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Winston W Aurora, Colorado | August 05 2021
I have a Rottie mix named Roscoe who, over time showed lots of leash aggression to dogs on walks, in the dog park although it didn't start right away. I did some research on the why and tried some things people gave me and from the web but nothing seemed to work. I contacted BarkBusters and they were in touch that day and detailed how they could help. Adrienne showed up and spent time to understand the issues and explained they why. Apparently Roscoe wasn't as social as I thought and the dog park could have been a major cause of this. Within 2 hours he was a totally different dog. He no longer barked as people passing by the house, he was more relaxed on leash and we were able to pass multiple dogs at a small distance without any reactions. I was shocked and frankly in disbelief. I was told that practice was required but it was laid out in a simple way using methods that you can do while you live your daily life. Thanks to Adrienne and her team everyone in the home is much happier and more relaxed. Highly recommend this company and Adrienne. Permalink
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Frances H Aurora, Colorado | August 04 2021
Amazing process, very prompt and professional. My dog had aggression and axniety and Adrienne practically made it disappear. I am highly recommending her to people who need help. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Other, Pulling, Separation anxiety
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Wanda S Littleton, Arapahoe, Colorado | July 13 2021
I was so quickly amazed at how fast Adrienne was able to help with my dog Jelly. She can be very leash aggressive with other dogs and had bitten a dog that snuck up on her. Adrienne came in and explained the why, made me realize that some of the things I was doing to help were actually making things worse, but did it in a way that didn't make me feel bad about it. The extra time taken to explain the details of the why, she sowed me the method and we saw immediate results We had Adrienne back for a quick follow up based on some challenges that were immediately addressed. She responds quickly, shows up on time and gets the job done. I am writing this to help others know I would only call her if you need help. Permalink
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Marie R Aurora, Colorado | July 13 2021
So I did some research on methods and went with Barkbusters for it's holistic and dog communication based approach. I was assigned Adrienne who has extensive experience with dogs and told me she joined BarkBusters after being a client for over 10 years. My dog Mylo is sweet but scared and VERY reactive to other dogs outside of the home. Adrienne arrived and immediately made me feel like she cared. She seems just as good with humans as she is with dogs. She detailed the method and how it uses dog speak to teach Mylo that I lead the pack and I can make him feel safe by teaching him that through this leadership he feels protected and no longer needing to protect his den. Within 2.5 hours Mylo is TRANSFORMED!! We worked inside first as that impacts the walk and in setting up the scene to leave the house Mylo encountered a dog within minutes and he had zero reaction, actually looking relaxed during the encounter. I am so impressed with her professionalism, caring nature and skill with dogs. I highly recommend her for any challenges you face with your dog. Thank you Adrienne. You have made us all happier. Permalink
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Lindsey G Parker, Colorado | January 01 2021
We were doing well with our first dog, but then got a puppy who turned the tables on us a bit. We were shocked at how much growth our dogs made between the 1st session with Dan and the 2nd. There is less random barking inside, we can have the front door open and not have to play guard to keep the dogs inside, and they know their place in the house. I never thought we'd be able to take one of the dogs for a walk without a harness, yet here we are! Walking side by side with a collar! We are still in the process of training and will continue to learn from Dan, but we have also gained more understanding around how the dog brain works. Dan is incredibly patient and keeps it real with how he interacts with us and the dogs. He is quick to respond to questions we have, but what I appreciate most is that he asks questions to get to understand the situation better because he's the expert. Sometimes, we don't know what we don't know. If you need a trainer for your dog(s), we highly recommend looking into Bark Busters and working with Dan! Permalink
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Wanda R Aurora, Colorado | December 31 2020
INCREDIBLE!!!! My Willie was aggressive when strangers entered the home. I had tried two other trainers with no luck. When Dan arrived I was really hopeful he could help as he came referred by someone I know. He detailed the why, allowed me to ask LOTS of questions and was very patient and informative when it came to the why of his technique. We started training with Willie in a bedroom. Within minutes Willie was invited outside the bedroom an d he could care less that Dan was even in the house. More than blown away bu this given he has bitten multiple times. We continued to claim spaces and own the home letting Willie know he no longer needed to lead the pack. the detail around the zones of the brain are very helpful. It's been two months and the results are sticking. I have about 30 or so minutes of homework daily, very easy to follow and Dan does a great job of giving you chances to teach just while living your daily life. Thank you Dan. You have saved us and allowed us to have people over again, we are all so much more relaxed and happier daily. Give Dan a chance. You won't regret it one bit. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Separation anxiety
