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Escondido | July 29 2011
I have a neurotic golden retriever. She was very "in-your-face" for attention and praise, didn't really know how to control her energy, and her manners needed work. After Jan Janecki came and worked with her and us for a bit, our golden became much more controlled, calm, and better mannered. She's still really neurotic and has a lot of energy to expend, but is far better controlled and calmer in situations where she used to go insane. Jan's very professional, compassionate, and knows her stuff. Highly recommend. Permalink
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San Diego | July 29 2011
We have a bearded collie mix who was very defiant in the beginning. Jan owns a few of the same breed so she was not only knowledgeable in the training aspect, but she knew the behavior of the breed. After sessions with Jan, Melvin slowly learned who was the boss. We also learned that we needed to change our behaviors to get him to learn. After much practice and help with Jan, our Beardie is a much better behaved citizen. Also after attending a Beardie club, before and after training sessions with Jan, people noticed a difference. We got compliments of what a much better job Melvin did and how much more behaved he was. We highly recommend Jan to train any breed. Beardies are her toughest client and she handled ours with ease. She is patient and knows exactly how to speak their language. What's great about Bark Busters is the lifetime guarantee. Any time a new problem arises that we as dog owners don't know how to handle, we can call Jan. Permalink
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La Jolla | July 29 2011
It was time to polish up our golden's social skills and so once again we called on Jan Janecki at Bark Busters. As usual, Jan did her magic and set owners and canine on the right path. Through patience, psychology and a little push in the right direction we were given the tools to put us on the road in achieving the behavior we want. Jan is great! She knows the canine mind and continues to please us with her skill and kindness in handling our girl. We highly recommend her. Permalink
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Vista | July 29 2011
We hired Jan for 2 training sessions and she helped us greatly. My dog has some issues with walking on a leash and leaving our house. Within an hour of her being there we had taken a walk around our local park 3 times, that is huge!!! We did our homework and the dog's confidence has improved along with her behavior. When Jan showed up for the 2nd session, we had the dog playing in the park that she hated to be in. I am very happy that we called Bark Busters, we now have a semi-normal dog! I will keep doing my homework and making my mixed breed mutt the best dog I will ever own. I thank Jan and would highly recommend her to anyone that needs some doggy guidance! Permalink
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San Marcos | July 28 2011
It was just wonderful to meet with Jan the other day. Her tips and the training have been remarkable! Snowy is learning to relax and as a result we are too! Taking him for a walk is now much more of a pleasure, and his barking has almost completely ceased. Amazing!! We look forward to meeting with her again. Hopefully, Snowy will be ready to begin some socialization work. Permalink
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Natalie W Del Mar, California | April 09 2011
I had almost lost hope - and then I called Jan. We have two Yorkies and love them to pieces - but walks had become just absolutely unbearable and embarrassing. At home, they were loving and adorable, but lacking true obedience. We knew WE needed education just as much. Within Jan's first visit, we were so impressed. She is very professional, yet she knows how to connect to our pets and to us. We were amazed at the immediate changes and could tell how much more relaxed and peaceful they had become. We realized that we contributed to the elevated state of mind and she gave us very helpful exercises and homework. We are making steady progress and most importantly, I have renewed hope that we can enjoy things like walks, the park, eating at a cafe, or any other adventure we choose to take! Jan - Thank you!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall, Toileting
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Erin M San Diego, California | September 09 2010
I'm a veterinarian that needed help with my dogs. I have two dogs, a small terrier mix that is about four and a boxer mix that is about 6 years. Over the last few years I had just accepted that my dogs would pull on their leashes, run to the door every time the doorbell rang and he would bark at any noise on the street. Over the past few years my boxer mix has become increasingly aggressive towards other dogs when out on walks. After hearing nothing but positive things about Bark Busters, I finally made the decision I wish I made a while ago. I called Bark Busters and Jan Janecki came to the rescue! The first visit included a lot of information about Bark Busters and their methods (very important to know when you work with a thrapist). Throughout the sessions Jan worked not only with our dogs, but more importantly with us. We realized a lot of things that we were doing wrong. When the sessions were over we were given homework for the week. After two sessions and lots of homework we noticed huge differences in our dogs! The one that was aggressive towards other dogs will now either sit patiently or just walk by other dogs without any problems. It's great! I wish I did this a long time ago as we used to go walking all the time until it became stressful. Now we're back to walking and running all the time!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety, Sibling rivalry, Toileting
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San Diego | March 03 2010
Jan helped us years ago with a "rescue dog" that bit every kid it saw. Now the dog is my best friend. We now have a new puppy that was hard to train, and I called Jan again. She helped and made things easy for us. She is friendly with the dogs and easy to work with. I would highly recommend her. Permalink
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La Jolla | January 20 2010
Our young golden retriever needed help with certain behavioral issues we were unable to correct on our own and we decided to call in a professional trainer. Having had some experience with trainers in the past, but not knowing any now, I took my time exploring the yelp.com ratings as well as others listed online. One I looked at was Bark Busters. I liked their presentation and contacted the trainer in our area, Jan Janecki. We hired Jan for 2½ hours to assess our dog's needs and demonstrate ways to solve our problems. This she did very well. Jan knows canine psychology and clued us in on the steps we could take to eliminate some annoying issues as well as build up our dog's confidence. With firm kindness she took us under her wing and showed us what to do to achieve the desired outcome -- a pleasant family dog. Dog owners who decide to hire a trainer must accept the responsibility for following through on the lessons taught, i.e. there's homework to be done here and all the lessons in the world will be for naught if the studying afterward isn't completed. This is because, in the end, it is the owner who is the student, and it is the trainer who teaches him to be the better owner. We highly recommend Jan Janecki and will continue to use her services. Permalink
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Escondido | October 22 2009
Jan helped tremendously with training our Puggle. Her results are simply astounding. Year first hired: 2007 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative. Permalink

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