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Cindy L Howard Beach, New York | September 09 2021
My experience with Josh was amazing! What a difference in my dogs behavior in just a few hours of training. You MUST apply what he teaches and be CONSISTENT for it to continue to work. His techniques are simple yet very effective. Now, I am able to have company over my house without my dog's constant barking and jumping. He seems alot more content as well. Thank you Josh!! Permalink
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Alison E Brooklyn, Kings, New York | June 25 2021
Oh My GOD. This training is LIFE CHANGING. I don't know what else to say about it except that it is absolutely amazing. This training creates a safe and happy environment for the pups. I appreciated learning the reasoning behind the method. My puppies were living a lawless life; chewing my shoes, furniture, couch and acting like insane psychos. It was starting to feel like it was too much to handle. In ONE day they are SO much more calm, seem less anxious and are happy and relaxed. I have learned to speak their language so I don't have to bribe with treats or feel guilty about negative reinforcements. This training is worth every cent!!!!! Permalink
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Hannah C Bellerose, Queens, New York | March 29 2021
Josh is amazing! Seriously worth every penny. We have some experience with older rescues but we are first time puppy parents and our puppy is defiant!! It was clear our puppy was running the house and we were at our wits end. I’m not kidding when I tell you there was a very noticeable difference in our puppy after the first visit. Josh was thorough and understanding. He gave us the tools we needed to work on some immediate behavior problems like incessant barking, boundaries and more. Josh even FaceTimed with us when after a few days we needed some extra guidance with the crate and after 5 minutes of Josh coaching us over the phone, our puppy was asleep in the crate. Our home is less stressed, less sleep deprived and much happier already. I can’t wait for the follow-ups and to continue what we started. You will not regret working with Josh! Permalink
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Joshua K Saint Albans, Queens, New York | March 08 2021
I have an aggressive Siberian Husky who is 9 years old. The trainer who helped me is Josh Gent and he is a miracle worker. From just the first visit my dog was so much better behaved and they have given me the knowledge to continue training her properly. He understands the psychology of an aggressive dog and explains everything and breaks it down phenomenally. Their prices are actually amazing unlike other places that charge 3000$ and don’t even guarantee a fix. Josh follows up with me regularly, made a timeline sheet and really puts in the work to train the dog out of aggression. I am still working with him but already see a massive change in my dog’s behavior. He saved my dog from euthanasia and I recommend everyone who has an aggressive dog to take a chance on Bark Busters because they have a very high success rate and have worked with over 100 aggressive dogs and managed to fix their behaviors. They specialize in all types of aggressive behaviors and have helped my dog with food aggression, toy aggression, aggression with other dogs and/or people. My dog is now loving and obedient thanks to them. Thank you for everything bark busters and for taking a chance on my dog! Permalink
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Thomas J Flushing, Queens, New York | January 11 2021
I had the best walk I have ever had with my dog in the three months since we brought him home...this morning. Why? A visit from Bark Busters. Its easy to feel helpless when you have an inattentive or aggressive dog. Its also easy to get consumed by that helpless feeling and get sloppy in whatever path you have chosen to train your dog. Within a few minutes of speaking with Josh and how clear and articulate he is about your mission moving forward, you feel so much less helpless. He demonstrates simple things instantly upon meeting your dog, which offers you so much empowerment as the dogs owner right from the start. He is not only helping train your animal he is helping to train you. I learned how much my dog actually wants me to help and to lead. I started understanding he wasn't going to resent me, our bond would actually be stronger in the long run. This made me feel very much at ease. It was a big obstacle for me to overcome. I didn't want to have that feeling that I was offending my best buddy. His aggressive behavior with other dogs has been quite a cross to bear in Brooklyn where there are many, many dogs. I learned a couple small things from Josh that truly empowered me to control any situation with another animal in seconds. Previously an encounter with another dog could ruin the rest of a walk as my pup would be inconsolably stressed. Not today! Managed...and moved on instantly. I am so grateful for the help given and looking forward to watching my dog learn more and more. Most importantly I am looking forward to the long and wonderful stress free walks I know that await us this Spring. Permalink
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JJ J Bayside, Queens, New York | January 11 2021