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Ruth M Denver, Colorado | December 16 2020
My two rescue dogs and l had a “good enough for me” set-up in our home in Vermont. The Husky mix couldn’t be left alone in the house without eating through Sheetrock and window sills. I couldn’t walk the Shepherd mix because he literally pulled me off my feet when on leash. We made do because we had a fenced-in backyard- Orla stayed outside when l was gone. She had a warm dog house and she loves the snow. Perry got his exercise in the backyard or at a dog park. Our recent move to a second floor condo in Denver changed everything. I had to walk both dogs together 3-4 times per day. Perry came close to dislocating my shoulder with his pulling. With wintery weather coming, it was only a matter of when l fell on the ice, not if. Neither could l leave the house without taking the dogs with me. Orla could easily chew through a second floor window in an attempt to escape. I read countless reviews of dog trainers and know that l struck gold with Dan Gusmerotti. He has provided me with the education, skills and support to become the Alpha my dogs so desperately needed. The unacceptable behaviors driven by anxiety are no longer evident. I honestly would not have predicted this level of success. I would not have believed that l could give my dogs the continued training to keep us all on our best behavior. I give Dan Gusmerotti of Bark Busters my highest recommendation. If l could give ten stars, I would. Permalink
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Angela A Denver, Colorado | October 13 2020
OMG what to say. We have a very aggressive and fearful mixed breed we adopted in March. Covid caused no guests and no socialization at all. Once that started to ease Rudy had bitten 3 people who came through the door, all friends and our neighbor over the fence line. Wow.....we realized we couldn't do this with just videos and or asking for online help so we contacted Dan. His office responded with an hour and detailed all of what we should expect. We took the lifetime package because with Rudy being younger and the chance we move we wanted to know we had the support. Dan arrived early and we met for about 35 or so minutes going over it all. GREAT INFORMATION. He explained why Rudy felt and acted this way because by accident really we were forcing stress upon him by making him lead the pack. We were shown the method, different for sure but we knew it would work because Dan has a way about him that says trust me. We trusted him and within one hour Ruby was relaxing on the couch with Dan sitting within 3 feet of him. Rudy even approached Dan asking for affection. Our mouths hit the floor as we couldn't believe what we were witnessing. He showed us how to claim and protect the front door and just by making one sound how Rudy would look and return to us. We know work is needed and practice is required but it seems to be about 45 minutes or so per day and all while living your life. Forget the TV dog whisperer. Dan is more than that......and all done without treats or shock collars. Call Dan ASAP to go over what you need. The results are incredible. Dan many thanks for your live saving technique, your patience and your guidance. Permalink
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Katio O Aurora, Colorado | September 14 2020
I can’t begin to say how amazing Dan is!!! During our first visit Dan sat and talked with us for an extended period of time about what was going on with our dog. When we got to the exercises with the dog, there was absolutely no doubt that Dan understood the behavioral issues because by the time he left, there was a huge difference in my dog’s behavior. The best part is that he didn’t do any correction with my dog, it was all us. So when Dan left, my dog still responded to me and I knew exactly how to properly correct my dog’s behavior. It has been almost 3 months since this meeting, and I finally have the dog I wanted all along. Dan is incredibly knowledgeable and has always responded quickly to emails. No matter how bad the case is, I truly believe that Dan is the go to guy for dog behavior issues. Permalink
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Quincy E Denver, Colorado | September 04 2020
Dan has an innate gift of understanding how a dog communicates and what drives their behavior; he instinctively knew the best way to get my dog Jake’s attention and to sustain it to teach him new skills. It’s also nice that I can now have friends over again, people couldn’t come over before because of Jake’s terrible anxiety and aggression...he’s now cured! I highly recommend Dan G. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Chewing, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Separation anxiety

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