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Royal Oak | February 02 2013
Our dogs showed immediate improvement when answering the door and greeting guests. The focus on communicating our approval or disapproval was eye opening and surprisingly easy. Watching our problem dog improve literally overnight by employing just the basic techniques was a joy. Bark Busters is so easy and amazingly effective, I recommend it. Bark Busters products are awesome. Permalink
Milford | February 02 2013
Maril took a lot of time to explain all of the training techniques and why they are used. She used a lot of analogies that we could completely understand and relate to. We have a much better understanding of how dogs think. I really like the natural training methods used by Bark Busters. Their techniques are gentle, hands free, using voice and body language, which are resources we always have readily available. Our first session with Maril was incredibly interesting. We learned so much about dogs and their view of the world. My daughter and I were nervous but Maril put us at ease. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters to anyone in need of dog training assistance. In fact I already have recommended them. :-) Permalink
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Canton | February 01 2013
Maril was clear with her instructions and happy to explain further when I had questions. There was a big difference between the time before I was trained and after. Kara was listening a lot better to me. I was pleased with the natural techniques. We don't know our dogs history so training that got physical was not an option. The voice correction works much effectively. Maril has lots of ideas so we can be training all day without always making it a long session. We do lots of little ones. I would recommend this program to everyone. The progress we have made in 2 weeks is unbelievable. The lessons are easy and fun to apply. There is no punishment or touch correction to be done so the dog doesn't fear us. We adopted a Shepherd mix from a kennel 3 weeks ago. She is 5 years old. We have gone from a dog that won't let me out of her sight and always anxious to a calm, quiet, happy dog. Not knowing her history I did not want to do training with physical corrections. She has touch issues we are still desensitizing. Speaking "dog" to Kara worked from the first lesson. Maril is my Bark Buster Hero. Permalink
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Brownstown Twp | February 01 2013
We really enjoyed how Maril went over the training techniques more than once. Since my dog is aggressive towards people we weren't able to work with him much the first lesson (He needed to get used to wearing his muzzle first). The natural training techniques started to show signs of improvement just a couple of hours after Maril left. I never realized how my dog was thinking or why he acts the way he does until Maril put it into sight for me. Now I understand and can communicate with him better. Bark Busters is the only training program that can give us hope of keeping our dog. I want others to understand this. Permalink
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Ferndale | February 01 2013
Maril was very thorough with the training techniques. When I had a question she made sure I fully understood the answer. Jorgie had very bad manners and thought he ran the show until Maril's first visit. Jorgie is a rescue American Bulldog / Pit Mix that was abused very badly. After Maril left our first lesson Jorgie was completely changed for the better. Jorgie and I look forward to our training sessions. If you are at the point of maybe getting rid of your dog, Bark Busters is a MUST. Maril is great with dogs that have a short fuse! Jorgie went from us almost giving him up, to a new found hope for our family. Permalink
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Livonia | January 18 2013
Maril was very patient and professional to us! She explained why these techniques work and how a dog thinks. I was truly amazed. Bella is a good puppy (speaking as a 1st time dog owner who is afraid of dogs.) Maril made Bella listen better within the first hour. Maril remained calm and focused not only with Bella by also with my husband and myself. She calmly pointed out what we were doing wrong and corrected us. It was absolutely interesting and enjoyable. The time flew by. Lots of information. I took pages of notes. Love the homework and follow up visits. It was worth the money you pay. For a new dog owner, they are patient and explain everything thoroughly. Permalink
Ciara Buchanan B
Ciara Buchanan B Lathrup Village, Michigan | December 14 2012
The results were amazing! Our dogs have really taken to the training and are doing great! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Sibling rivalry
Trainer note from Maril and Bob : Ciara and Dave had two very rambunctious Boxers and Ciara was due in 6 weeks. They were worried about the dogs accidentally injuring the baby. We had a lot to accomplish in a short period of time! Ciara & Dave were great students and the dogs responded quickly.
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Northville | December 10 2012
Maril was very clear... First session, Absolutely noticeable results! Huge progress for both owner and dog. Ron is making steady progress! Second session made real improvement regarding his anxiety. It is comforting to have a plan. Maril is terrific - my dogs love her. Permalink
Canton | November 15 2012
We adopted a shepherd mix that lived in a kennel for a year. After a week of working with Kara myself I could see I needed help. Within a week after our first lesson Kara is waiting at the stairs , sits and waits to be released when someone comes to the door and is a much calmer dog. She is quickly learning to walk loose leash and doesn't go from window to window when people walk past the house now. Not knowing her past I like there is no touching with the training. The bah works, and when it doesn't one squirt of water gets the attention quickly. Kara is finding her place in our family and learning we are her leaders she is not ours. Our first trip to the Vet was a nightmare. The Vet couldn't even exam her she was screaming and spinning so. We went back today using the techniques Maril taught me, she had her nails trimmed, was given 2 shots and the Vet was able to give a complete exam. This time when we were the talk of the office it was how much different Kara was and not this dog is out of control. We are working on separation issues that I think will be worked out with time and practice. Kara has come a long way in the last 30 days. She is not the same dog, she is a happy dog now. I am confident with Maril's training we will have the dog we want and Kara will be the calm secure dog she has waited so long to be, knowing she has a family that loves her. Permalink
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Beth & Mark Demmer D Northville, Michigan | November 13 2012
By the end of the first week we felt like we almost had a new dog. Methods were very easy to learn & maintain and much more effective than any other techniques we've tried. We noticed a significant change (positive) in our dog right away, love that we can call / email with any questions or concerns in between lessons. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Chewing, Hyperactivity, Other, Pulling
Trainer note from Maril and Bob : Great students!

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