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Southfield | April 19 2012
I was pleased at the end. Getting to know Maril, I would highly recommend her. Permalink
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Harper Woods | April 19 2012
[The training was] very much easy to understand, it made sense. Our dog was much calmer. [The training was] very effective. Our dog, just after the first session was a different dog. Our dog has never been so well behaved or shall I say we have never been given these tools or been well trained ourselves. Permalink
Royal Oak | April 17 2012
Maril was extremely thorough, patient and great to work with. Within 48 hours our dogs were the best we've seen them in years! Absolutely! In the past we used Petsmart for training. Maril achieved more in 2 hours than Petsmart did in 8 weeks. The exercises were varied and moved at a good pace. Bark Busters works! The results we've already noticed far exceeded my expectations. Maril is fabulous. She is great to work with. We love her and so do our dogs! Permalink
Grosse Pointe Farms | April 11 2012
Maril is very thorough and coaches the owner in a way that is easy to understand. Within the first few hours of the first session it seemed as though we had a respectful dog. I really respected the thought that went behind Maril's training techniques. No treats, bribery or nonsense, just good old fashioned respect for the owner. We really enjoyed seeing the enormous change (almost overnight) in our dog. Bark Busters works! We have recommended this training program to our friends because it has been successful for us. Maril & Bark Busters have really changed our lives for the better! Permalink
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Detroit | April 11 2012
Very clear breakdowns coupled with demonstrations. Harvey & Jack immediately knew who was in charge. Maril has a dynamic style that makes everyone feel involved in the process. We would recommend Bark Busters because of the immediate results and lifetime guarantee. Permalink
Southfield | March 23 2012
Maril was so easy to understand. She's explain it a few different ways and then keep reviewing as needed.The dogs were already listening better and I felt more in control by the end of the first lesson. It is so great and I'm so glad my dogs aren't expecting treats for doing the things they should like sit, down. . . Of course it's always more enjoyable when the dogs start listening. And with this training they were listening right away! IT'S GREAT! To go from out of control dogs, to dogs that will sit and wait to go outside, won't rush the door and are just overall much better in just a few days. That's amazing! Permalink
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Howell | March 23 2012
These processes changed my thinking completely about dog training and made so much sense. After Maril left, my dog and I had the most peaceful day since he's come to my home. I am a very non-violent person and these techniques felt very comfortable to me. I have owned and trained several dogs but Mac is the most strong willed animal that I have owned. Learning this new way gives me new tools for my tool bag. I work with horses and this approach is easily transferable to improving my relationships with them. Plus it gives me practice for when Mac & I interact. Although I had bonded with Mac, if this training had not worked, I would have been forced to return him to the organization he was adopted from. I feel certain that he would then have been put down for his aggression. Mac bit a dear friend so I had to keep that in perspective. I am also recently widowed so another loss would have been devastating to me. Thank you for improving my quality of life by helping save my new friend Mac. Permalink
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Canton | March 08 2012
I love that Maril left the folder with the handouts for quick reference. Snickerz barking has improved so much. He is like a new dog! I like the natural techniques. I have to break MY old habit of pulling on the leash! The training was interesting and enjoyable. I didn't realize how my emotions tied into Snickerz emotions. I loved the training and the teaching. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. Snickerz is so much better. Calm & happy. I just have to be calm I am sure it will all come together. My dog is like a different dog. He is very calm now. I look forward to more training and to becoming a better owner. :-) Permalink
Eastpointe | March 08 2012
We were able to follow the techniques easily. By the end of the first lesson CJ was finally listening to us! We were the masters! I was impressed with how much better behaved CJ is! The training was interesting and enjoyable. We learned a lot! I have already referred friends to Bark Busters. I think everyone who owns a dog should give Bark Busters training a try! Permalink
Royal Oak | March 08 2012
I really appreciated and enjoyed the first intro session. I also found it helpful to watch the YouTube clips. I've had a terrific experience. Thanks for everything Maril! Permalink

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