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Lourdes & Mike M Pearland, Texas | March 15 2016
We have a half Australian shepherd half Lab 11 month old and he was wild. Jumping all over everyone, stealing things and taking them to the back yard, going for our food at diner time and digging. We could not leave him unguarded. Connie came last Friday and taught us a few things and has made all the difference in the world. With one command, Samson is now listening and doing so much better. Connie also recommended a few toys that we will have tomorrow to let him exert some energy. I am now teaching him to walk by me instead of in front of me and he is improving. Thank you Connie. Permalink
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Yvonne C
Yvonne C Manvel, Texas | August 10 2015
Connie is dedicated, knowledgeable and is patient beyond words. She gives you and your pet her full attention and doesn't worry about watching the clock. Her approach is kind, firm and direct and my dog seemed to like her visits. I would highly recommend Connie to anyone needing or wanting to improve their dog's behavior. Permalink
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Holly B
Holly B Friendswood, Texas | April 03 2015
We've had a variety of breeds and aged dogs for 30 yrs. Never had issues like we had with our 2 year old German Shepherd. Connie helped us "speak dog" and better understand dog body language. Her professionalism, patient energy, and ability to teach us using training aids, hand signals, and verbal commands was extremely effective. Within 3 sessions, she addressed and corrected Jethro's pulling on the leash, bullying ahead through doors/gates, barking aggressively at strangers and house guests, coming when called and interacting gently and appropriately with our 2 Pomeranians. We highly recommend Connie Archer as someone who can quickly get to the root of your dog's issues and you can trust to effectively address them at a good pace. She also uses your feedback to modify things that aren't working! Permalink
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Holly B
Holly B Friendswood, Texas | April 01 2015
We have had a variety of aged dogs over 30 yrs but continued to have trouble with our 2 y/o G.Shepherd. Connie was amazing training Jethro and us! She optimized her time here and made every minute of her 3 visits count. She addressed his bullying ahead through doorways/gates, walking on a leash, coming when called, interacting more appropriately with our 2 Pomeranians and desensitizing him to new people. She equipped us with verbal commands, hand signals, and loads on information on how to "speak dog". Connie truly listens, is very patient, encouraging, is up front with concerns and honest with feedback. I highly recommend using Connie Archer to help you address and correct the issues with your dog(s). Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Other, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety
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Paul H Pearland, Texas | November 27 2014
We thought our 3 year old mini schnauzer would require weeks or months of training to stop his barking. Connie Archer solved our problems on her first visit. Needless to say, we were amazed at how quickly and thoroughly Bark Busters worked. The best part is our dog is now so relaxed we're convinced it will add to his longevity. Permalink
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Treva B
Treva B Friendswood, Texas | November 21 2014
I am completely amazed! One session and Jack's jumping and barking are under control! We went from having a dog that barked at everything and everyone, to having a dog that is relaxed and sweet to visitors. The training is easy for me to understand and unlike anything I have encountered in the past. I am so excited about what we can accomplish now! Permalink
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Susan L Clear Lake, Texas | October 15 2014
Max is a beautiful golden/lab mix puppy(10 months). We had completed one set of training in a group setting of about 10 dogs. That was helpful to get started and to socialize him with the other dogs in the class. But after a few months, I decided we needed some "one on one" so I called Barkbusters. I got a call the same day after submitting an online profile of our dog and what issues I wanted to address. Connie did another interview on the phone. We contracted for 3 appointments, each lasting over an hour. Connie is just fabulous and was able to give me such helpful "tools" to work with Max. Just the language to use alone for correction made a huge difference. Max is a great dog and wants to do well. He had issues running to the door and jumping on everyone. He greets other dogs the same way and their owners, so we worked on that. Another challenge is at night when I'm exhausted and Max wants to play ball...Connie gave me very helpful suggestions to end that "pestering". Connie uses a calm and even quiet voice when working with the dog, but it didn't take long for Max to get the message. Of course, she is training me so that I can continue using all of this with Max. I was very pleased with the Barkbusters program and Connie Archer . I would definitely recommend her to others, and have already! Permalink
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Stephanie C
Stephanie C Houston, Texas | September 26 2014
Connie is a miracle worker! We saw a 90% improvement after the first visit and 99% after three visits. After three visits BeBo went from badly behaved brat to well behaved boy! I'm so thrilled with her gentle but firm methods and the quick results we saw. My BFF said he was like a different dog. The things we worked on were the excessive barking, jumping up, getting into the trash and catfood, chasing the cat, begging for food, not staying in his bed at night, pulling on the leash and chasing him to put him in the kennel. BeBo is 3-1/2 years old so it's never too late to teach your dog manners. Everyone thought it would be impossible to teach him to behave as he was a difficult case, but so glad they were wrong. It wasn't the dog, it was US who needed the training. A HUGE thank you to Connie and Bark Busters for giving us the tools we needed to put peace in our house!!! Highly recommend her to everyone! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Separation anxiety
Rebecca A
Rebecca A Pearland, Texas | September 26 2014
Connie Archer's training using your techniques and products continue to help us every day as we enjoy an energetic loving big puppy! Connie was so accessible, flexible, professional, and engaging. And patient with us! The new harness is amazing and makes walking Blake enjoyable. Knowing that Connie and her skills are just a phone call away is invaluable - I am so glad we found her! Thank you. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Chewing, Digging, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management, Recall
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Cathy H Pearland, Texas | August 18 2014
Connie worked wonders with Lacey, my rescue dog. She was extremely aggressive when anyone came to the house. After one session, was much better. After the second and third sessions, we cam welcome guests without fear of her biting. She also worked with Beaux on his barking and whining. He is doing much better. I would highly recommend her. Lacey gets to stay a part of our family thanks to Connie. Permalink
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