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-Hilpert | May 15 2011
We know separation anxiety will take awhile to get a lot better, but we see progress. The training has already helped us. We would recommend Maril. (Rescued Great Pyrenees) Permalink
Canton | May 15 2011
I loved the stories and real life experiences Maril used to demonstrate what she was explaining. It really made sense of it all. I could see my dogs really starting to listen and pay attention to my voice and my commands. Bark Busters uses techniques that work but don't cause my dogs and pain or discomfort. Every time I talk to Maril I feel like I learn and gain more valuable information to help me and my dogs live in harmony. It really works! Permalink
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Southgate | May 15 2011
Maril was very knowledgeable in "dog speak" and was able to translate how to use it to train my tiny tea cup puppy. By the end of the first lesson Maddie was listening to me and her troubling behavior was improved. I have a very small dog and this training method did not intimidate her and she enjoyed learning. By understanding why Maddie was acting a certain way, it allowed me to get her to act the way I wanted her to. I feel that the one-on-one training is more focused on the issues affecting me and my dog. I am able to use what I learned from Maril to correct new problems as they come up. Permalink
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Westland | May 15 2011
Maril explained in a way that was easy and it was easy to learn. No hard techniques that are not user friendly. Each session gets better and Maril is able to work with our dog very patiently. Joey can be hard to handle and Maril's techniques are easy and understandable. I like that there were no physical corrections and no bribing with treats. The training was interesting and enjoyable. This is the first time I've had to seek outside help to train my dogs and I am very pleased. Maril is always willing to try different techniques and strategies. The experience I have had so far has been life changing. Joey is better each day and is learning new ways of living. I really enjoyed every session, some harder than others, but practice is needed every day. I see that to have a dog that is trained properly will help in everyday life. Joey is changed so much, he makes my life even happier. He is really responding to the training well and continues to grow better. My experience has been great. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone with a dog! I was surprised to see how easy the training was, some techniques seem so simple. I would never have thought some of these simple techniques could be so effective. After the first session, Joey was already a different dog. I will continue to use these techniques for life and with all my future dogs. It has been a pleasure working with Maril. She is flexible and easy going. If I don't understand, she will try again and always lead with examples. I liked how she helped by doing the techniques with me and not just by telling me or only showing me once. Her support is greatly appreciated. Permalink
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Livonia | May 15 2011
Excellent on every score! I saw improvement before Maril left on the first visit. I was surprised how simple it was to train my dog. It works!! My mail carrier asked for Maril's card for a dog down the street. Permalink
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Harper Woods | May 15 2011
Maril is wonderful. She is like the Dog Whisperer with amazing results! Excellent scores in every category. Permalink
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Detroit | April 28 2011
Clear, concise instructions provided me with tools to cope with and understand how to handle my dog. There has been great improvements over his previous behavior. Maril gave me insight into my dog's behavior. There is a lot to remember, but worth it! Challenging, very good training materials provided. Maril is an excellent trainer. She has very good interpersonal skills, she related quite well to my dog too! Maril demonstrates a love for animals and a dedication to training both dog and owner that's hard to beat! Permalink
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Plymouth | April 28 2011
Maril explained everything very clearly and focused on the problem behaviors I mentioned right away. Kody, after 3 days (and truly after day 1 w/ Maril) has already become much more attentive, respectful & well behaved. After trying other methods with my previous dog, these methods are getting a much better response. Excellent on every score. Permalink
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Lincoln Park | April 15 2011
Maril was very patient with us - we were the ultimate spoilers. It was an awesome first session! We busted his bark in the first visit! We recommended Bark Busters to our daughter for her bark-crazy girl dog. The training isn't harmful and is easy to do. We had to laugh at ourselves, all our dog was hearing was "blah blah, blah - good dog." Permalink
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Dearborn | March 11 2011
Maril has been very clear in her teaching and supportive regarding the progress we have made. Permalink

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