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Elodie A Los Angeles, California | May 30 2023
Bark Busters is amazing! These trainers give you the instruction and tools to train effectively. They don’t use treats too heavily or clickers or shock collars. All you need is your voice, your presence, and your body language. I’ve seen amazing improvements in my pup since working with them. They are also so available for questions and concerns- they text back promptly and thoroughly. I would recommend to anyone looking for the best trainers. 10/10!! Permalink
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Michael Z Los Angeles, California | April 15 2023
Absolutely would recommend! I have a two and a half year old Labrador with a ton of energy. Specially, I was looking for help with my dog to not pull when on his leash, not excitedly greeting guests at the door, not jumping on people, keeping his attention on me when outside, and communicating better with my dog overall. In just one session with Kevin we made serious and lasting improvements! Kevin gave us tailored training exercises to do daily that are clearly having a positive impact. I’ve really appreciated Kevin’s approach to uniquely understand my dog, which has allowed for a highly personalized training program. On top of all the good behavior the training sessions have brought, I can tell that my dog really enjoys them and the daily exercises with me. It’s all led to a deeper bond with my dog. Permalink
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Aimee Z Los Angeles, California | January 19 2023
It is no exaggeration to say that Kevin from Bark Busters literally changed my and my dog's lives. I absolutely cannot recommend him enough. Holly has always been an anxious dog, but after the pandemic, this got even worse. She became very fearful and aggressive towards any people she didn't know. She is very cute and eye-catching, so people are always wanting to pet her. But when she starts barking, she's so loud and scares the heck out of people. She would bark at any person who approached her, anyone jogging, anyone carrying things -- and sometimes at random people who did nothing at all. She even started nipping at their heels, and tore someone's pant leg. She did the same thing to any new person who tried to enter the house, too. It got to the point where I couldn't take her anywhere without fear, and I couldn't have anyone come to my house unless I had her locked away. I was terrified that she was going to bite someone, and I felt awful that she was so anxious all the time. None of the training techniques I tried worked! I saw several trainers, and did research on my own as well. The problem is that Holly isn't very food motivated, and isn't toy motivated either. Positive reinforcement just wasn't working, but I didn't want to be cruel to my dog either. I was starting to think that I'd have to make her wear a muzzle or a shock collar. I found Bark Busters, and though I was hesitant to spend so much for training up front, it has paid off tenfold. Kevin is amazing. He really understands how a dog's brain works, and he taught me how to communicate with Holly in a way she can understand (but not in any BS "alpha dominance" kind of way). The training helped INSTANTLY. Within days of our first session, I was able to bring someone new into the house without her scaring them away. Now that she understands what I want from her, and that she can rely on me to handle any uncertain situations, she has become so much more relaxed. Walks are a breeze now, and I can let her off leash in the park with no trouble. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone, but especially if you have a dog who doesn't respond to "traditional" training that's only reinforced with treats. I promise you will not regret it! Permalink
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Diana D
Diana D Diamond Bar, Los Angeles, California | August 19 2022
It has been a while since I have had a puppy and Harley is like no other I have ever had. He was a handful. After my first session with Kevin I knew this would be a challenge for both Harley and me. I did my homework and every time Kevin came there was improvement. We have had 4-5 sessions and Harley is a wonderful dog to be around. The change in his behavior is amazing. My walking group has noticed the change too. Thank you Kevin for your support and guidance. Bark Busters is GREAT! Permalink
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Kacie B Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California | June 08 2022
I cannot say enough good things about this training! Our dog Zoey is a rescue and has struggled with behavioral problems and anxiety for almost 8 years. I have tried (and wasted so much money on) trainers and training methods that just have't worked. She is a very sweet and intelligent dog that has been through a lot and we just didn't know how to help her! When her issues started to escalate (aggression towards people) I did some research and reached out to Kevin. Right from the start he was great at communicating and made the process so easy and pleasant. He even reached out to let us know that an earlier appointment date had opened up -this was a godsend because we were pretty desperate for help at this point. He taught us so much about Zoey, her potential, and how to communicate with her more clearly and effectively. I would argue we needed the training more than she did. His approach focuses on clear, consistent communication and earning respect through establishing rules and boundaries. It takes commitment and consistency from us, but I was completely amazed how well she responded to this training. It's not like the reward based "performing tricks" methods we've been taught before (which doesn't ultimately work). Working with Kevin has completely transformed the way we interact with Zoey and in short, she is simply a different dog. She seems happier, less anxious, and eager to adhere to the training. I look forward to follow up sessions as needed! Thank you Kevin! Permalink
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Isabel N Glendora, California | July 13 2021
First day for dog and owner(s) with training and we had such an amazing first time experience!!! We are excited to experience more time with our trainer and see how much improvement our dog and us do. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Pulling
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Danny F Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, California | May 13 2021
Kevin is by far the best Dog Trainer ever! We wish we found him before we wasted so much time and money on the two we had before him! Our dog, Cody , is a rescue-- and is 2 1/2 yrs old -- is everything we wanted in a dog-- except has some major issues--that's why we are so grateful for Kevin--he is very calm, very patient, very kind and has this wonderful energy that we felt [ and so did Cody ] the minute he comes in the room. Kevin knows what he is talking about-- and it works--he is a great listener too--we see improvement in Cody because of Kevin's love and understanding of dogs. We feel, and so does Cody, that he is a member of her forever family too ! Lora & Danny Permalink
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Deniz T Long Beach, California | January 02 2021
We were really impressed with Kevin’s polite behavior and professional approach. His advices seems to work already as we just had the 1st session today. We appreciate your help, looking forward for next lesson! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Separation anxiety
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Rienna Y Glendale, California | December 14 2020
These people are amazing. On my case kevin is our trainer, he is very professional and patient even for my dog. I have a french bulldog and shes very stubborn. All of what kevin told us made sense and worked out great with my dog. It was easy to follow through. I would recommend them to any furparents out there. Permalink
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Whitney J Long Beach, California | October 15 2020
I worked with Christine & Michael last week to get help with correcting my 11-year-old Springer/Aussie/Border Collie mix. Her barking has always been an issue but during the pandemic since I’m always home, it has gotten out of control. She’s also aggressive, hyper & extremely anxious. I was very worried it was a lost cause given her age but Bark Busters taught me that you really can teach an old dog new tricks! I was absolutely blown away that in just 1 session, they were able to coach me on how to properly train Lola to 90% improvement! I’m so thankful for their methods & to helping both Lola & I have a better life! Thank you for everything!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Pulling

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