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Merikay P
Merikay P Ladson, South Carolina | January 19 2023
Michelle Rodriguez is wonderful! It's a process, not an instant fix and you have to do the work if you want to be successful. She's super supportive and the training is available for the life of your dog. Every time we run into a new situation she's there to help me through it. If you're willing to work on the training every day you WILL see results, this program works!!! And all without fear or punishing your best friend (or friends), just learning to be the leader of your pack! Permalink
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Keena P
Keena P Moncks Corner, South Carolina | December 23 2022
Michelle is absolutely amazing. I can not believe the changes I am seeing since hiring her. She is teaching ME how to be the leader of my dog. She is "training" me how to train my dog. What's interesting is these techniques are relatively simple once they are explained. Michelle is very knowledgeable. She is always available through phone or email. She answers questions in simple and easy to understand terms. Michelle is patient and kind. She never makes me feel bad or stupid when asking questions. After the 1st session my husband and I began to see improvements in our dog's general obedience. Michelle has given me the hope for my dog. She has given me the confidence and the know how to introduce my dog to people in a safe manner. The program is not cheap but both my husband and I believe it to be worth every penny. Permalink
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Judy T
Judy T Richmond HIll, Georgia | November 01 2022
We have two dogs but needed the most help with our 3 year old Brittany….Ginger. For those of you that are familiar with that breed, you clearly know how energetic and spastic they can be. We had a Brittany before, but Ginger has exceeded the craziness. She had a bad habit of counter surfing in the kitchen while we were cooking. As much as we yelled at her, that bad habit continued. Walking her was exhausting. The minute she got outside, her nose led the way. She would pull so hard, and if a car drove by, she would bark and try to dart at the car. That was really nerve wracking because one day if we didn’t have complete control of her leash, she definitely would have been hit. We finally decided to hire a dog trainer. We hired James with Bark Buster. The best thing about his tactics, is that we are not just attending typical training classes teaching dog obedience. Most dog training classes have a generalized training outline. James customized the training needs based on what we wanted to be corrected. We successfully keep the dogs out of the kitchen during any cooking process. We can now walk the dogs and there is absolutely no pulling. They no longer control us while in the house or during the walks. Both dogs now understand that we are the pack leaders and that we control our expectations of them. In the end, it was my husband and I that really needed the training. We are both thrilled at the results and look forward to finally enjoying calmer walks and more peaceful times within the house. Permalink
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Frank M Seabrook, South Carolina | August 26 2022
James Rodriguez is a master: experienced, knowledgeable, authoritative when necessary, and successful in gently overcoming a dog's bad behavior or habits. James first educated us on the traits of dogs in general, and our dog Rocky in particular. He was correct in all respects, and quickly taught us the best methods to help Rocky shed behavior that had become intolerable. Those methods proved to be successful. Money well spent. Frank and Tami McCann Permalink
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Kelly C
Kelly C James Island, South Carolina | August 02 2022
Michelle began working with my dog as a 12-week old puppy. Since then, she has continued to implement training that is age appropriate as my dog enters new phases of life. I could not be happier with the results. I look forward to continuing these steps as my dog grows into adulthood. Michelle is very professional, but also just a joy to be around! I highly recommend Bark Busters and James and Michelle. You will not be disappointed. Permalink
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Diana B
Diana B Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina | July 22 2022
Working with Michelle from Bark Busters has been so very helpful with our feisty (albeit adorable) little Pomeranian who kind of thought he was in charge of the world! Michelle provided super helpful tools, strategies, and information so we could understand how dogs think and communicate, and learn how to change our dogs behavior by changing our behavior. It takes practice, however the strategies work! She has made herself readily available via a combination of in person sessions, phone calls and texts. We highly recommend Bark Busters! Thank you! Permalink
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Leslie S
Leslie S North Charleston, South Carolina | May 01 2022
Bark Busters has changed our lives. James is unlike any trainer, he is always there for anything that comes up. We've been working with him for the last 2 years since getting our dog, and he still comes out when we have questions. He's even helped us with our new puppy and the transition of bringing her into our family. This isn't just a one time, pay for training and be done, this is for the life of your pet. As life changes, as environments change, as your dog matures and other challenges come up, James has been there with us through it all. He's only a text away, and always makes time for us. I couldn't say enough good things about Bark Busters. If you're thinking about it, just do it, its the best investment we've ever made into having a well trained, obedient, and loyal dog. He takes the time to teach you about your dog so you can understand what training works and why. If I went back in time knowing what I do now, I would have only called sooner. Permalink
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Alexis L
Alexis L Bluffton, South Carolina | April 30 2022
James has been such a phenomenal trainer and person throughout every interaction we have had with him. When we adopted Braxton, we were informed that he had behavioral issues with children and other animals. He had bitten myself within the first few weeks of taking him in so we began to search for someone to help us since we had not experienced this before, and giving him up was NOT an option. On our first visit with James, he took the time to educate us on Braxton's learned and inherited behaviors and certain things that could and could not be completely changed. We learned how to establish dominance and recreate our family dynamic in order for Braxton to feel more secure as well as situations that helped or hindered his traits. After working with James over multiple sessions- Braxton is a COMPLETELY different dog. It has been night and day of a difference. Our bonding has strengthened immensely and he has not bitten myself or my fiance a single time since we learned our new tools. I am telling you- James is an absolute miracle worker and has impacted our life in more ways than we can express. We are so incredibly grateful for his mentorship. 10/10 recommend! Permalink
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Thomas R Charleston, South Carolina | April 23 2022
Michelle is great and really passionate/realistic on what you can get out of your dog. Signed up for two dog training and one of our pups passed shortly after signing up and Michelle was prompt and thoughtful to refund us accordingly. Permalink
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Meredith J Goose Creek, South Carolina | April 13 2022
We adopted one puppy intentionally and then fell into a stray puppy a few months later. We were in over our head and were beyond frustrated that our dogs wouldn't listen, chewed everything, barked at neighbors, dug holes, you name it, one or both dogs did it. One was so aggressive when meeting new dogs I thought we would never be able to take them anywhere or have dog friends over. This sounds dramatic, but James from Bark Busters was a life changer. I knew we were the problem, not so much the dogs, but he showed us how to communicate with them in a manner they understand and everything is different now. They are delightful. Perfect? No. But they listen better, we can leave them unsupervised for longer, and their whole demeanor is so much calmer. They are changed dogs because we are better at communicating with them. Permalink
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