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Rob and Patty R North Brunswick, New Jersey | June 03 2022
We made the decision to seek out professional help when our otherwise gentle 20-month old Janey started to show signs of aggression towards dogs and people with whom she was not familiar. We noticed that her anxiety, when either of us wasn’t in sight, was also intensifying. Prior to contacting Keith at Bark Busters, we were told by a trainer that Janey wasn’t aggressive, but rather very “defensive.” He believed she needed more intensive behavioral training than he had time to provide and suggested that we enroll her in a 2-week “bootcamp”. We were concerned that a two-week separation could be detrimental and began searching the internet for a local dog behavioral therapist who could also work with us, as we are first time dog owners. That’s when we found Keith at Bark Busters. Keith’s initial visit to the house lasted several hours. He assessed us as dog owners, reviewed the questionnaire we completed and then met Janey, whose issues with strangers were apparent. Keith was very soft-spoken and positive, which happened to be a perfect approach for her. The next time Keith came to the house, Janey approached him like an old friend. So far, Keith has made a few house visits and within several weeks of following the agreed upon plan we have seen considerable progress. He has also made himself available to our inquiries via text message or email and always replies promptly. Just recently he agreed to meet us at a neutral location with other family members to assist with introductions prior to an upcoming vacation. Janey has learned to respect the boundaries set regarding visitors and other dogs with whom she’s come in contact. The excessive pulling during walks is almost nonexistent. By no means is her behavior perfect, but since Day 1, we’ve seen an improvement. We’re confident that we’ll continue to make meaningful strides. We highly recommend Keith and Bark Busters. Rob and Patty Rush Permalink
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Angela G East Brunswick, New Jersey | May 25 2022
We had trained my dog Wendell as a 1 year old rescued puppy through Pet Smart, but that was not enough. I contacted Keith when Wendel was 3.5 and showed aggression towards certain people. We went for the lifetime plan because we knew we wanted to continue training when we eventually had a baby. Bark Busters methods are all about obedience training and don't rely on treats, which was very different compared to the methods we previously tried. We saw instant progress on day 1 in some areas, and other areas took time and continued practice. I bought the collar Keith recommended and it was a game changer for walks. After two years of working with Keith, we just brought home our baby girl, and we are pleasantly surprised by how calm Wendell is around her. Keith answers questions through phone or email if needed, and also comes back for sessions as needed. I highly recommended Keith! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall
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Colleen B Scotch Plains, New Jersey | April 08 2022
We recently had our first baby and were very anxious how our lovable but stubborn bulldog, Bruce, would interact and handle all the new sights and sounds. We definitely needed some help on how to best keep our dog happy and calm while dealing with a new baby. After one visit things drastically improved. We used to say our bulldog was very neurotic and stubborn but it turns out it was just his way of showing anxiety over new and frightening things. Bruce was very anxious by anything new and after one visit with Keith he was like a different more calm and happier dog. When I read all the reviews I admit I was a bit skeptic, but boy let me tell you- they are NOT wrong. Keith has been an incredible resource through this whole process. Having a new baby is a lot to get used to itself and we were very worried we would not be able to have our dog and baby in the same room alone, now we like to say that Bruce babysits our daughter. He truly loves her as much as he loves me or my husband. He is incredible with her and is definitely a much happier dog. Noises her toys would make or bright flashing lights used to set him off in the past, now he doesn’t even bother looking up. The peace of mind and change we have seen in him makes us wish we called Keith earlier! Permalink
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Alyssa D
Alyssa D Robbinsville, New Jersey | February 23 2022
In December 2021, my family adopted a dog that really needed a home - the shelter did not know much about him as he was dumped by the owners before they drove away, but he was terrified and cowering in the shelter corner and we knew we needed to save him. As a few days went by after bringing him home, we realized how rough his life has been. His tail appeared to be cut at home, he was very fear-aggressive (nipping, growling, lunging), and very skeptical of men. On top of that, he appeared to be scared of other dogs and would attack our two other dogs on sight (we kept them separated after that) and barked at dogs he saw on the street during walks. Like many others who have reviewed Keith's services, we felt hopeless. I had fallen so in love with this dog and wanted it to work so badly, but he was so reactive and we never knew when he would snap next. We also had to keep him separated from our other two dogs because he could not stand the sight of them no matter how we attempted to introduce them. Keith was an absolute life saver. When I heard about the "80-90% improvement in the first lesson" I thought that it sounded great, but surely wouldn't be the case for my dog. Boy, was I wrong! After the first session, my dog not only started looking to my family as "in charge", but he also calmed down a bit because it meant that he was finding his place in our house more and more. Keith is fantastic with communication, he is very responsive to calls and texts. I even frantically called him a few days before he came for the first session when our rescue got out of the room and attacked our other dog, Keith assured me that everything would be okay and we would work on it during the session. Today, about two months later, he is a completely different dog. Our three dogs are now best buddies and he feels much more calm as he's found his place here. This is definitely something that you have to keep up with, Keith shows you different exercises to do daily to change your dog's perspective on leadership. While I did see the 80-90% improvement after the first session, continuing to do the exercises daily has increased that improvement further and ensured that my dog does not regress into old habits. I can not thank Keith enough for his help. His methods do not include pain-based or treat-based training (he is not anti-treat, but this method has my dog listen to me out of respect rather than reward). Seriously, if you are looking for a trainer, I highly recommend Keith. He is knowledgeable, works with you to educate you on how to train your dog, and provides a healthy environment for your pet to be trained and feel more calm/comfortable overall. Permalink
