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Karissa D Los Angeles, California | September 10 2020
They’re amazing. Kevin is my dog trainer and he has helped to turn my dogs behavior completely around. She had issues with aggression and biting and many other things and none of those things are an issue now. I can take her places and know she’s not going to lash out at someone. She plays with other dogs with no aggression and she has fun. I would highly recommend this company. They know why they’re doing. Permalink
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Molly O Eagle Rock, California | September 01 2020
I found out about Bark Busters because of my neighbors. Their pit bull changed what seemed like overnight from being anxious and crazy to obedient and calm. We booked Kevin and Christen to train our German Shepherd puppy. This truly may be the best dog training in the world! They really understand how dogs minds work and teach you how to communicate so they understand. Bella was starting to nip our hands and play rough, but they taught us that grabbing her too much during play can cause this behavior. We learned to set boundaries around the door and walk on a leash calmly with no pulling. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone who really wants to understand the nature of dogs and have obedience....without bribing them with treats! Permalink
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Neysa N Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California | July 29 2020
Kevin and Christen have been wonderful with our puppy Indy. They are both very professional and gave us a lot of actionable home work to work on with our dog. Their methodology is not about just training the dogs but teaching us how dogs think and how best to help both sides communicate with one other. I can't wait to continue working together to see our puppy grow and learn. Permalink
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Matt D Los Angeles, California | March 08 2020
Started meeting with Kevin a couple of months ago specifically for leash aggression and some general obedience for two five year old boys and the improvement has been dramatic to say the least. Whereas my boys were almost uncontrollable around other dogs before, simple training techniques focused mainly on body language and tone of voice have made noticeable differences within a few weeks. By keeping them focused on the walks and on my leading them, both boys have progressed more than I expected. Could not recommend Kevin and Bark Busters enough! Permalink
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Angela S Los Angeles, California | February 14 2020
If you’re looking for a dog trainer in the Los Angeles area, Christen is a miracle worker! I have a 2 year old lab that still has many puppy tendencies, barking, jumping, tearing up my stuff when I’m gone... We worked on her separation anxiety by using calming exercises and establishing leadership. She will be back to train more on walking without pulling the leash, but the drastic improvement in just one training is incredible! Highly recommend!!! Permalink
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Jamie T Los Angeles, California | February 01 2020
10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND!!! I just had a 3 hour session with Christen and Kevin with my dog, Hudson. He's an approximately one year old Boxer/Staffie mix who was rescued from the streets of Venice Beach. I have had him for almost 4 months now, and although he has come a long way since I got him, he still needs a lot of help with his fears. During this session, I learned how to communicate WAY better to him in a way he could actually understand. He immediately started responding to their techniques and lessons. I could not be more proud of Hudson and can not thank Christen and Kevin enough, even after only one session. I can't wait to do our homework and watch him grow even more. Permalink
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Mateja B Los Angeles, California | December 27 2019
We’ve been with Kevin and Bark Busters for over 3 months now for two 5-year-old boys who struggle with dog aggression and some general obedience. After getting the basics down and establishing command, we’ve seen dramatic improvement in their behavior. Kevin is patient, kind and explains everything thoroughly. He truly teaches you how to establish a connection and a dialogue with your dog that isn’t about yelling or punishment, it’s a whole new way of thinking about the relationship you have with your pet and it really works. The boys are still making drastic progress every day and we couldn’t be happier with Kevin! Thank you!! Permalink
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Cassie D Los Angeles, California | December 22 2019
We've been with Bark Busters for a few months now, and we've already seen dramatic improvement with our two boys. Our behavioral therapist, Kevin, has been great from the beginning. He explains things easily and without ever talking down to you, and because of him we have a better understanding and better relationship with our dogs. They're less anxious and more trusting, and happier than ever. I couldn't recommend Bark Busters enough. Permalink
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Andrew C
Andrew C Hollywood, California | December 20 2019
Kevin and Christen have helped me and my dog Ginger come to a more peaceful household. First they came to the house so we could work with Ginger in her space. Ginger wasn't super into strangers being in her house at first, but they were calm and let her adapt. The first part of the training session was more to do with the hows and whys their method works. Kevin and Christen are very informative, and basically they teach you a language (both body and verbal) that your dog can understand. I was allowed to ask all the questions I needed to feel comfortable with actual training. At first in the training you might feel a little goofy talking dog. Fortunately you are in your own house and everyone is doing it. We repeated the training exercise until Ginger and I were on the same page. Next we moved on to tackle the outside world. Kevin and Christen provided a special harness and other training tools that are humane, safe, and non-painful. Overall we worked for about 3 hours and the training tools stayed with me and Ginger. What I like is that I free like I have a way to talk to my dog that doesn't feel like I'm yelling all the time. This is not a treat based program, but rather a trust exercise to get you and your dog into a team. Thanks Christin and Keven! Permalink
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Jonny S Los Angeles, California | December 18 2019
I reached out to a family member upon getting my puppy Mochi because she was more than a handful. She told me she had heard Bark Busters was the best in the business. Then I met Christen and Kevin and I can wholeheartedly say I don’t know where I would be without their guidance in raising my dog. I rescued a 2 month old Maltese puppy, and immediately upon arrival she owned me. Mochi would use the potty only in the house and never outside, would chew up and destroy everything in site, and the would never listen to me. After their first visit, I called my girlfriend the most calm I had been in months. I had Mochi completely under control and felt the first sense of a strong owner and dog relationship. Throughout the past few months they have provided so much help with her diet, going on walks, and most recently her separation anxiety. Every time an issue has risen up, I’ve had no doubt that Christen and Kevin would have a solution. Time and time again they’ve shown up with great tactics that yield super fast results. They are also such kind people and care deeply about the work they do and the animals they work with. So lucky to have found them and hope many other families will as well :) Permalink
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