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Ana S Thornton, Colorado | November 20 2021
Holly was great! Made us realize how many mistakes we were doing and inadvertently encouraging poor behavior. With the tools Holly gave us, we are confident we can succeed and Chloe will be a very well behaved dog! Permalink
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Katherine D
Katherine D Denver, Adams, Colorado | August 09 2021
My dog had such bad separation anxiety, I was ready to take her back. Holly came and after only two sessions I was able to leave my pup at home. I didn’t think anything would work for this dog, but Holly did such a great job teaching us, I can’t thank her enough. Permalink
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Jennifer G Denver, Adams, Colorado | April 26 2021
Puma has been taking to the training quite well, and seems to respond to the commands you taught us quite quickly. He has been walking the leash well, and stops what his is doing immediately when we exert our leadership. We are working on distractions, and Moose is a big distraction for him. lol Moose is having a harder time, as you saw during your training, and we have to COMMAND/CLAP/SPRAY more and louder for her to listen, but over the course of the week, there is improvement. She is NOT barking in the backyard!!! That is huge. We are still working on front window/door. We have noticed a problem with potty training now that we did not see before they were leash only. We will bring them out and they will pee and hang out and about 5 minutes after we come back in the house they (both have done it) will poop in the house. Not sure why they do not want to poop in front of us, but do you have any suggestions on this? Hardest areas for both right now are front door, and barking at dogs/people who walk by (Mainly Moose). We are using the girls friends coming over as the distractions, and how to handle the front door. They are improving and PUMA is staying at top of stair about 80% of the time now, so I know they will get it. Thank you! Permalink
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Peter F Commerce City, Adams, Colorado | April 26 2021
This last week I have been quite impressed on how this training has been helping myself and Apollo. Apollo used to only pee on a small patch of grass near our apartment building. Now he has expanded his area! He used to bark at the back sliding door at night or bark at squirrels during the day. Now, I issue him the commands you taught me and he stops, even when I am in my office. I brought the cat down stairs in my arms. Yes, the cat was a bit nervous, but the two are learning to tolerate each other. Apollo was still pulling on walks when I called you. You taught me some tricks so he would walk better at my side. The other day he growled and lunged at another dog and I asserted my dominance and he quickly Backed down. He is still a work in progress on walking! He will even let rabbits go. Just today My son came by and I had him knock at the door. I was impressed that Apollo stayed upstairs while I answered the door, let Dylan come in and then the dog came down as I asked him to. Not bad for the first time. Holly, this training is so impressive! Permalink
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Catherine R Denver, Colorado | March 03 2021
Once our Goldendoodle puppy turned around 4 months old, I knew we needed training assistance. He was very sweet, but issues surfaced that I felt required professional help before his behaviors became the norm. Our biggest concern was that he feared the stairs and refused to go up when it was time for bed. Someone had to sleep on the couch with him every night which was not scalable or realistic long term. Once I discovered Bark Busters, I quickly became intrigued with their philosophy and reached out to the local team. Enter Holly: Within two hours of her being at our house, we had a new puppy. Cashman suddenly was unafraid of the stairs! In addition, his parents learned daily exercises / training techniques that made Cash understand that he wasn’t the pack leader anymore. Once the stairs became his favorite form of indoor activity, we tried outdoor walking which didn’t go well at all. So, we called Holly back. She not only got him to obey commends on the leash but to also understand attentiveness. I even shot a video of how proud I was of the transformation when she was here! A few days later, I had reach out to “Aunt Holly” for advice. Cash had regressed and started to pull, become distracted, and walk sideways on the leash. Holly was able to troubleshoot what was wrong at the time, but we still have work to do. We are now in the process of meeting with her again for more advanced training. I have referred Holly to co-workers because I have been so impressed with her. We couldn’t be happier with her skills as a coach and I am confident that Cash will eventually be the best behaved / disciplined boy that he can be! Thank you, Holly and Bark Busters!! Permalink
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Nicole N
Nicole N Commerce City, Adams, Colorado | February 12 2021