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Daniel S
Daniel S Scotch Plains, New Jersey | November 18 2021
Keith from Bark Busters has done an incredible job with our two female cane corsos. The dogs had many problems that stemmed from their upbringing in a different household before we got them so it was an everyday struggle correcting their behavior before Keith helped us. Our dogs had an intense sibling rivalry that led to dangerous fights between the two. They were super anxious when people would come over and it was impossible to take them on walks. Since our first lesson with Keith that dogs have completely changed and I cannot remember the last time they have fought. Additionally, we are able to take them on walks now and have tools/skills necessary to correct any unwanted behavior. Thanks to Keith our relationship has grown so much with our two dogs and has given them a second chance. I would highly recommend Keith as I was impressed with his approach and composure during our training sessions . Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Sibling rivalry
Maria S
Maria S New Providence, New Jersey | October 20 2021
SOOO happy we won't have to give up our dog! Maddie had developed guarding issues and was quite ferocious when in that state. We had tried other trainers and at first we were happy that we learned how to manage the aggressive behavior, but it was more of learning how to avoid the behavior rather than changing it. Naturally, once we let our guard down she would exhibit the aggressive behavior once again. We thought we were going to have to take her to a shelter because we were so afraid she would end up hurting our 6-year old grandson! As a last resort, we searched for an animal behaviorist. After interviewing a few, we found Keith with Bark Busters. Boy, what a difference with even just one session! Maddie is like a different dog! At first I kind of felt a little sad because she seemed "broken" LOL! She is such a joy now though, and our relationship with our dog has much improved. Additionally, Keith has been wonderfully responsive to our questions. We are looking forward to our next session! Permalink
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Nancy A
Nancy A Basking Ridge, New Jersey | September 22 2021
The biggest issue we had with Gizmo was barking, he was go into a frenzy when people, cars, dogs, etc.. would walk by, sometimes just hearing something he would go crazy, we could not hear if we were talking on the phone, disrupted TV, plus I have a grandbaby and when she would try and nap, Gizmo would wake the baby with this excessive barking. After one session of this training with Keith Axsom, I was shocked to see Gizmo respond so quickly. Gizmo is 2 years old and this barking has been going on since he got attacked by a couple of dogs at about 6 months old. My husband and I were absolutely shocked at Gizmos response. There is continuous follow up and if you have problems, Keith checked in via emails and text messages. So far have not needed to call. It's only been two weeks and we have our life back!! Gizmo is much better behaved all the way around. Thanks Bark Busters Keith Axsom! Permalink
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Patricia D Mt Laurel, New Jersey | August 14 2021
My trainers name is Keith Axsom and he was and continues to be AMAZING! I thought my chocolate lab, Jake, was untrainable, but I was shown what I needed to do to get my dog to follow directions. After the first session my dog was like a whole new dog. Jake used to pull on his leash and I would dread walking him, but now I enjoy our walks and even get compliments from other dog owners about how great my dog walks. Keith also checks up on us and our progress, and has always been available to give advice and answer questions. If you’re trying to choose a training service, you found the best one right here. Don’t wait! Permalink
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Kim D Milltown, New Jersey | May 12 2021
After one session, we have already seen a change in our 2 yr old Pitt mix. She is a rescue that has many fears and anxieties. With a young child in the house, it was imperative to seek outside support. Keith is very patient and knowledgeable. We appreciate his guidance and support. I can already see confidence building in our son, too. We are looking forward to our next sessions. Thank you Keith! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling
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Leah C Clark, New Jersey | April 20 2021
If you are at your wits end, like I was, this is your answer. I had worked with 3 trainers prior and done soooo many hours of research, but nothing worked until my first session with Keith. Milo, my two year old plott hound mix, exhibited extremely protective and territorial behavior. He would bark like crazy at any noise he heard outside, showed aggression when people came to the house (so much so we were unable to have guests over anymore), pulled on walks and barked/lunged at other dogs/animals/people on the other side of the street. When I decided to reach out to Bark Busters I definitely had my reservations due to past failures, but I was cautiously optimistic. So needless to say my mind was absolutely blown when I saw immediate improvement in Milo within the first 5-10 minutes of training. By the end of the session Milo was fully attentive to what I was saying and snuggling up and getting lots of pets from Keith who was a complete stranger to him 2 hours ago, I was truly in a state of disbelief. We just had our second session a couple of days ago and Milo has done a complete 180. He's still my same sweet little bundle of energy, but now he listens to me, rarely ever barks at noises outside and walks on leash right by my side with no pulling or barking. Enrolling in Bark Busters and working with Keith has truly changed both Milo and I's life for the better. I used to say I was going to have to live alone in a cabin in the woods with Milo because I felt so hopeless about him being able to interact with others, but now I get excited to have a guest over so I can see how amazing Milo is doing with his training. So if you are in the same situation I was in, or anything similar, call Bark Busters now. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling

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