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  • Jana and Landon R.
    13 years ago — Raleigh, North Carolina

    Sonja was highly informative, very professional and extremely patient concerning the training of our five Miniature Pinschers. The natural techniques are working very well and we look forward to our sext session.

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    Trainer Note:
    Jana is a natural in applying our training techniques. When I first arrived, all five dogs were barking excessively, jumping around my feet and wouldn't calm down unless held. Upon my return I was totally speechless, all five dogs were quiet and patiently sitting by the steps so I could walk in and not trip over or step on them. Jana has done a remarkable job with them and for the first time in a long time she shared with me that she was actually able to take a nap....
  • Teresa U.
    13 years ago — Raleigh, North Carolina

    I appreciate Mrs. Warner coming to the Wake County Animal Shelter to help him, otherwise he would have been killed.
    Some treats may help him learn faster.

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    Trainer Note:
    Buddy/Daddy is an adult male pit bull who was left in a back yard chained up, no shelter, barely any food or water. He had never received any training and therefore learning basic commands were not possible yet. I had to take a step back and start earning his trust first. He walked well on a leash, let me look in his mouth and ears, and had no problem being touched anywhere on his body including his feet and hind end. Great dog.