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Dunnellon | August 04 2011
Laura helped me to understand my dogs with the explanation of the training techniques. The dogs became alert and were beginning to listen to me right away! Laura is a very knowledgeable trainer and very thorough in demonstrating what I needed to do to connect with my dogs. Three days after Laura was here the pizza man came to the front door and Sasha listened to me and sat and stayed where I asked her to until I was done and closed the front door. Before Bark Busters she would never do that!!! Thank you Laura! Permalink
Ocala | August 04 2011
Laura's explanations were very clear and visual aids were helpful with her explanation of the techniques. We saw a definite difference in our dogs attitude/response to the commands. The technique is especially effective in all situations along with the training aids to reinforce the message. We learned a lot and feel better equipped to deal/train more successfully with our dogs. I feel we have a better understanding and are more confidant in handling and interacting with our dogs, to all of our benefit. Laura spent a lot of time making sure we understood the principles and helped with the practice, we can see results already! Permalink
Gainesville | August 04 2011
Laura made all the 'pieces' of our dog's 'puzzle' come together and made perfect, understandable sense out of it. We almost couldn't believe our eyes in Duncan's responsiveness with just one visit! We are absolutely pleased with the Bark Busters natural training techniques!!! Laura is so professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with her. Laura's visit and true concern for our dog's well being as well as our satisfaction with the process was just wonderful. Permalink
Dunnellon | July 13 2011
Laura explained to me that Munchkin need to learn and understand how to respect me. After our first training lesson Munchkin was all together different when Laura left. However, I had to call Laura within a few days of our first lesson because I thought I was doing something wrong. She came by on Monday watched what I was doing and made a few changes. It took me one day and Munchkin was doing great. I was so upset and not happy with Munchkin with her biting and nipping me. Now no more biting or nipping!! I'm very happy with my puppy. I would and will recommend Bark Busters training to everyone. Permalink
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Beverly Hills | March 21 2011
We started with Bark Busters in Connecticut and since then we had moved to Florida. We were having issues with our two dogs barking at the front door, so we call our local Bark Buster, Laura. She was very understanding and informative as well as very enjoyable. We worked on the correction and the positive words and saw the dogs were beginning to respond right away. Without hesitation I would recommend Bark Busters to everyone! Permalink
Englewood | March 08 2011
Already, Molly is a more relaxed and happy (and obedient!) dog. Around the apartment, she doesn't feel like she has to get up and pace around every time she hears someone outside anymore. It is so encouraging to see her trusting us and looking to us to see what she is supposed to do next; I can see her wheels turning! I love that the Bark Busters training teaches her to THINK and want to do the right thing, instead of just bribing her with treats or scaring her with harsh punishment. Laura is a great trainer!! Her presentation on how dogs naturally think and communicate was awesome--Molly understood right away! It's really us, the owners, that needed Laura the most! And I know it's us that have to keep putting in the time and effort to keep up the training and make sure it sticks...but it's SO worth the results. THANK YOU LAURA!! Permalink
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Dunnellon | March 02 2011
Laura was thorough in her explanations of the training techniques and very patient with me! My dog Shadow is 10 years and many bad habits to change. I could see changes right away in Shadow and myself now being the leader. I can now enter and exit the door first. The use of voice commands really works. Thank you Laura - I so appreciate all you have done and will do to help Shadow and me, I am so grateful for everything... Permalink

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