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Tammy and Chad B Colorado Springs, Colorado | August 23 2015
Our dog Fisher became aggressive last August. Since then his aggression has escalated to the point where we thought we might have to get rid of him. After one visit from Ryan, my husband and I feel confident that we can handle anything that Fisher throws our way. Since Ryan's visit, Fisher's respect for us has increased and he now feels confident that when visitors come that we have things under control. Thank you Ryan for all your help and support! We are so thankful that your are helping us become the parents (anthropomorphism....lol) that Fisher needs to be successful.-Tammy and Chad Permalink
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Mark M COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado | May 14 2015
Ryan, is not only a great trainer but a great person. He has skills of communication to talk to DOGS and PEOPLE. He taught me how to talk dog in a few minutes... and I kept at it and now I TALK DOG. I still make mistakes along the way but our SMOKEY is a changed DOG because us HUMANS learned from Ryan how to train our dog and become the ALPHA of the Pack. Smokey is way less stressed, doesn't go after people anymore, listens, obeys and is fun to be around. THANKS RYAN for being here for my daughter and our Smokey. uRock! Blessings! Permalink
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Elaine V Colorado Springs, Colorado | March 28 2015
Ryan was very professional, punctual and knowledgeable. He took a lot of time explaining his techniques, why they work, how we can be better owners and answered all of our questions. Excellent job!! Permalink
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Beth M Colorado Springs, Colorado | March 27 2015
Smokey has had a fear problem since he was a puppy and as he got older he started to act aggressive when fearful. This aggression was towards any animal and person other than myself. I never really believed Smokey could ever be around strangers or even my family without acting aggressive until Ryan. He showed me from the very first lessen how well Smokey could behave.Smokey's behavior has only improved since that first lesson. I no longer have to fear for my family or lock him up when friends come over. I am so thankful for Bark Busters. It is worth every penny. Permalink
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Pete and Helga W Colorado Springs, Colorado | March 27 2015
We got our dog at 3 years old. He had been abused and was aggressive to other dogs, children, strangers and bit us on occasion - enough to draw blood. With Bark Busters training he has changed completely and exhibits none of his old behavior. Also, he would not let us brush him. Now he actually enjoys being brushed. Permalink
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Lori and Morris J Colorado Springs, Colorado | March 14 2015
You were awesome! I am so pleased and grateful for what you showed us and the quick response Nyla had! Thank you! Calling Bark Busters was the best thing ever and 110% satisfied! Permalink
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Jen S Colorado Springs, Colorado | February 13 2015
We had a very loud barker that was causing major complaints from our neighbor. We immediately saw almost a complete stopping of Ollie's barking after Ryan's first visit. He has learned so much so fast with very few changes to our lifestyle. We've had to learn to be consistent, but Bark Busters works and works fast. A very common sense approach. Permalink
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Daniel L Colorado Springs, Colorado | December 11 2014
Ryan was very professional and clear with the directions in making/improving your relationship with our dog. Since his visit our home has significantly calmed down by using the practices he taught us. We cannot thank him enough for helping train our border collie and helping us understand her language. Highly recommend him and this system for any family and their dog. Permalink
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Sam C Colorado Springs, Colorado | December 06 2014
Ryan spent more time with me than any other agency I've worked with. The methods not only worked IMMEDIATELY but also made sense. I never thought results could be achieved without treats and he proved me wrong. I'm happy to be wrong because my dogs are now cured! Thank you Bark Busters! Permalink
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Valerie B Colorado Springs, Colorado | December 04 2014
Bella stopped 90% of her barking during the first session. Now she is so much more a pleasure to have around and I believe she had anxiety before that I didn't realize existed. We are still training, but thanks to Ryan's encouragement we will have the best dogs in the neighborhood! Permalink
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