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Flemington | April 21 2012
Keith was our last resort before considering finding a new home for our 7 month old shepherd mix rescue who was taking over our house and our lives. His separation anxiety, reckless tail chasing, jumping, nipping, chewing, and overall bad behaviors was restricting us from leaving the house and having guests. Thankfully someone recommended Bark Busters to me and was raving about the improvement in her dog and I did some research. Keith responded to my inquiry almost immediately and after hearing we wouldn't need to use treats anymore and no shock collars were necessary we knew we had to try it if we wanted to make things work with Guinness. Bark Busters saved us and Guinness from a truly miserable situation and made living with our dog bearable. We now can enjoy his company, leave the house without him whining/crying/barking, and walk him wonderfully on a leash. We would recommend Keith and Bark Busters to anyone because they truly understand dogs and know how to get through to them. Thank you so much Keith! Permalink
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Fanwood | February 27 2012
I cannot thank Keith enough for his help. As the owner of a White German Sheperd and Puggle, I found myself being more lenient with the "little one", which turned him into a little terror...barking at everything, jumping on everything and everybody, showing severe separation anxiety and being extremely possessive of everyone and everything around him. He always seemed to be in a state of high alert, never being able to calm down or relax. I was at my wits end when Keith showed up and performed a miracle. Within a few hours he was able to train me to be the leader my dogs needed. It is now a month later and I am sitting here with both dogs quietly napping at my feet. Thank you Keith for giving me and my pets a calmer and much happier home. You are the best! Permalink
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East Windsor | December 13 2011
Unbelievable, transformative results after the first 2.5 hour session! My wife and I were skeptical that we would see such immediate results, but Keith came in and changed our dogs behavior for the better with simple yet effective techniques. Permalink
Millstone | October 10 2011
Keith started working with my newest dog about 3 months ago..My dog came to us after being abonanded & only about 4 months old. Keith was able to give me wonderful training methods to capture a "hyper" dogs attention. He was and still is so supportive and very patient in working with my dog and with me. He is always available to give advice if I should call him on a whim. I can't imagine how I would have gotten through the last few months if not for his training help. I highly recommend Keith...A+++ trianer...Thanks Keith! Permalink
Somerset | July 18 2010
I was a proud owner of two Siberian huskies-Lucki n Charmz. Lucki was a male who showed calm and pleasant characteristics-unlike their breed. So when Lucki was 2, I rescued a sick Siberian husky, "Charmz," and they were best friends. Lucki was her caregiver as well as I was. Ten years later, Charmz died, on July 4, 2009. Ironically the day of independence! She was running in heaven, something that she did not do since she had a full hip replacement and femur at the age of seven. Two months to the day, September 4, 2009, Lucki joined her sister in heaven. I knew Charmz needed Lucki 'cause all she knew was us. Devastated and brokenhearted, I went and found my "Star-Lite," a 9-week-old female Siberian husky! My Star-Lite was all the characteristics of a husky breed! What a challenge, she was dominating and stubborn...after participating in local training classes and having no success, I contacted Keith at Bark Busters. When he first met Star-Lite, he saw my challenges and immediately swung into action! After his first three-hour visit of numerous challenges in ONE puppy-Star-Lite was calm, submissive, not jumping, not biting and non-vocal. Keith walked into a handful of issues and hit on all of them as well as trained me how to address the issues with words and body language! Keith also made himself available via phone for when I needed him. On Thanksgiving, my little girl was acting up, and he returned my text again on a day Keith was with his family celebrating! Keith is our "Dog Whisperer." Star-Lite now is 1 year old, and we still have Keith come and visit for basic review and training tips. I miss my Lucki n Charmz very much, but Star-Lite and I have a bond that is so rare, and we owe that to Keith! Thank you Keith for your patience, knowledge, skills and understanding. She is my shining Star thanks to you! Permalink
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West Windsor | May 15 2010
Thanks to Bark Busters, we have peace and quiet! We tried everything with our dogs and had pretty much resigned ourselves to a very noisy home. Our mini pinscher, Buddy, had separation anxiety-he barked nonstop if he just suspected anyone was leaving. Our Pomeranian, Pinky Lee, barked and barked at feeding time. If the doorbell rang, our house would virtually explode with loud barking, with the chorus led by our Chihuahua, Miss Leedle. Our trainer, Keith, showed us the techniques which simply and effectively helped us communicate with our dogs and stopped the problem from the very first session. Thanks Bark Busters! Permalink
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Westfield | March 27 2010
Make the call ... We have a 4-year-old Chihuahua that Keith helped us regain control of. The difference was incredible and very quick; we have some work to do, but we have a good boy again! Permalink
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Robbinsville | November 17 2009
Keith was at our house two days ago and I could not be happier. The two dogs started behaving better and listening after initial session. We did training again yesterday by ourselves and the dogs are listening and responding. Way to go Bark Busters. Permalink
Old Bridge | February 03 2009
Keith had come to us when we were pregnant with our first child. We were concerned about how our three-year-old pit bull-Jack Russel mix, Misha, would be around our new arrival. Misha was very aggressive around other animals, did not listen to any of our commands, and was bouncing off the walls with energy. We had spoken with every trainer listed in the Yellow Pages and all except for Keith had said that Misha was a lost cause and advised us to "put her down." Keith was the only trainer that was willing to even handle such an extreme case of what other trainers marked as "red zone aggression." Within one hour, Keith had transformed our out-of-control dog. She now listens and respects our authority. We have purchased the lifetime training so that Keith can coach us on any situations we may come across as our daughter grows along with Misha. So far, the baby and Misha are best friends! Permalink
Old Bridge | November 01 2008
Keith, It's been almost a year since you showed myself & Carmen how to have a well-behaved, trained dog....Just an update on Jack. He's is doing fantastic. Any time you're in the area, please come over. I'm so proud of him. Now, as you can see, he's already learning to drive. Permalink

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