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Sanjay J Franklin Park, Somerset, New Jersey | August 10 2023
Needed help with our 2 yr old German Shepherd rescue who was exhibiting signs of dominance with us. Keith’s initial visit to the house lasted several hours. He assessed us as dog owners, reviewed the questionnaire we completed and then met Ace. He provided us with really helpful tools and training techniques to be able to correct Ace's behavioral issues. He made a follow up visit to see how we were doing and reminded us to use the techniques he taught us. We have seen great improvements in Ace's behavior and couldn't be more happier with Keith and Bark Busters! Would highly recommend him to any family looking to train their dog! Permalink
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Linda C Somerset, New Jersey | July 23 2023
Let me tell you about my sweet schnoodle, Greta. At 2 1/2, Greta was the terror of my townhome development. She barked at everyone - dogs, squirrels, birds, people - if it moved, she barked at it. Walking her was a nightmare. Greta was 20 pounds of out of control. In desperartion, I contacted Keith for help. As promised, after training session 1, Greta had calmed down - not perfect, but amazing progress. After three sessions, Greta walks on a loose leash fairly well and the (improved) barking and interaction with people and dogs has been remarkable. Even my neighbors have commented on the vast improvement. I encourage anyone with doggy behavior issues to give Keith and Bark Busters a call. Permalink
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Deb A Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey | July 19 2023
We reached out to BarkBusters for help training our 8 month old golden doodle. By the end of the first visit we were already seeing a difference in how she responded to commands. After a couple of more training sessions, she was a different dog. Has stopped the bad habits of digging in the yard and not listening when told to drop items. It's great knowing we can reach out to Keith anytime with questions or additional training needs. Permalink
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Ross R East Brunswick, New Jersey | February 09 2023
10 stars! We adopted a 3rd dog. Now we have 3 husky females and a sibling rivalry going on. The first few weeks were chaotic and our family was losing it. Keith came and we saw an immediate difference. We were given techniques to obtain leadership over the pack. Scheduling is easy, Keith is always available to help. We have some time with Keith and our girls inside the house, on walks and in the fenced in yard. We're getting our sleep back and the doggies are progressing and getting along much better. Permalink
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Liat K Bordentown, New Jersey | January 12 2023
We got in touch with Keith within a few days of our arrival in the USA with our 3 year old English Cocker Spaniel. Being in a new country and a new environment, we entrusted Keith to help her adapt, settle in, and smooth over some bad habits/undesirable behaviors. Oh man. We got SO much more out of Keith’s training than we thought we needed! First, Keith provides a self-assessment, through which realized our little pup needed a lot more discipline than we realized! Second and most importantly, Keith provided an unbelievably simple, effective and adaptable approach that has not only improved her behavior, but also deepened our bond, connection and general communication with her. In hindsight, being that my husband and myself were first-time puppy parents, I can see we ventured down many avenues to finally achieve what Keith’s training fulfills. We’d enlisted several trainers, all sorts of programs, tactics, tools, etc. since she was a puppy in service of a goal to raise a good “doggy citizen.” With Keith, we’ve really achieved that. Most importantly, his technique is kind, compassionate, approachable and **adaptable** so that we can always apply it to both familiar as well as novel environments/situations. We did go for the lifetime membership and have reached out to Keith with tweaks, questions and in one instance a fearful emergency. His support has been consistent and stupendous since we met back in July. Thank you Keith!!! On a personal note, thank you for being so calm, clear, professional and so wonderfully earnest about this program and your love of dogs :) Permalink
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Diane C East Brunswick, Middlesex, New Jersey | December 05 2022
My rescue pup had cataract surgery a few months ago and I am delighted to say that he can now see. With that came some changes to his personality. He would now bark at things he didn’t necessarily see before. I wanted to become a stronger leader as he ventured into a new world where he could see. Keith was amazing. In no time, he taught me how to be more effective pack leader and build my confidence teaching me to use a calm but firm voice, etc. He has many insightful thoughts that has helped guide me. I think this therapy was for me not my dog. My dog was very happy to interact with Keith as he had such a calming demeanor. It reminded me that is so important to stay calm and focused so I could be the best human my dog could have. Thank you Keith! Permalink
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Meredith K East Windsor, New Jersey | November 30 2022
Update: Proof that time and diligence utilizing Keith's training techniques works!! Our dog is living happily and peacefully with our kitties! She has evolved into such a happy, confident pup, and she doesn't even mind being used as a cat bed! We are so grateful for Keith and recommend him to everyone we meet who have dogs in need of training. Keith is an amazing trainer! We had Keith help us with our new rescue that we adopted from a pretty rough shelter. Focus and acclimating her with our family cats were our main goals. Well, less than 24 hours after our first session, our girl is showing amazing progress. Keith has a calm, reassuring demeanor that really puts the dog at ease. He is also very good at communicating with us pet parents, giving us all the tools to make the training achievable and results stick. Our girl came out of her crate this morning and walked through the house focused on her dad, and not her kitty siblings. She is more relaxed on the leash and immediately responsive to commands. When we do need to use correction, she responds immediately and positively, showing that the training is helping to build her confidence within our family. We are beyond pleased with the results of our first session, and beyond grateful to Keith for his guidance. Can't wait to have him back to see her progress! Permalink
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Liz F Edison, New Jersey | November 23 2022
Keith of bark busters is awasome. He really knows dogs. I really like that they come to the house and teach you how to train the dog in the dogs regular environment. And the service is impeccable I've called Keith three or four times each two or three years in between always calls me right back highly recommend barkbusters. Permalink
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Colleen C Westfield, New Jersey | October 20 2022
We recently had our first baby and were very anxious how our lovable but stubborn bulldog, Bruce, would interact and handle all the new sights and sounds. We definitely needed some help on how to best keep our dog happy and calm while dealing with a new baby. After one visit things drastically improved. We used to say our bulldog was very neurotic and stubborn but it turns out it was just his way of showing anxiety over new and frightening things. Bruce was very anxious by anything new and after one visit with Keith he was like a different more calm and happier dog. When I read all the reviews I admit I was a bit skeptic, but boy let me tell you- they are NOT wrong. Keith has been an incredible resource through this whole process. Having a new baby is a lot to get used to itself and we were very worried we would not be able to have our dog and baby in the same room alone, now we like to say that Bruce babysits our daughter. He truly loves her as much as he loves me or my husband. He is incredible with her and is definitely a much happier dog. Noises her toys would make or bright flashing lights used to set him off in the past, now he doesn’t even bother looking up. The peace of mind and change we have seen in him makes us wish we called Keith earlier! Permalink
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Danielle S Old Bridge, New Jersey | August 22 2022
I’ve had my Maltese since he was a puppy and he is currently 9 years old. I’ve taken him to training before and it was a horrible experience he ended up worse than before, biting and barking. I couldn’t take him for walks because he was impossible when he saw people or other dogs. Keith was amazing! He gave me all of the right tools to become the leader. I was nervous that Jax was already too old and couldn’t be trained but boy was I wrong. Jax is a completely different dog and I’m so grateful to Keith for helping us. Now I can take him for walks and have people over without having him bark or bite. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling

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