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Milford, MI | June 19 2006
Excellent instructions, easy to understand, excellent communication skills, she is great. Permalink
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Farmington, MI | June 19 2006
Her approach was great..I would definately recommend Bark Busters because of the easy to understand techniques and the results that CAN be acheived. Permalink
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Grosse Pointe Woods, MI | May 15 2006
My husband and I were very skeptical about the effect the training would have on our dominant Golden Retriever. Within 30 minutes of the session, we saw a dramatic difference. It was amazing! About 95% of our laundry list of problems and issues were resolved with one session. Jumping on guests, eating and chewing clothes, jumping on furniture are no longer a problem. Our Golden comes when called, heels when walking and stays off the furniture! She is such a joy to be around now! We are excited to learn more and continue the training. Maril was extremely patient and helped us tremendously! Permalink
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* | March 09 2006
The best investment that I have made in a long time! I inherited a 4 year old maltese 2 years ago and have felt like a prisoner in the home since. He dictated when he got attention, and we had NO control over him. We had a 3 hour session, and my fiance' and I couldn't belive our eyes! The same dog that wouldn't respond to any of our comments (or give us respect) was now doing exactly as we asked. He has done a complete 180 degree turn of his old self. He was super hyper, had separation anxiety, and had to be the center of attention. Now we have control and he treats us with the respect! Well worth the money!!!! Permalink
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Farmington Hills | February 13 2006
WOW!!! I have a different dog after less than 24 hours. I was at my wit's end with Nacho and couldn't even enjoy him because of his incessant nipping and biting. I am TRULY amazed at how he responds to the program. He used to just ignore me when I would scream "NO" at him. This is an investment that I will never regret. I look so forward to Nacho's continued improvement. I would recommend this to anyone. Permalink

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