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Kristen J Gates, New York | August 09 2021
We’ve had a busy week! Bailey has had lots of social interaction with guests who have visited us and other dogs. She did surprisingly well limiting her jumping on our guests, too. Bailey did great in the car and we brought her to a softball game so she had some socialization with other people. She did very well! She seems to do great if and whenever we have her in public settings. The walking exercise has been going well! Feeding time has been amazing. All it takes is for us to say “stay” one time and then slowly put the bowl down, and Bailey waits. It’s impressive! She also has not been barking while her food is getting ready. This is such a great improvement! Permalink
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Sue O
Sue O Canandaigua, Ontario, New York | July 29 2021
This is our 1st experience using a trainer for our dog and we are beyond pleased with the experience!!! Lee is always so calm and reassuring around Eddie, which helps us too!! We are very happy with the improvements in our dog in just a couple of months!! Lee brings a lot of experience and teaching methods!!! Permalink
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Trainer note from Lee : Thank you Sue, and I am so glad that Eddie's social behavior has changed, from nervous to happy with the kids as well as others at the park!
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Lu Y Rochester, New York | July 28 2021
When someone rings the door bell the dogs do stop barking with the correction and go back to the other rooms away from the door. Also as you know I was unable to walk Destiny on Saturday due to rain, but I did walk her yesterday. The exciting news is we were able to walk Destiny and Myah together late last evening. It is so nice to be able to walk the dogs together without Destiny pulling and biting at Myah. I walked Destiny all the way around the block with no pulling even when we passed other people walking. Thank you! Permalink
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Dana B
Dana B Newark, Wayne, New York | May 27 2021
I am very impressed with Lee and the training. I had taken my dog to another trainer that used methods that only made my dogs behavior worse but Lee recognized the issues right away and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I would recommend the training to anyone. Permalink
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Allison L Canandaigua, New York | January 10 2021
Hi Lee, We had a very successful day today all around. She finally had a couple of bowel movements— small but it’s a start ??. Four good walks using the Bah and sideways tug. She’s responding pretty well.. still a challenge with strangers/dogs and strange noises but catching her the minute she hears something and stops seems to be the key. She is much better about the begging and nuisance behaviors and I was even able to teach her the command “out” when she was under foot in the kitchen. I started saying “Jojo out” with a gentle collar correction, and after a while all I had to say was the words. Definitely a huge improvement after your visit and making adjustments to my behavior. Fri and Sat are my days alone with her so it was a relief to feel more in control... She seems to be coming when called so I didn’t work on that but may revisit if she has a lapse. Thanks again and will keep you posted.. Permalink
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Carol L Fairport, New York | January 04 2021
Hi Lee, Happy New Year. Here is a quick update re our progress with Sammie and Bibi: 1. Sammie is walking really well on a leash and unless we are going out in sleet and snow, he is happy to trot along beside me. He rarely charges ahead but I haven’t specifically addressed this yet as I’m so happy he’s even walking. 2. The reluctance to climb the step to the front door has just about been solved (after installing the no slip visible tape on the step). The key to success was just to allow him to approach the step at his own pace (not ours) with gentle encouragement. 3. We put a porch potty near our front Porch because they don’t like trying to use the lawn in really bad weather. It took about 3 weeks but they have started to use it when we want them to (helpful late at night when we don’t want to trek out in the dark or in bad weather.) 4. I am practicing putting them both in a ‘sit, stay’ until released when we come in from walks and while we take coats and boots off. Bibi is very obedient and good at this, Sammie is getting there ...just a little more distractible than Bibi.’ 5. Bibi still barks occasionally at the people who come to the front door...but getting better. She barks less frequently at truck drivers and other dogs now. Permalink
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Rob K Farmington, New York | August 21 2020
Lee’s expertise is in behavioral training and it shows. I chose him not only because of his 17 years experience, but because of his kind demeanor and patience. Harriet’s problems with separation anxiety and damaging and barking responded very well to the Bark Busters techniques. I really feel secure with the long term guarantee also. I am going to recommend Lee to my neighbor who’s dog is aggressive Thank you so much Lee! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Chewing, Separation anxiety
Trainer note from Lee : Thank you Rob. I look forward to providing Harriet with long term support for any future issues.
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Sara H private, New York | May 30 2020
Hey Lee,   We just wanted to give you an update on our dog. She’s been doing so good with the baby! We haven’t put the muzzle on her in about two months. She hasn’t growled or nipped at her or given us any reason to be concerned about her being around her alone. They actually have become the best of buds. Our dog has learned that the baby loves to feed her and give her treats. They play fetch together, lay on the floor together and hang out most of the day together. Every now and then, she will choose to leave the room and go lay in her bed to get some peace, but the majority of the time she chooses to be with the baby. She’s been so good and gentle with her! We can’t thank you enough for your help with her! She was always the sweetest dog, but now she’s sweet with the baby too and more importantly, she’s comfortable being around her and wants to be around her.  Thank you!!  Permalink
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Chris A Fredericksburg | January 25 2020
Good evening Lee He is doing great! Wednesday evening I had a hot water heater issue and Thursday morning the plumber came. I was ready and waiting the doorbell rang and he began to run. I said the magic word and did what you instructed and he stopped. Went to the dining room I said it again and he stopped. We went downstairs and he sat in a chair the whole time. Even when the plumber went outside three to four times. At the end he sat on the chair by the fireplace while I paid the plumber by the door and talked about fifteen minutes to him. Door shut and I praised him and he came. I was amazed!!! Later I had to go out and he jumped at my purse and jacket. The magic word was said and he diid great. Coming back home as well he’s doing much better. Now he doesn’t jump at my purse and jacket anymore!! He’s doing fantastic. Outside he went to eat that scat the word was said he stopped and did good. Things are much improving. We are working on the furniture. Looking forward to our next session. Also I’m working with bell with going outside. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Chewing, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other
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Kathy D Fredericksburg | January 07 2020
Dear Mr. Trimble, The training you provided made our home a stress free place, as he did a fantastic job with many people in and out at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Family members who had not seen him since last year could not believe he was the same dog! Thank you for your time and expertise!!! Happy New Year! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other

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