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Chris A Colorado Springs, Colorado | December 31 2017
Ryan has been amazing. The change in both our dogs after just one visit has been amazing, and continue improving with the techniques Ryan has taught us. Ryan has been great at teaching myself and my wife about how dogs communicate, understand, and react. We had two dogs that couldn't be left alone or taken into public and now are on their way to thriving in both areas! Permalink
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Susan M Colorado Springs, Colorado | December 14 2017
I am beyond pleased with the training! Ryan does an exceptional job, and has excellent communication and training skills. He understands both people and dogs! Almost immediately, the dogs were calmer, more responsive to commands, and finally knew what I was asking them to do. It became evident that I had not been consistent or clear, so the dogs understandably were confused and anxious about what was expected. It truly is amazing how effective the Bark Busters approach is. What I love is that it's a win-win. I'm happier and the dogs are happier! Permalink
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Sharon F Fountain, Colorado | December 04 2017
Ryan did an awesome job on showing us how to talk to our dogs. The moment he walked in he was in total control. Our dogs responded right away. Ryan explained to us how to communicate with our dogs and it WORKS!! We purchased the game changer and the wobble and both dogs love them. We actually purchased another game changer on his second visit for a Christmas present. After Ryan's first visit our dogs no longer bark at the window (Awsome). Our second visit we practiced on walking, it went great with the new collars. The next day I took both dogs for a walk with there new collars and WOW they remembered every thing we learned. It was a relaxing walk for the first time ever. This experience with Ryan was great! Permalink
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Lance and Lisa N
Lance and Lisa N Colorado Springs, Colorado | August 17 2017
Ryan impressed us during our first lesson in learning to speak dog and act more like Nellie's pack leader. His terminology was straight forward and with easy to understand examples and demonstrations the process of learning the method was great. As the first appointment Ryan was with us about 3 hours - and within that time period he had our dog walking on a lose lead in the neighborhood. In the past she would lunge at other people and dogs and would drag us around the neighborhood. We have since Sunday been able to maintain daily 20-40 minute walks a few times a day with distraction with Nellie being a good girl on leash. Last night we practiced with having our neighbors come to the door and ring the door bell. We were able to get folks in the house with Nellie staying back from the door and then being called over to visit after she settled down. This took some time but she DID IT! We could not be happier. We are working on timing our corrections and praise appropriately to continue to develop Nellie's attention and focus. We have been amazed what a huge improvement she has made in such a short time. It is a joy to have a well mannered dog again! Permalink
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Dennis R. R Colorado springs, Colorado | June 11 2017
Ryan was wonderful. He listens well to our issues and concerns. He gave great examples of how our dog was responding to what we were doing and why that only made things worse. He gave specific things to do and we saw instant change. We worked on the things Ryan gave us between his visits and have continued to see improvements. Our challenge has been changing our behaviors and being consistent for our dog Percy. The better we do, the better Percy does. The collar and leash have made a great difference. Percy walks perfectly beside me and is a joy to walk even around distractions. And the chew toy with treats inside is his absolute favorite. Thank you Ryan. Permalink
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Robert J Colorado Springs, Colorado | May 16 2017
Fantastic and very helpful. Permalink
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Jim C Colorado Springs, Colorado | May 10 2017
System is awesome and so was Bryan. Day one and we are thrilled with the initial results! Permalink
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Steve B Colorado Springs, Colorado | June 14 2016
Ryan was awesome! Flipper could not get along with my girl friend's dog Joey. With Ryan's help we were able to get Flipper and Joey to be best friends. Our dogs could have been a show stopper in our relationship. So, I guess that Ryan was instrumental in us getting married. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Separation anxiety
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Tony M Colorado Springs, Colorado | March 04 2016
The training was an excellent learning experience for both my wife and I as well as Sammie. Ryan did a great job of explaining how dogs communicate and what we needed to do to communicate properly with our dog. Before he left there was a very noticeable difference in Sammie's behavior and we were already working on the owner behaviors. Within 24 hours some of the major issues we were having were under control, i.e. nipping/biting, jumping on us, and over excitement with new people. Within 48 hours I had applied the training to our walks and was able to control Sammie with voice and leash most of the time, which was a great improvement. Since then it only gets better every day. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management, Recall
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Nicole R Colorado Springs, Colorado | January 20 2016
The training was amazing! We saw results immediately. He continues to make progress. The additional training tips really helped. He's going to be the best trained dog in the neighborhood soon. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters. It was well worth the money. Permalink
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