This is my second review for Holly Denton and Bark Busters. When I started on this journey of training my dogs and met with Holly that first time, I have to be honest and say I was skeptical. Especially when Holly explained the training. But Holly assured me that with consistency and practice, I could change my dog's behavior and have "normal" dogs (my words). Mind you, I was at the point of surrendering both dogs because of bad behavior. Remington is a Treeing Walker Coonhound/Catahoula Leopard mix. He's a jumper and super hyper. Weatherby is a Great Dane/Lab mix and although very sweet, she emulates a lot of her brother's bad behaviors. So saying I was frustrated is putting it mildly. Aggressive/protective behavior when anyone came into my home. Barking at the door. Food aggression. You name it, my dogs did it. Let's jump forward 3 months. After following all the steps outlined by Holly, my dogs now are calm!! I recently had to have the plastic flaps replaced on my dog door and when the two gentlemen walked into my home, my dogs did not attack like they used to. I asked the guys to just stand there for a moment so my dogs could get a good sniff. Once they were done that, I commanded them back to their beds, and off they went. For the 30-45 minutes the guys were in my house, the dogs never bothered them once! As they were leaving the owner of the company stopped and said to me he had NEVER been in a home with dogs so well behaved. I told them that I had been training them and he told me that whatever I was doing with the training it was remarkable and to keep it up. If that didn't cinch my love of Holly and the Bark Busters training methods. Holly stopped by to do some outside walking training with me and she was amazed at how well behaved the dogs were compared to the first time she met them. No barking, jumping, or growling at her. They listened to commands and were sweet and lovable. I can't believe the difference Holly and Bark Buster's made in my two dogs. Oh, I know that it was partly me and following all the training steps but I am so happy I reached out and contacted Bark Busters. Permalink
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Sarah B Littleton, Colorado | December 15 2020
Holly was a great coach from the very beginning! Our family learned many pieces of the dog behavior puzzle and the session helped us earn respect from two unruly pups that had taken over the household. I think this a solid program for anyone who may be struggling to get their dogs to listen and I recommend Holly as she will listen to your concerns and then walk you through the process from beginning to end with encouraging results! Permalink
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Nicole N Commerce City, Adams, Colorado | December 11 2020
How often do you have someone write a review only ONE DAY after service. Especially, with a service like this? I can't begin to praise Holly and Bark Busters enough. With-in the hour & a half first session, the change with my two pups was remarkable. You're probably, thinking, well of course you could see a change. You had Holly right there coaching you. But day 2 and they are still showing the good behavior signs Holly helped me to accomplish yesterday. 20 min training session this morning and both dogs are responding to the change Holly had me start yesterday. If this is what was able to be accomplished in just under a day, I know this was the right program for us! Permalink
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Margi A Broomfield, Colorado | November 25 2020
We had our first training session about a week ago. We were amazed and so relieved at how our 7-month-old puppy, Ozzy, immediately responded to the techniques that Holly and Scott taught our family. Within an hour he was responding to our direction and understood that we are the leaders. Staying focused and practicing the techniques and exercises is so rewarding and such a relief because we actually see positive results. A few days after our initial training, we were struggling with some techniques so we contacted Holly and Scott and Holly immediately responded and stopped by to work through our challenges. We are so pleased and relieved to learn training that isn’t aggressive or treat based like we learned from a different training organization. Thank you, Holly and Scott! We couldn’t be more relieved and hopeful and recommend Bark Busters and your training to anyone. Clare, Brad, Margi, Matthew Permalink
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James S Denver, Colorado | October 08 2020
My girlfriend and I met Scott in person for a session to go over some of Ben and Bear's bad habits. Scott provided us with an understanding, approach, and long term process to help our dogs head in the right direction. Within minutes our dogs were attentive and eager to learn and please both us and Scott by following commands and listening. This is the most control I have had over our dogs since we adopted them and the sense of comfort is mutual between us and the dogs. Scott did a great job helping us be proactive and goal-oriented to keep our dogs on the right track. I would recommend Scott to anyone looking for quality training for any type of behavior. We appreciate and value his help and service! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Separation anxiety

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