My wife and I met Josh Gent for an initial training session on January 5th. He spoke with us regarding our goals for our dog Hogan. He then explained the philosophy of Bark Busters and shared some background information about himself and how he came to be with the company. During this time he was also watching and assessing Hogan's interactions with all of us. He then did some exercises with the dog relating to personal space. after that both my wife and I did the same exercises with promising results. We also did some leash walking exercise also with promising results. Well, here we are three days later and there is a monumental change in Hogan's behavior. Even some of my neighbors have commented on the change in Hogan. Josh has a genuine love for animals which is plainly evident. There isn't anything he did to frighten or browbeat our dog. He also accomplished this new behavior without using treats. We can't wait for Hogan to have another session with Josh. My wife and I highly recommend Josh. He will most definitely make a difference in any dogs behavior. Permalink
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Ethan S
Ethan S Queens, New York | April 12 2020
Look no further!!! My German Shepard was a mess. Anxious, couldn't walk, didn't listen, was mouthy name a dog problem she had it. I kid you not IMMEDIATELY after spending an hour with Josh she was a brand new dog. He is absolutely amazing! So informative so professional and he knows his stuff. We have interviewed many trainers and I have had few dogs in my life where I worked with trainers none compare to josh. The fact that he is so talented and his price is CHEAP for the service he provides. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Chewing, Jumping up, Recall, Separation anxiety
Trainer note from Josh : Great training with you I am always thrilled to achieve results fantastic work!
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Colin N Queens, New York | April 09 2020
Josh was responsive and had time to come by at very short notice. We were first apprehensive about having someone come in, and what the results would look like, but Josh was phenomenal, and we started seeing almost immediate results. We went over attention-seeking (jumping at the table while we were all seated and talking), door training (scratching/sniffing/barking at the door when we left a room or the house), following around the house, and barking/greeting at the door. Our dog is so much more relaxed and less tense now after just two hours. The vibe in our house has already changed so much. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their dog! Permalink
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Andres R Jackson Heights, New York | April 02 2020
Josh is an amazing and very knowledgeable dog trainer! He’s helped us immensely with our 2 year old dog Aden! He’s become increasingly dog reactive while on leash. We really appreciated his positive approach to a very frustrating situation. He had some great advice for us regarding adapting different training tools to our very crowded Queens neighborhood and took a lot of time educating my fiancé and I on how to lead Aden through passive influence. He also taught us to help Aden avoid behaviors that we thought were normal dog behaviors to ensure that our dog doesn’t become more anxious scanning the environment for triggers, allowing Aden to in the words of Josh, “just enjoy being a dog!” Although we only met with him once, he left us with homework and have seen TREMENDOUS progress over an extremely short period of time. In fact, after our first meeting Aden has completely stopped pulling while on walks. That alone was a major stress reliever for our family! Thank you Josh! Permalink
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Trainer note from Josh : Hi Andres! Aden is fantastic and I am looking forward to another session with you all whenever you need me!
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Tina E Whitestone, New York | March 25 2020
My husband and I adopted a dog (winnie) from a rescue agency 3 months ago and over time as she has become more comfortable, she has began developing her own personalities. With that we wanted a trainer to help us work with us and winnie to ensure we continue in the right direction. Josh from bark busters has been attentive and so professional with training our dog Winnie. Our first visit we spent time talking about what our normal daily routines are and what we wanted to work on. Josh was extremely patient and knowledgeable when explaining the training techniques and “homework” to help us continue to build upon our visit. we all had a good time and learned a ton. after the two hour training we could already see a significant improvement on her leash pulling, barking at the door and trying to run outside when not on a leash. Even after the first visit josh has been extremely receptive and responsive to all of our questions and text messages. at times we have even been able to send josh videos to make sure we are performing the “homework” tasks correctly. we truly have appreciated all of his help. I would highly recommend Josh to anyone who is serious about having a professional dog trainer. Permalink
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