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J P Tampa, Florida | May 17 2022
Jef spent hours with us the first visit and he was patient and a great trainer. There was significant improvement after one visit. We look forward to working with him to help us on our way to pack order. Thank you Jef. Permalink
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Trainer note from Jef : Hi JP, You are very welcome! I want to give you and RP credit for showing Clementine the leadership she needed so that she can live her best dog life. Looking forward to next week’s visit! All the best, Jef
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Becky B Tampa, Florida | May 04 2022
After 1 meeting with Jef we were able to immediately apply new skills with our 7 year-old rescue. When I called to make the appointment with Bark Busters, I was in tears and ready to give up on our dog. We had our rescue for three months, who had been returned to the shelter from another family because of his severe separation anxiety. The shelter told us he wasn’t dog aggressive, however, he was in our dog-packed neighborhood. We were becoming “those people with that dog”. In our first meeting with Jef, he taught us how to communicate with our pup and how to be the pack leader. It worked! We saw results that day. With our continued practice, it continues to work. We had tried the “treat method” of behavior change, but it didn’t stick because no treats meant inconsistent performance. We have been practicing what we learned every day, every walk, and working with him. We have emailed with Jef a couple of times and even had 2 visits. We are only in 5 weeks into applying these new behaviors with our dog. In this short time, our dog is now one of the best leash walkers in the neighborhood! He used to bark at almost every dog and would lunge and pull towards them. Now, he almost never barks at another dog and looks to us for what to do. We went from extreme separation behavior where pup could not be left home alone for even 5 minutes (or even out of eyesight), to being alone in another room for 2.5 hours without panicking or destruction. After our second visit, Jef showed us how to refine what we had learned in the first to get even better results. We still have a ways to go, but our dog is happier and we are too! We haven’t given up on him because Jef gave us the tools, encouragement, and reinforcement to be the pack leader. Thank you Bark Busters for your humane methods and thank you Jef for your support. Permalink
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Trainer note from Jef : Hi Becky, Wow, I'm choked up a little. Thank you. I love that you and Randy have had this experience with the best named dog in the world. You both have done hard work and done it very well. It's been a joy to have you as clients. best, Jef
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Timothy B Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida | April 05 2022
Our Bark Busters trainer Jef Evans is outstanding! When we started with Jef, our 10 month old basset hound would not listen to me or my wife and was seeing herself as the leader of the house. We weren't even able to take her for a basic neighborhood walk. With our first in home lesson with Jef we saw immediate results. Jef is very patient with us as we learn his training tips for becoming better leaders, and as we get better our dog is getting better and better. Also, the I didn't think it was possible, but Jef's training does not use any treats at all or any pinch collars or any other devices which cause pain to your dog. We couldn't be happier with our results! Permalink
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Tom D
Tom D Trinity, Florida | March 07 2022
We have a puppy and his name is Milo. When he was about 9 months old we starting using Bark Busters to help train us on how best to work with him. Jef is our trainer and he is very knowledgeable and patient. I was amazed at how quickly Milo responded to Jef's training. It is all positive and I have to say it works. Our little guy still has a puppy brain and we need to continue to work with him to be the best behaved dog we know he can be. Through Jef's instruction we have much better control of Milo when we go on walks and also when people come to the house. We are working on getting him to not bark at the door or jump on our guest. We are also currently working on separation anxiety and getting Milo to be more independent and not be our "shadow". We have a monthly training schedule and also meet with Jef once a month to check on Milo's progress. The best part of signing up with Bark Busters is they are committed for the life of the dog. As Milo gets older and has different behavioral concerns we will be prepared to work on those with Jef and Bark Busters on our side! Thanks Jef, we are glad you are on team Milo! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Puppy management
Trainer note from Jef : Thank you Tom! Teaching you guys to train Milo has been a pleasure. Milo is a sweet and bright little pup. I'm looking forward to watching him grow into his best behaved little self.
