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Mt. Pleasant | May 29 2010
Great, natural way to train dogs. Not difficult to understand and implement. They were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful. Training was perfect for Chase's temperament to please. We felt the methods were "user friendly" and not overwhelming. Thanks! Permalink
West Ashley | May 29 2010
The explanation was great! The training techniques made complete sense, and we wondered why we were just now learning it. Zeus had stopped jumping on James and Michelle within 10 minutes of training. We had an "of course this will work" moment because our dogs finally understand us. We can now walk our dogs in peace! We have already recommended James and Michelle. We really liked the training and results. We've tried many other training techniqes and got the best and fastest results with Bark Busters! Permalink
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West Ashley | May 25 2010
We are Buddy's third owners, and he is only a year and half old! The techniques made so much sense when the reasons were explained-making it easier to remember. Our results progressed in relation to our consistency. It took me a while to get the pattern-thanks to James I am getting it! James is very intuitive with people and pets; he makes both feel very comfortable and establishes a "can-do" attitude. We needed to make this work as Buddy's rescue history was looking grim. Bark Busters knows their stuff! Permalink
West Ashley | May 25 2010
Bark Busters was always available to respond immediately if I needed extra help outside of a training session. This has made me the "pack leader" again, and I am grateful that I can feel confident in my ability to command my dog's actions. This training has made a huge impact on my relationship with my dog and has made a much stronger and healthier bond with us. I really enjoy that I was able to gain the control without being physical with him! Permalink
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West Ashley | May 25 2010
I have called our vet to thank him for the referral and ask that he continue to refer his patients to Bark Busters. The training helped us realize that the humans ARE the boss. Once Rita & Jada realized we were in charge, they seemed to relax and follow commands. Bark Busters trained the humans very well! It was fun, and James was patient with two female humans trying to train two female dogs! Permalink
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N. Charleston | May 25 2010
My 1-year-old Aussie shepherd is already doing much better with the jumping. I was very impressed with how quick my dog responded-highly recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
West Ashley | May 25 2010
Since our matriarch of the "pack" passed away a few months back, our 3 wonderful little doxies have been rude at best. We needed help with their behavior to avoid fighting. We noticed results starting with the first training session and had our "pack" back in order in no time! Permalink
Johns Island | May 25 2010
Bark Busters did a great job with our dogs! They were extremely knowledgeable, and we saw positive results in our English mastiff and lab in a very short time. I would highly recommend Bark Busters to anyone who has a dog in need of a little help! Permalink
Charleston | May 25 2010
I always recommend Bark Busters-especially when I see dogs having the same problems that our dogs, standard poodles, used to have. (Anxiety with skateboards, barking, jumping, and even a little aggression with each other.) James did a great job with the dogs and us. He has continued to check on us and encourage us. He is always happy to answer any questions. We are truly pleased with the results! Permalink
West Ashley | May 25 2010
We have already talked with other dog owners about Bark Busters and the great results we have seen. We saw improvement after the first session but definitely noticed an even more significant improvement by session number two. We are able to better control our Westie, Lucy; she keeps calm when guests arrive, minimal barking and less jumping. We were also pleased that the techniques did not involve any cruel behavior! Permalink

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