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Kristine P
Kristine P Lincroft, Monmouth, New Jersey | December 16 2022
Nicholas saved our lives. Our dog came fo us only 7 weeks after our previous dog had passed away. I was having trouble feeling a connection with my dog. He was completely in charge of our household and we didn't know it. Im so happy we got Nicholas to come to train US to help condition our dog to be loyal and obedient. I have an amazing connection to our little one year old puppy now. Because Nicholas taught us how to be the "mama dog" in his life, he is so much more enjoyable. He follows me everywhere now and loves me like I'm his everything. That's what I wanted. Before Nicholas came here I was crying every day thinking I made the wrong decision. We owe Nicholas so much for what he did for our family. ? Permalink
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Robin V
Robin V Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey | November 18 2022
I didn’t have any confidence in myself as far as training Trooper goes. However, after the 2nd session I decided to buckle down and do our homework. What a wonderful dog I have. It was money well spent not only for me but for Trooper! Nicholas Pagano was very patient and encouraging with us (mostly me)! Trooper is my 5-year-old rescue Boston Terrier. My fourth! I love the breed. But since Trooper came to me from Texas I knew nothing about him, not even his birthday. Nicholas suggested that trooper may even been younger than 5. Trooper’s issues were: PULLING, barking and rushing to the door, at people walking back & forth, squirrels, rabbits, birds, chipmunks, fear of the car, aggression towards the vacuum and grabbing tool. Pulling was resolved with the proper harness (who knew?), now it is a pleasure to walk him. I have learned that terriers want to attack ALL little things so I just learn to be ready and offer a correction when I see a rodent presenting a problem. Of all my BTs, I never had one that actually treed squirrels! Nicholas told me 'your dog is bored'!!! Who knew again! So puzzles were suggested. I love to watch him solve them. I really did learn a lot about having a dog! Even though I had 3 previous Bostons, this one is by far the most entertaining...he makes me laugh :) We are still working on the fear of the car. I think the long ride from Texas to NJ may have traumatized him a bit. Also I have the tools to address the vacuum problem, so that’s a work in progress. Trooper and I are buddies now…best friends and I am so grateful to Nicholas and Bark Busters for being there for us. Permalink
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Amanda S
Amanda S Brick, New Jersey | April 24 2022
Nicholas was great to work with. He is knowledgeable and thorough. We asked him to help us with general obedience training for our 7 month old doodle puppy in preparation for the birth of our baby. Nicholas gave us all the tools we needed to ensure Lucy would welcome our baby boy as happily as we did! We learned a lot about how to interact with her to ensure we were the ones in charge. Lucy and baby are great friends now! Permalink
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Germaine F Brick, New Jersey | March 27 2022
I can not say enough good things about Nicholas Pagano and would highly recommend him!! My family rescued Nala, a 3 year old mixed breed. She was removed from a very abusive home in the south. She was placed in a shelter, then with a foster and eventually transferred to a shelter in NJ until we adopted her. Nala would bark excessively at anything through the windows and door. She also became very protective and nervous about letting people in the house and showed aggression towards men. Nicholas first taught us canine behavior and helped us understand Nala's issues in order to implement positive changes. His knowledge and confidence, along with his calm mannerism were very reassuring. After just the first session we saw an improvement. His training techniques were spot on! We couldn't be happier with Nala's response. We will continue to use what Nicholas taught us and I can't thank him enough! Permalink
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Fran H
Fran H Marlboro Township, New Jersey | September 26 2021
We adopted litter mates that were approximately a year old that had little or no human socialization. They also may have been abused as well. Lots of barking at humans and could not put leashes on them, let alone, walk them. After a few sessions with Nick, they are different dogs. Though Rusty still needs lots of work, Ruby can now be walked and she listens to me. Well, most of the time! Thank you, Nick, for helping us! Permalink
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Steve D Howell, New Jersey | July 11 2021
Nick Pagano was patient and positive in helping us train our recently rescued dog Brownie. He is extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly explained each exercise to best fit the areas we were looking to address with our dog. Brownie has made great progress with the help of Nick. I would highly recommend Nick to provide professional, courteous, and individualized service for any dog owner. Permalink
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Katie M
Katie M Oceanport, Monmouth, New Jersey | January 09 2021
We have been incredibly happy with all the guidance and support from Nick for our dog, Roxy. She was very receptive to him from the moment she met him. Nick has helped my husband and I learn how to work with Roxy so she listens to us, comes when she’s called, learns to not bolt out the front door, and walks better with us. He taught us to understand how dogs think and suggested many helpful products and toys that have made our lives easier and Roxy have more fun. Nick is always willing to be available for questions outside of sessions too. Permalink
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miranda L
miranda L Neptune City, New Jersey | October 12 2020
Before we found Nick, we were at a standstill. Our puppy male Golden Retriever was controlling us as a couple. He thought he was the alpha male in the family. But after 3 months of training with Nick, our puppy had transformed into a great companion. Nick was AMAZING from the first second he walked in the door. We HIGHLY recommend him for behavior issues with your new puppy or old dog. We could not thank him enough; he is respectable, brilliant, compassionate, and an excellent trainer. Permalink
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Ana and Carol L
Ana and Carol L Point Pleasant, New Jersey | June 26 2020
Our girl Molly is a sweet greyhound who had serious separation anxiety. From the first training session we were able to apply what we learned and began to see results in her behavior and gained confidence in our own handling of her. Weeks later, Molly is a much more settled and happy girl, and we are much less stressed! Nick was excellent at addressing all the issues we were having, and providing support and encouragement. It was the best decision we could have made for our family, and for Molly! Thank you for everything, Nick! It was a pleasure to learn from you! Permalink
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Robert C marlboro, New Jersey | December 26 2019
I was very happy with Mr. Pagano's services. He was very patient with my wife and I. He worked with us at our home to make sure we were properly performing the training exercises. He accommodated our busy working schedules. Our canine is so much better now than before. Having tried other commercial dog training services, I would highly recommend Mr. Pagano's services. The pricing is reasonable and he works with you. Also, he really does care. Permalink
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