Hayley M
Hayley M Tampa, Florida | March 01 2022
Jef has been great with my dog, Otis! We cover so much in each training session, and the techniques are simple enough that I'm able to easily practice on my own. Otis was a stray and had multiple behavior issues that I couldn't work through on my own (chewing, barking, separation anxiety, jumping, etc). Jef tailored everything to what Otis needs, and everyone I know says they've seen a dramatic change in his behavior even in the short time that we've been working together. I highly recommend Jef and Bark Busters! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Puppy management, Separation anxiety
Trainer note from Jef : Thank you for the kind words Hayley! It’s been a joy to work with you and Otis. He’s so lucky to have you as his human.
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Christine E Trinity, Florida | January 20 2022
My husband and I were in need of professional training for our 9 mo. old Westie Katesy. I researched dog behaviorists and trainers in our area .. Bark Busters immediately caught my attention. I really liked the fact that their training techniques did not include using treats or use of anything that would harm our puppy. The reviews were amazing. We had our first training session this week and after just one… just one training session with Jef Evans (BTW he’s Amazing )… our puppy is like a different girl. We cannot believe the difference after our initial training session . We’re so excited and very appreciative of the time Jef spent with us .. we are looking forward to our next session. It may seem a bit pricey however… but if you are looking for real results it is SO we’ll worth EVERY penny. Bark Busters gives you a lifetime agreement with no extra charges.. they will come out whenever needed throughout the years and available to you anytime..they're located across the country and internationally and your agreement will follow you should you ever move. We thank you again Jef..and Bark Busters … ??Katesy thanks you too! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Puppy management
Trainer note from Jef : Hi Catherine, It was a JOY to work with you and Katesy. I am so happy you are seeing the results you wanted. Keep up the good work. all the best, Jef
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Christopher R Tampa, Florida | December 30 2021
Jef is excellent at what he does, and has a clear passion for the work, as well. We saw results immediately during our first sessions together. Highly recommend! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Separation anxiety
Trainer note from Jef : Hi Chris, Thank you for the kind review. Working with you guys is a joy. Rosco is a lucky pup. all the best, Jef
Alex S
Alex S Tampa, Florida | December 22 2021
Our family has rescued two labs over the course of 4 years. We ran into some behavioral problems when it comes to marking, leash pulling etc. We were struggling trying to address the problems and even considered giving the dogs away for adoption due to our busy schedules and severity of the problems. I finally decided to search the internet for help and that's where I came across Bark Busters. Jef has been excellent, he is respectful and experienced. We immediately noticed the results after his first visit to our home. We are very pleased with the results and highly recommend their services. Permalink
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Trainer note from Jef : Hi Alex & Jeniffer, Thank you for being awesome humans and bringing Gatsby and Max into your home. Keep up the great training work! Looking forward to the next update! all the best, Jef
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Kathryn T Tampa, Florida | November 08 2021
We are so happy that we found Jef to help us when we were concerned that our dog was showing aggressive behaviors (growling and being territorial). When we noticed the behaviors getting worse, we called Jef and upon his first visit he immediately put us at ease that it was correctable. Jef is extremely professional, and we have learned so much from his visits. Our dog's behavior is improving, and we can breathe a little easier knowing he will only get better. If you have any concerns, don't give up on your dog, please call Jef!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Digging, Jumping up, Recall, Separation anxiety
Trainer note from Jef : Thank you Kate! It's been a joy to work with you and Kurt. You both are doing a great job teaching Solo what the rules are. Keep up the great work!
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Darcy F Tampa, Florida | November 01 2021
Jef is punctual, relatable, and patient. We needed the patience the most during this training because we are training two dogs that are 7 years old who have really had no training in their lives. After just one visit, the dogs were notably different. They have less anxiety and are now more respectful of their space and us. Jef makes training them an easy and positive experience. We feel like we can have some sort of order in our lives now that the dogs are more at ease. I highly recommend Jef as your trainer. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Sibling rivalry, Toileting
Trainer note from Jef : Hi Darcy, Thank you for the kind review. You and your family have treated me like an old friend so it's been a joy to help you all with Nica and Paco. all the best, Jef

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