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Bob Williams

Bob Williams

November 11 2013
The place had gone to the dogs: sibling rivalry, barking, fighting, chasing the cats, chasing squirrels, neurotic behavior, door scratching. This behavior has changed since Bob's first visit. The tension caused by the dog's previous behavior is gone. Bob gave us all ways to gain and retain control of the dogs' behavior to the level we need: bark once (not continuous), no fighting, no running the fence line, sit and wait to go out, come when called. It even works from outside the front door! The dogs feel loved and cared for, but they are not in control of the household. We have control of the dogs and love them dearly. Bob continues to be available for the life time of our dogs. It has been and continues to be a life altering experience for us all. Bob is a life saver for us and our dogs!...Read More

Pam A Spring, Texas

Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Digging, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall, Sibling rivalry, Toileting
August 17 2013
We value the incredible tools Bark Busters has given us. Our dogs responded quickly and it's much more pleasant in our place. Thank You !!!...Read More

Noelle & Jason C Cypress, Texas

August 17 2013
Prissy is 16 months old. Twelve of those have been a nightmare. This method is amazing! I recommend this to everyone....Read More

Vivian W Seguin, Texas

August 17 2013
After only 2-1/2 hours, WOW !!!!!!...Read More

Darlene L Cypress, Texas

August 17 2013
We are very impressed with the dramatic change in our dog. The method is simple and logical. I wish we had done this sooner !!!!...Read More

Kathy B Houston, Texas

August 17 2013
All instructions were very clear. Our "crazed" golden retriever became a wonderfully obedient pet within 10 days. We were amazed at how quickly our dogs responded. We enjoyed understanding the psychology behind the methods. Our dogs already had basic obedience training but serious problems still developed. Bark Busters humanely solved behavioral issues. They are more obedient and the golden is happier too. This program worked miracles on our golden who had turned very destructive and would try to escape at all cost. Amazing !!!...Read More

Karen R Houston, Texas

August 17 2013
After two weeks we are pleased and still amazed !!!!!...Read More

Kathy M Cypress, Texas

August 17 2013
Everything was explained, modeled and praised (praise is very important) when we got it right. I knew it was working right away. It was exciting to see the transformation and all I have to do is growl at him. Happy day ahead !!!...Read More

Kara G Cypress, Texas

August 17 2013
It is inconceivable to believe the simple plan works, but it does. It's been over two months and it's still working, better every day. Thanks Bob...Read More

Frank P Houston, Texas

August 17 2013
I had my doubts (sounded almost too good to be true), but was ready to try almost anything to get a grip on the behavior of our "three spoiled brats". I was astounded at the immediate results. Now we have wonderful, happier companions. Thanks, Bob !...Read More

Les & Martha W Spring, Texas

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