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Bronson, Florida | June 17 2013
Everything we discussed has worked well. I have already recommended to a sister in GA. I can't wait to learn more - Sassy seems relived that she doesn't have to lead the pack anymore. Permalink
Gainesville, Florida | June 17 2013
Laura was very thorough with her training technique and very easy to follow. It was amazing to see Sara's response to the training as quickly as she did. Pleased with the natural techniques, we don't want to hurt our dog. Laura was very patient with us and took her time. She did not seem in a rush and helped us understand Sara. In fact we recommended Laura to our next door neighbor as she was leaving. Laura was very pleasant, patient and kind to us and our dogs. She helped us understand the dog from the dog's point of view. The techniques were very easy to understand Sara showed response in the first visit! We were impressed!! Thanks you!!! Permalink
Hernando, Florida | June 17 2013
Melody is now becoming more enjoyable and fun now that she has given up being the pack leader. Permalink
Gainesville, Florida | June 17 2013
Very helpful, information and with some immediate results. Highly recommended!! Permalink
Ocala, Florida | June 17 2013
Laura had our dog behaving within minutes of her arrival. I was floored!! Permalink
Ocala, Florida | June 17 2013
Laura was brutally honest with me and very matter of fact which I appreciate! I can tell she really enjoys what she does! When it was time for me to put the technique to the test, after Laura had left, my three pit bulls were totally responsive! It wasn't at all a lecture, it was very informative though! Ma and the kids are counting down the days till our next session! Absolutely I would recommend Bark Busters! I already see results and it's only been one session! If this much change happens in one session, who knows what else can change! Everything aside from them turning into humans!! I'm very excited to see all of the positive changes to be made in the future!! Permalink
Hernando, Florida | June 17 2013
Training techniques were well explained. Xiao paid attention with a puzzled look on face and very reluctantly opened eyed. Training techniques worked well, but must be enforced. Training experience is interesting. Man vs dog. If the rules are not followed Permalink
Anthony, Florida | June 17 2013
Training explanation made many things much more understandable. Results almost immediately - couldn't believe they were the same dogs when Laura left. Natural technique much better than other training techniques I inquired about. It was fun and enlightening. Laura is patient, fun and very helpful. I would highly recommend Bark Busters. What determined my choice of Bark Busters was the trainer coming to my dog's home. Permalink
Ocala, Florida | June 10 2013
The simplicity of Laura's approach was very effective. There was a big difference in Missy after we received the proper training. We had tried all the gadgets out there and they did not work. Bark Busters techniques worked immediately. Laura taught us that Missy did not have to be given treats to accomplish training. We have told friends and neighbors about our experience. They have noticed the difference in Missy's behavior. Permalink
Homosassa, Florida | June 10 2013
We saw noticeable results at the end of training it was Amazing! Thanks you The day after our first lesson my dogs are totally different Permalink

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