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Theresa S
Theresa S Mineola, Nassau, New York | July 09 2019
I don't even know where to begin how blessed we are to have Josh as our trainer for our fur-baby Capri. After a few days after adopting Capri, we realized there was something going on with her that just wasn't right. We had other fur-babies but Capri (a beautiful white/blue eyed angel) was different. We thought we lost our knack with puppy training. She wasn't responding to us; hated the crate; cried in a way we have never heard before; aggressive with our 6-year old Pitbull when playtime; separation anxiety; toileting all over the house; ripped up wee wee pads-- we totally were all at our wits-end. Then we find out at our first vet visit, our Capri is deaf. We were so scared. We have a special needs baby and now, how do we keep her safe? There was no way we would bring her to a shelter. She is ours. Nor, ask for money back from the breeder. What good would it do? So, I googled for help with a trainer and saw all the great reviews about Josh. I was kind of skeptical. How would he know to help us? Did he have experience with a deaf pup? Am I crazy to get a trainer from the web instead of word-of-mouth? But, we were desperate. We decided to give it a shot. So, at our first appointment and from the moment Josh walked into our home, I knew we made the right decision. He first assured us that he will do everything in his power to help us with Capri. Well, he is a man of his word. He comes to help us when we need, is available by text and email and phone calls, video chats. Capri is learning and wants to do good. We are so much more confident now that we can keep her safe. Josh not only cares about Capri but also looks to see how our other pup is doing. He also cares about us and how we are coping. Josh has been our savior. He is more than what we expected in a trainer. Permalink
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Trainer note from Josh : Capri is an amazing dog. I love working with her and seeing the results, she has come such a long way!
nancy C
nancy C Forest Hills, Queens, New York | July 03 2019
Josh is exceptional. He takes his time to observe the dog in his environment and then comes up with a course of action. He understands that there are no bad dogs or bad owners just misunderstandings in communication. Our pup is a very good pup overall but had developed some habits that were troublesome such as attacking the TV. Josh was able to positively correct Spencers bad habit without discipline or harsh training. We are all a lot happier, stress free and Spencer is back to being an angel as his was when we first took him home. WE ARE so Happy! We can not stress enough how much we appreciate Joshs' work, patience, time and good skill. Permalink
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Trainer note from Josh : Hi Nancy, I loved working with you both, and Spencer. He is a great student. I'm glad he is so happy!
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Rachael B Ridgewood, Queens, New York | July 02 2019
After searching on google for dog training in Ridgewood, I stumbled upon Josh’s page. The process to make the appointment was so easy. Kelsey, my pit pull puppy was constantly pulling on the leash every time we went for walks. Walk time became something my boyfriend and I dreaded. When Josh arrived to our apartment, he greeted all of us with such kindness and compassion, Kelsey took to him right away. After working with Josh for 2 hours, it was amazing to see the difference. Kelsey let us take the lead! Josh not only trained Kelsey but gave us a lesson too. We are so thankful for Josh at Bark Busters! Permalink
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Brian D
Brian D Forest Hills, Queens, New York | July 01 2019
Our puppy was bounced around between a few shelters, starting in Tennessee and ending up in Philadelphia. Needless to say he was a little hesitant around people and animals, so we were amazed at how quickly he bonded with Josh. After only a few hours into our first meeting, our pup Séamus was following commands and totally at ease. Josh even gave us some tips specifically tailored to Seamus’ behavior issues that we’ve since used at home and they’ve worked like a charm. Cant thank Josh enough for his patience and guidance with our little guy and we’re looking forward to bringing Séamus back to say hello! Permalink
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Lloyd F
Lloyd F Flushing, Queens, New York | June 16 2019
Josh is amazing! At first I thought he'd have to make some return visits because I thought, how can one improve a dog's behavior in one day's time, but low an behold he did it. Baxter, my French bulldog, used to hyperactively jump at my legs whenever I returned to my apartment, jump on to the couch at his leisure, and when taking him for walks he would walk me with his incessant pulling. Josh provided me with the knowledge and commands to properly train Baxter consistently, and not even 4 days later he's like a new dog. He no longer jumps, he stays off of the couch, and now he walks by my side. I HIGHLY recommend Josh. He's very kind and you can tell he really cares about his craft. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling
Stefani K
Stefani K WEST HEMPSTEAD, New York | June 08 2019
Josh has been incredibly helpful getting Doug to calm down. He is a very hyper active puppy that loves to jump and nip and after just 3 sessions, I already see a change in Doug's behavior. I used 4 separate trainers/facilities prior to trying Bark Busters and it's the first time I'm seeing any real change. Permalink
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Tina K East Meadow, Nassau, New York | June 07 2019
Josh was extremely personable and a great listener to all we needed to share. He clearly explained both the reason for Our dogs' behaviors and the Barkbuster's program. He then awed us by skillfully modeling what we needed to do and showing us how quickly our dogs responded in only the first lesson.! We are excited to carry out the homework and continue to see a huge positive changes in our two dogs. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Chewing, Digging, Jumping up, Separation anxiety, Toileting
Nilsa B
Nilsa B Jackson Heights, Queens, New York | June 06 2019
We had our first session with Josh earlier this evening and could not be happier. He took the time to explain things to my husband and I. Then, when he coached us on managing our puppy’s behavior, we were thrilled with the results. He explained in detail what we should do before our next session. We are truly amazed at how much progress was made in one evening. We are looking forward to incorporate what Josh showed us into our puppy’s daily routine. Thank you very much, Josh. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Chewing, Puppy management, Separation anxiety, Toileting
Trainer note from Josh : Nilsa, it has been great working with you and Lexi and I'm looking forward to us all achieving more wins!
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lillian G East Meadow, New York | May 30 2019
Scooter is a very excited young dog. We have had other trainers in the past but we felt we he just needed a little bit more . We saw a change is the first session. Too bad we didn’t find Josh earlier .Josh was great he really showed us how to teach Scooter how to calm down and greet people . He also helped us with his barking , that might take a bit of time but now we know how to handle it. I would recommend Josh to help with any issue you may have . Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall
Jennifer C
Jennifer C Ridgewood, Queens, New York | May 21 2019
From the moment I spoke and met Josh I knew this would be a great fit for us. Even though I work with dogs for a living (dog groomer) it took a lot for me to admit my own boy, Zucc, needed some help at home. We moved last year and he’s been stressed and difficult to get to obey commands during certain situations. Within one lesson from Josh, my dog already respects me and my husband more. Josh was very easy to understand and he explained every step along the way. Instead of judging us for how we’ve handled situations in the past, he taught us how to correct our behavior. After a few exercises we already saw improvement with Zucc. I highly recommend Josh for any dog training concerns you may have, whether it’s big or small, he will help you figure it out. It may take a day or a few weeks, but he will make sure you guys reach your goal so you and your dog can live your best life. Permalink
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