noise complaint regarding my dog's barking. I knew I had to immediately take care of the problem --- I did not want to use a shock collar so I called my vet who highly recommended Bark Buster's. At our first meeting, Dan spent about 90 minutes with me and my dog, first educating me about dogs and dog mentality followed by the training. That one session was all it took to get my little maltipoo's barking completely under control. Dan followed up with another session on attentiveness / walking training and once again, the results were and have been amazing. Dan's love and respect of dogs is immediately obvious. His approach to training is gentle yet so effective. As one of the reviewers wrote ... the training was well worth the cost and I too highly recommend Dan and his training technique. Permalink
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Gus L Denver, Colorado | May 06 2016
My wife and I adopted a Lab Mix Puppy (Kylie) from a rescue shelter in Brighton 8 months ago. We love our puppy but we were at our wits end due to her incessant barking whenever we had guests stay over. It was a nightmare having her bark at our guests continuously and the neighbors in our apartment were probably not thrilled either. In addition, our puppy would bark at people off of our balcony all the time. Our puppy was also aloof and rarely obeyed us until we used the services of Dan at Bark Busters. Dan took the time to explain the rationale behind the puppy's behavior and then provided us with some very useful exercises to control the unwanted behavior. He was very caring and patient with our puppy and Dan was also a great guy to deal with in general. My wife and I are ecstatic because it's like a miracle how quickly Kylie has come correct. The training was well worth the cost and I highly recommend this way of training your dog. Permalink
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Sarah L East Denver, Colorado | May 05 2016
Dan is amazing when it comes to dog training. My dog, although super sweet, had a lot of issues, including separation anxiety, jumping up on strangers at the door, constantly under my feet in the kitchen, and not coming when called. He came to my home and fixed her almost immediately, giving me the tools needed to continue the training after he left. He taught me to speak dog and finally have my dog listen, understand me, and respect my authority as the "pack leader". She continues to improve everyday and I now have a dog that listens. I highly recommend Dan when it comes to dog training. He is a miracle worker! Permalink
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Dan H Castle Rock, Colorado | March 03 2016
Last year we added our daughter's Sheltie, Teva, to our family. Now we have two dogs, both Shelties. We can't take Teva on walks because she had been attacked and had nervous aggression towards strange dogs. The other problem was when the doorbell rang, both dogs would rush the door and bark, we didn't know how to stop them. Well, after one lesson, both problems were solved!! This was nothing short of amazing. We took Teva out for a walk and passed several dogs and she behaved well, no aggression, no barking. And now when the doorbell rings, both dogs are quiet and well behaved. Thanks Dan, we have control over our dogs now, a great feeling. Permalink
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Tammy M Littleton, Colorado | February 29 2016
Dan is great! He is helping us with our dogs Sapphire, and Bailey. In just a short period of time he is training us to have a much happier and calmer dog. He has fixed two issues that were terrifying to us in less than 1 hour. AMAZING stuff!!!Thanks Dan we look forward to you next visit. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Separation anxiety

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