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Damon B Independent Hill | June 15 2017
Bubba has been responding fantastically to training. He is a much more relaxed pup and there has been far less drama in the home. The changes and training have improved his behavior in the yard and the neighbors appreciate it. People have noticed a vast change in his manners as well. We continue daily training (us AND him!). We will continue with updates. Thank you so much! Permalink
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Sara C Manassas | February 11 2017
We moved into a new apartment in January. He's learned to use the building elevator and I have not had any complaints from the neighbors about barking. There's a lot of dogs in the building and neighborhood and overall he's been very good about making new friends. He's also allowing my boyfriend to put the leash and harness on and they'll go for walks. I brought him to a super bowl party last weekend and everyone complimented me on how well behaved he was. There were other dogs at the party and they played the entire time. I have ceiling to floor windows in the living room so if he starts to bark, a simple "bah" and shake of the bean bag gets him to stop. I'm really impressed with how quickly he adjusted to a new environment when we moved. When I was in my previous apartment it took probably at least a month. This move he settled right in! Permalink
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Rebecca B Centreville | November 08 2016
Hi Lee, Rosie is doing very well! So, she did FABULOUS with my sister and mother last weekend! My sister is in love with her. And my mother couldn't believe the difference in her behavior. She last saw her in July, when I brought her to their house in Fort Myers, Florida. And she was very protective of me, uncertain of people at that time. I've been taking her to the dog park. Mostly she lets the dogs sniff her and otherwise ignores them. But last Wednesday she ran *one* lap with the dogs! It was wonderful! She was pretty much done after that lap, but improvement! Permalink
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John H Gainesville | February 21 2016
Lee, Just a brief update since your last training visit here . You really did a great job working with Sue and Snickers as Snickers is showing her much more respect and her corrections ( BAH). Sue is especially good in correcting Snickers sits and stays on the rug in the family room while she prepares her water and food and only comes to eat when called to come. Snickers also does the same when I do the same. We have also been successful in our corrections with Snickers to not grab and pull on our pant legs and shoelaces. I have also made great progress with correcting her when she wants to " mouth " while sitting with me on the couch. She loves sitting as close as possible to me on the couch every evening, that used to be a real pain for me as she just would not quit pestering me. Now by correction as you have taught, she only comes on the couch when I allow it, and when she is here, she has quit pestering me and allows me to just pet her without trying to jump all over the place and mouth. Permalink
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Hunter M Manassas | February 04 2016
Hi lee. Here's the latest chief update. He's been great. He lets the kids go up the stairs ahead of him. He's more obedient while still being extremely loving and affectionate. And after that fiasco with the training collar and the storm drain in the backyard he doesn't hang around it as much. We don't have any issues that we're bothered by but we will keep you posted. Thanks for your help! Permalink
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Vic and Becky C
Vic and Becky C Manassas | January 26 2016
Lee's training has been absolutely outstanding. Our dog, Pippa, is a very smart Border Collie. As a puppy, she was also very strong-willed and was resistant to our instruction. From the moment Lee entered the house, Pippa responded to him in a way that we knew meant he could help us train her. Lee has always been there for us, responding in-person and via e-mail, ready to answer questions and address our individual needs. As a result, we now have an amazing two year old dog. She is sweet, eager to learn, and a delightful member of the family. She has been absolutely amazing with the grandchildren, 4 years to 18 months. She always responded appropriately, despite them being in her face, chasing her around the house, and playing tug-of-war. She was never aggressive at all, and the kids grew to appreciate her even more than on earlier visits. They are learning to treat a dog appropriately through her reactions. She instantly transitioned from demure and passive with the toddlers to frisky and playful with our son, then, instantly transitioned back to toddler mode. Permalink
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Jill D Fairfax | January 20 2016
Dear Lee, Thank you so much for your help last night. Our morning Stress level has been greatly reduced. Ed left for work before I got up this am but he said everything went well. I still need to perfect my voice tone, stance, etc. but "Boy, oh Boy" what an improvement! Much less jumping and yelping this am with much more calm following soon after. We are truly looking forward to improving and learning more next time we see you. In the meantime, we will be practicing what we've learned and hopefully greatly improving. Permalink
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Nancy A Marshall | October 26 2015
Rufus is showing a lot of improvement. He is ignoring our alarm system for the most part. He is not charging the front door when the doorbell is rung; he may bark a couple of times but the magic word stops him. He is excellent with the sit-and-stay; we will work on even more distractions. There is a noticeable improvement. We are both encouraged! Permalink
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Samantha D Bristow | August 19 2014
There is no doubt that Lee is a dog whisperer. I have 2 dogs, both have totally different personalities and had different problems. Penny is our rescue and has had major anxiety problems. She chewed everything she could get her mouth on. Shoes, furniture, clothes, the bathroom door, the list goes on and on. On top of that she was refusing to do her business outside. When someone would ring the doorbell that would start total chaos. She would go nuts and in turn our other dog Sasha would go nuts. Sasha on the other hand had a barking problem and extreme pulling while on the leash. We just couldn't walk this dog. Long story short I was at my wits end when I decided to give Lee a call. I can honestly say it was the best call I ever made. He came over and spent the evening with the dogs and my family. He was so patient and had a way that was just so natural with the dogs. He really seemed to understand why my dogs were behaving the way that they did. And also why I couldn't get a handle on the situation. He not only helped my dogs but he also helped me. His techniques made total sense. He took a crazy situation and turned it around in just one evening. Yes....one evening! Lee I can't thank you enough for all of your help and guidance. I just can't say enough positive things about this man. He also does follow ups if needed. He's truly dedicated to his craft. Thanks again Lee! You're the best!!! p.s. Penny and Sasha send their love. Permalink
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Stephanie W Fairfax | August 06 2014
I call Lee the Dog Whisperer of Northern Virginia. Lee began visiting my home where I live with my two 70 pound labrador retrievers. After the first session there were great results in both of my dog's behavior. My elderly mother is visiting very soon and my dogs rush up and down the steps like race horses. I feared for my mother's safety. After one session with Lee I have this behavior under control as well as understanding why the behavior was occurring. Lee has taught me that my approach and response to the dogs is just as important as the dog's response. Lee provides training that helps you understand "why" something is being done and once I learned this I have been able to transfer this base of knowledge to many other situations that I have encountered with my dogs. I have now been working with Lee for 1 month and I have two well behaved loving labs. I highly recommend Lee and Bark Busters. The training is done in your home and you work on exactly the issues you are having with your dog. I have been a dog owner for 20 years and have participated in the "typical group" training sessions. Those results were not even close to what Lee at Bark Busters as provided me. Thank you Lee for sharing your wisdom and providing wonderful follow up support. Permalink
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