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Greenville | August 31 2010
Larry gave clear directions and was always open to questions. Sadie was eager to learn once I found ways to speak her language. I found the training was quite positive and very easy to follow. The only requirements to succeed are time and consistency; easy to give for such positive results. I found the whole training experience interesting. I learned how to recognize attitudes and expressions for fear, puzzlement, attention, and relaxation. Finally, one more reason I would recommend Bark Busters is that Larry tailored his instruction to me and my dog; his approach was quite specific to my needs, and to my dog's needs. Permalink
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Spartanburg | August 31 2010
We had a fence-running and aggressive dog. Right after the first lesson, we noticed a major change in Joe. The way Larry showed us how to stop and correct it was absolute magic. I was very pleased with the training in that it was easy to do, effective, and Larry was always patient. Of course, I am recommending Bark Busters to all my friends. I can't believe how much they have changed in just 2 lessons. Permalink
Woodruff | January 11 2010
Hi Larry, I just wanted to give you an update on Oscar. You worked with us on his aggression issues about 2½ years ago in Woodruff, SC. We have continued to work with Oscar everyday, using your techniques. Oscar no longer charges the door when visitors come and we can have guests in our home without him threatening them. He was successfully accepted in a Doggie Daycare center (Camp K-9 in York) and attends on a regular basis. Acceptance to Camp K-9 is only granted to dogs who complete an interview process which includes interacting with other dogs and strangers. The ladies who work there tell us that Oscar is one of the best behaved dogs that attend. While Oscar is not perfect and will never be allowed around children unsupervised he is a real pleasure to have in our family. None of this would have been possible without your assistance. I continue to enjoy your newsletter and look forward to receiving the next one. Permalink
Inman | December 02 2009
I called 2 trainers before I talked to Larry. Neither of them wanted to help us, they said it was a "Hopeless Case". We had a 7yr old Boxer female, and had just rescued a 2yr old German Shepherd. We were dealing with aggression and could not put the two dogs together. After 4 sessions both dogs are now peacefully in the house together sharing the same couch. I believe Bark Busters saved Legend's (the Shepherd) life, because we were at the point of bringing him to the Animal Shelter. Permalink
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Greenville | December 28 2008
I find the Bark Busters methods simple and effective. I think anyone who's willing to learn and practice with their dogs would benefit greatly. I had been working with trainers from a big nationwide pet store for 9 months. I've seen more improvement with Larry in one session than I did in 3 different classes of 6 weeks (18 weeks) with them. Permalink
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Simpsonville | December 14 2008
I found the results tangible. In fact, we got immediate results and found the program all most effortless. I really expected us to commit much more time, before we got the result we wanted. Permalink
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Simpsonville | December 14 2008
I found the training and "Dog Psychology 101" very easy to understand, and saw improvement on the first visit. Permalink
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Greer | December 14 2008
I wanted natural training that was not treat, treat, treat; relief from food reward was very welcomed. I would recommend Bark Busters because I found the experience enjoyable, I learned more than expected, and got fast results. In fact, at the end of the training, the results were much better than I ever expected. Permalink
Wellford | July 10 2008
Alan and I are really impressed by the improvement in Wyatt. Larry makes it so easy to learn. Wyatt seems to enjoy the lesson with little or no stress. We would highly recommend this to anyone that wants to have a happy home with their pets. Permalink
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Piedmont | May 29 2008
We were very impressed with Larry from the moment we saw how he responded to Syrus. Most trainers we have worked with in the past were intimidated about working with Rottweilers. Not only did he help improve on Syrus' temperament but he was very friendly with Jade also. Syrus views me as his pack leader and listens anytime I command him. He doesn't join the neighbors' dogs in their barking contest anymore. Permalink

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