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Sarah H
Sarah H Henrico, Henrico, Virginia | October 01 2022
Our entire experience with Kyle was wonderful!! He took the time to get to know Oreo and the other members of our family and getting to know what we each wanted to achieve through training. We got Oreo from a shelter and thought he would be much smaller but he's almost 8 months and 70 lbs, we were all overwhelmed. Kyle took the time to to explain everything from how Oreo thinks to the training process and the end goal to the many things we discussed. I feel like when he left we were all very confident in our steps to apply his teachings immediately. Within days we started to see Oreo's responses and behavior change for the better. I was able to bake all weekend, which may not seem like a big deal, but I haven't been able to do that without putting him away since we brought him home!! The kids are able to play with him without fear of him getting too mouthy and are confident in how they handle him when they do. Walks are already more pleasant and Oreo seems so happy when he responds correctly. The household has seemed to find a new calmer energy now and that is directly related to the training techniques we were taught. I don't even have the words to properly express how pleased we are. I am so thankful we found Bark Busters and Kyle. Thank you! Permalink
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CATHERINE H Richmond, Virginia | September 28 2022
Kyle was great. I showed him what she does and he gave me a lesson on how to get her to stop. She listens but does not all the time but it will. I have claw marks and bites on my arms and legs I will use the training over and over. Permalink
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Melissa C Chester, Chesterfield, Virginia | August 21 2022
Kyle is great! He patiently listened to all my concerns with an open mind. He connected how Bark Busters philosophy and methodology aides in helping me get Luna on track for a happy life. Kyle is the bridge we needed to develop healthy skills to combat unhealthy behaviors that were starting to unsettle our home. Subtle changes have been noticeable after just a day of practice, and I cannot wait to see the future improvements as Luna and I continue to work with Kyle! Permalink
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LaNita Y Henrico, Henrico, Virginia | July 20 2022
Upon meeting Kyle, it was apparent that I made a wise choice having him as our trainer. He was very personable, and a consummate professional. It only took a few minutes of conferring with Kyle, that his passion for his job was apparent. He was so patient with me, and my dog, who has a barking issue. He took his time explaining the information to me. I observed his interaction with my dog, Ace, and I could see that it was genuine. He taught me various techniques to use with Ace, and low and behold he responded in a positive manner. I do not expect a miracle, but I believe that if Kyle continues to work with us, the old adage “ you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” may be laid to rest!! If you are seeking a knowledgeable trainer who produces positive results, then Kyle is your man. Permalink
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Carleigh C
Carleigh C Richmond, Henrico, Virginia | July 16 2022
Kyle was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and personable. He guided me (and my roommate) throughout the entire training. Kyle would demonstrate the skill and then provide constructive feedback. He is very engaged and genuinely wants the best for you and your pet. Kyle spent the time to review all training and created a personal homework plan for Izzy. Bark Busters also do NOT use shock collars, punishment, treats, etc. for training. It is all based on getting to understand your dog and their instincts. Bark Busters training is also guaranteed for the lifetime of your pet, which is comforting to know as a pet owner. I highly recommend! Permalink
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Murphy T Rockville, Hanover, Virginia | June 24 2022
Kyle is a dog training master! My dogs were a mess and really putting stress on my family. They were rushing the front door, barking, jumping on guests and even showing signs of aggression. My veterinarian recommended I call Kyle with Bark Busters and I scheduled a lesson. I don't believe in magic but this was way beyond anything I was expecting. It turns out I was really causing most of the problems. Kyle showed me how to become the leader by communicating with my dogs in a completely different way. No harsh punishment, or treats! It was life changing. My dogs are doing so much better, even after a single lesson. I'm very pleased with this program and I would recommend Kyle to anyone who needs help with dog training. Thanks Kyle! Permalink
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Deb W Rockville, Hanover, Virginia | June 21 2022
Rio was showing some aggressive behaviors towards other dogs, particularly when we were on walks. He would also bark and jump all over guests when they came over. In just one lesson, and I do mean one lesson, I saw a major difference in Rio's behavior. I tried so many different training programs and this one is different. It works consistently, it isn’t treat based and doesn’t require much more than your voice and your body, and really is so simple.Thank you Kyle for helping Rio and I!!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Pulling, Recall

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