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Gainesville | March 12 2012
Great first visit - Cheerful - Positive & Patient Permalink
Ocala | March 08 2012
Laura spent quality time on all the training techniques-explained everything thoroughly and with great attitude. She answered all questions and gave great additional information. Rumble was fiercely dominant before the training session began. Apparently he was under the impression that I was the puppy and he was owner trying to protect me and keep me safe. By the end of the FIRST session, I was becoming the owner and he was accepting his role as a puppy. Rumble became calmer and more obedient. Very impressive! I didn't know what to expect and I ended up being pleasantly surprised! The techniques ABSOLUTELY worked! I learned a great deal about myself and about Rumble. Laura was very professional, but at the same time lots of fun!! Bark Busters needs to open a Kid Busters program! It works for dogs; the same techniques will probably work for kids too! The BB collar totally transformed my walking experience with my dog. Before I switched to the BB collar my dog was walking me and pulling me all over the neighborhood. Now I'm in complete control and I'm actually walking Rumble. The amazing transformation happened THE SAME DAY I bought the collar and started using it. Laura was able to handle my dog better than any vet he has ever been to. She was able to teach me how to get control of him too. I was AMAZED to see how my dog responded to her training techniques. It was truly miraculous to witness the changes...and the changes happen so quickly! I used to be very embarrassed to drop my Rumble off at the vet to be boarded, he would jump on people, try to attack other dogs and create a very big scene. Since my training sessions with Laura, I have been able to drop Rumble off without any drama! The vets are amazed at his progress and so am I !! Permalink
Dunnellon | March 08 2012
Laura leads by example. She explained and demonstrated the techniques for training. Noticeable results absolutely by the end of our lesson. It was remarkable seeing the immediate improvements to our dogs' behavior (and ours). I like not using treats (food) for behavior changes. Our experience was fun for us, Pandora, Delilah and Babycakes and Laura too! Bark Busters.... best training ever!! Bark Busters and Laura have made the "Good Karma" return to our home.... Our three dogs are being challenged in new ways and are much happier. This is one of the best decisions we have ever made! Thanks! Permalink
Inverness | February 18 2012
Laura and the information she left were great. In just one session (our first) we achieved control of both of our dogs by controlling their barking and setting space limits within our home. Our visitors were pleasantly surprised by our Omega & Apache's behavior as were we. We are looking forward to our next session. Permalink
Homossassa | February 18 2012
Laura was excellent, she was very knowledgeable and we had fun. We have worked at this and Buster & Winston will respond quickly, they have come a long way! Permalink
Dunnellon | February 18 2012
Laura explained things very thoroughly. The technique is better than most, doesn't hurt your puppy also it's a very interesting training technique without being harsh. Our trainer Laura was very personable and easy to talk to and we enjoyed our training time, with her help, Stevie learned! Permalink
Ocala | February 15 2012
Anybody needs a wonderful trainer, very loving, my dogs learned quickly and I have 9 dogs. They listen to my command, and know I am the boss. I can still continue to spoil my babies; however it is on my time and terms, not theirs. My doggies are so happy that I am the boss and took that stress from them, so they can just be happy, spoiled, playful dogs. :) You are now at the right place, to learn the proper way for you to be in control, not your babies. I would ALWAYS come here, there is no better!! THANK YOU BARK BUSTERS!! :) Permalink
Ocala | February 13 2012
Laura is clearly very knowable and she shares crucial information in an understandable way. Bark Busters simple techniques were extremely effective and the results when initially implemented were amazing. The natural techniques were humane and stress free to Cephas. Laura is personable and quite humorous therefore making the training serious most pleasant and enjoyable. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters! I referred my friend to these training lessons too and she has been enjoying and benefiting from the lessons. The training is simple and safe with dramatic results! Permalink
Ocala | February 05 2012
We could not believe how well Sandy, Josef, and Sepp responded. Before Laura left we saw results! Permalink
Dunnellon | February 05 2012
Laura was very knowledgeable and I was amazed at the change in Cody when she left. She also recognized that I was the one who needed the most training. I was very pleasantly surprised. Permalink

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