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Jill D Fairfax | January 20 2016
Dear Lee, Thank you so much for your help last night. Our morning Stress level has been greatly reduced. Ed left for work before I got up this am but he said everything went well. I still need to perfect my voice tone, stance, etc. but "Boy, oh Boy" what an improvement! Much less jumping and yelping this am with much more calm following soon after. We are truly looking forward to improving and learning more next time we see you. In the meantime, we will be practicing what we've learned and hopefully greatly improving. Permalink
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Nancy A Marshall | October 26 2015
Rufus is showing a lot of improvement. He is ignoring our alarm system for the most part. He is not charging the front door when the doorbell is rung; he may bark a couple of times but the magic word stops him. He is excellent with the sit-and-stay; we will work on even more distractions. There is a noticeable improvement. We are both encouraged! Permalink
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Samantha D Bristow | August 19 2014
There is no doubt that Lee is a dog whisperer. I have 2 dogs, both have totally different personalities and had different problems. Penny is our rescue and has had major anxiety problems. She chewed everything she could get her mouth on. Shoes, furniture, clothes, the bathroom door, the list goes on and on. On top of that she was refusing to do her business outside. When someone would ring the doorbell that would start total chaos. She would go nuts and in turn our other dog Sasha would go nuts. Sasha on the other hand had a barking problem and extreme pulling while on the leash. We just couldn't walk this dog. Long story short I was at my wits end when I decided to give Lee a call. I can honestly say it was the best call I ever made. He came over and spent the evening with the dogs and my family. He was so patient and had a way that was just so natural with the dogs. He really seemed to understand why my dogs were behaving the way that they did. And also why I couldn't get a handle on the situation. He not only helped my dogs but he also helped me. His techniques made total sense. He took a crazy situation and turned it around in just one evening. Yes....one evening! Lee I can't thank you enough for all of your help and guidance. I just can't say enough positive things about this man. He also does follow ups if needed. He's truly dedicated to his craft. Thanks again Lee! You're the best!!! p.s. Penny and Sasha send their love. Permalink
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Stephanie W Fairfax | August 06 2014
I call Lee the Dog Whisperer of Northern Virginia. Lee began visiting my home where I live with my two 70 pound labrador retrievers. After the first session there were great results in both of my dog's behavior. My elderly mother is visiting very soon and my dogs rush up and down the steps like race horses. I feared for my mother's safety. After one session with Lee I have this behavior under control as well as understanding why the behavior was occurring. Lee has taught me that my approach and response to the dogs is just as important as the dog's response. Lee provides training that helps you understand "why" something is being done and once I learned this I have been able to transfer this base of knowledge to many other situations that I have encountered with my dogs. I have now been working with Lee for 1 month and I have two well behaved loving labs. I highly recommend Lee and Bark Busters. The training is done in your home and you work on exactly the issues you are having with your dog. I have been a dog owner for 20 years and have participated in the "typical group" training sessions. Those results were not even close to what Lee at Bark Busters as provided me. Thank you Lee for sharing your wisdom and providing wonderful follow up support. Permalink
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Kathy K Upperville | February 19 2014
We still think you have magic powers, but your last visit Gave us all a taste if things to come. I'm a much more believable Baaaher...Napoleon has stopped the nipping for the most part unless extremely over stimulated. He LOVES the cong toy you gave him and your advice on the bunge cord entertainment is a total hit! We've got him wearing a puppy halter all the time. No fights walking at all any more. Every suggestion you made, made vast improvements. A+ on your techniques, demonstrations and helpful ideas. Permalink
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Katy M
Katy M Clifton | February 10 2014
We would like to very highly recommend Lee Trimble at Bark Busters! We started with him from very early on with our Bernese Mountain puppy of 8 weeks. He has helped us every step along the way in learning about canine and human behavior and relationships. He has thoughtfully and successfully solved every single problem we have had with our pet. From jumping, biting, barking, stealing food, domineering, and to pulling on the leash when walking, he has solved them all! We truly feel he understands canine behavior better than anyone we have ever come in contact with. We love learning from him each time he comes to our home. We are continually impressed with how well he understands situations and how to correct them just by observing our pet and our family. We are so thankful for Lee and what he has done to help us. Anyone who has any need for help with your pet should definitely consider Lee Trimble! Permalink
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Haymarket | April 02 2012
Lee is a very kind and patient trainer. As promised, he was able to demonstrate progress with our high energy dog named Maggie. Lee was very honest about our dog's behavior and realistic about the expectations for Maggie. The strategies he taught us during his initial visit proved to be very successful. Lee provided a lot of background information about the training stategies to ensure we understood not only the "How" but also the "Why" of the training exercises. He also gave us useful information pertaining to our dog's diet, which resulted in a positive change in our dog's behavior. After the initial visit, Lee sent a follow-up email and responded to many questions. He is a very knowledgeable trainer. I highly recommend Lee. Permalink
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Manassas | October 28 2011
This is the story of Prissy. Prissy was 3 months old when I got her. At the time I took her she was going to her third home in 20 days. She was settling in very well when one of her housemates passed away just 2 short months after she joined our family. All of a sudden, Prissy was going over the deep end, acting out and having an awful reaction. She would try to bite any time someone walked by her, picking on our other dog, and generally being a bad girl. Out of desperation, I contacted the vet who also realized that if we didn't do something quickly, this dog was in danger of having to be euthanized. Her behavior was so bad, she could not go to another home. The vet's suggestion was to contact Lee Trimble from Bark Busters. Lee was called and came out within a couple of days. Lee determined that Prissy was a "brat" and my other dog was an angel. Prissy was reacting to the loss of her pal and also the many changes in her very young life. Prissy needed some work on socialization and proper/acceptable behavior. By the end of our first training session, Prissy was making huge strides into becoming the very loving little dog that she is today. Nine months after getting Prissy, we adopted Lucky, a little dog who was put out on the street and needed a home. Again, Lee came out and worked with both of the dogs. Lucky is still working through his issues of having been a "street" dog for more than a month. He has learned how to love again and also how to be loved. We still have some issues with fear of large vehicles, but we are working on them. Prissy is an absolute joy to be around. Her last visit to the vet was most impressive. She sat quietly beside me and acted like a proper young lady should. The staff at the animal hospital can't believe that she is the same little girl that originally came to them. Lee is the best thing to happen to our family. He is truly awesome and we appreciate everything he has done to help us. Permalink
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Leesburg | December 12 2008
Best trainer in the world. I would recommend him to anyone. He could teach Caesar Milan a thing or two. Permalink

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