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Poughkeepsie | May 30 2007
Max's behavior has dramatically improved. Barbara and John were a pleasure and extremely helpful. Permalink
Wappingers Falls | May 30 2007
The continual positive reinforcement as opposed to continually carrying treats as a reward is a pleasure. Permalink
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vet tech | May 24 2007
My 1½ year hold Pit Bull mix, Lucy, responded immediately to each of the training techniques. By the end of the session, I finally assumed a leadership role and Lucy's level of high anxiety miraculously diminished as she looked to me for direction and praise. I was amazed to learn how to communicate with Lucy on her level of dog, in her language of dog. I was pleased to learn relatively simple techniques that produced major results and all using positive methods. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters. I have used other trainers in the past, plus another behaviorist, and spent lots of money and time working with Lucy. Bark Busters, in less than 2 hours, gave me the tools I needed to help Lucy become a happier dog and, in turn, make me a happier owner. Permalink
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vet tech | May 24 2007
The work that Barbara & John did with Stitch, my 2½ year old DEAF Australian cattle dog, and Jade, my 5 year old pit bull, was REMARKABLE. These people are AMAZING. Jade and Stitch are now two transformed dogs. Permalink
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vet tech | May 24 2007
During and after the lesson, I was relieved to see our 4 dogs improve so quickly. The training is easy and harmless to the animals. Permalink
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Walden | May 24 2007
The training experience is interesting, enjoyable and comfortable too. Freddie, our 2-yr-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, stopped barking immediately while working on separation anxiety. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Hyde Park | May 24 2007
We have a black Lab/Rottie mix weighing in at 115 lbs. at 10 months old. We were skeptical at first when we were told that we would see an improvement in 2½ hrs. The method of training is very effective and easy to understand. We now enjoy our dog. Permalink
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Stormville | May 24 2007
Barbara was very patient and understanding with any question or concern we expressed. I was extremely impressed at how our dogs immediately responded to the training. My husband and I do not like forceful aggressive training and were impressed with how quickly the dogs responded to the remarkably easy commands. Once we understood the "whys", it was interesting to watch our dogs look at us with a different sense of respect. I realize that just as with children, we humans have to be trained first. Barbara was exceptional and so patient. Permalink

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