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Barbara L Fort Collins, Larimer, Colorado | June 05 2023
We were so impressed with Scott’s advice and our training session. I practiced alone today and we are making progress with his easy training guidelines. It is worth the money to get a private trainer. They see your issues inside your home where your pup lives. Best investment I ever made in training my 11 month old Bernedoodle. Permalink
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Kathy M Windsor, Larimer, Colorado | April 07 2023
We are so excited to be able to learn such an effective method for training our 2 year old bernedoodles and from such a knowledgable and compassionate trainer. Scott is so passionate in his training and teaching. Our dogs immediately responded to the teaching techniques and remain relaxed and confident as we add training opportunities. Scott has been diligent in following up to answer any questions as we go. He listens to our application questions and encourages us in our learning process. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Scott and Holly for a long time and are thankful for our opportunity to deepen our relationship with our dogs as we grow together. I highly recommend Scott and Holly without reservation. Permalink
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Leanne K Fort Collins, Larimer, Colorado | March 14 2023
We have a 2 yr old rescue with a lot of anxiety. In our attempt to love our dog, we were letting her run the house and dictate what she wanted and when. Our first session with Scott/Bark Busters was very positive. Our dog responded right away to the instruction, and the behavior changes needed from us/owners were very realistic and doable. We never thought we could get a response from our dog without treats and are loving the results so far! We also love that we have support for as long as we have our dog . Permalink
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Jennifer A
Jennifer A Fort Collins, Larimer, Colorado | March 14 2023
Well, we’re only one day in on this new training and we are very impressed with our dogs’ progress. We’re convinced that this method is going to fully meet our expectations! Looking forward to the next one-on-one sessions with Scott and Holly-they are fun, enthusiastic and they know their stuff! Permalink
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Nadine D Fort Collins, Larimer, Colorado | January 30 2023
We're really happy with the program and the incredibly fast learning we and our dog have been able to do. We have a Dachshund mix who is overall a good boy but he gets super anxious when left alone at the house. Holly took a lot of time to get to know us and address these issues on a wholesome and global level, taking the entire situation into account, and not just the problematic behavior. We were really attracted to a training method that can easily be built into our daily routine, not emphasizing treats or employing punishment. Another attractive point for us was that the training sessions would be held at home, where we and the dog would be at our most natural behavior. As we expected, it's really more about retraining us humans and getting rid of ingrained behavior that confuses dogs. We are now able to communicate with our dog more clearly and get him to behave as we want him to. Already after the first training lesson, our dog was walking on the leash like a champ (not that he was bad before but it's a dream now, with just subtle but huge improvements), and we've learned how to reclaim our leadership role. We still have some work to do on dealing with his separation anxiety, but it's worlds apart than from when we started. Of course a certain amount of continuous practice and discipline is necessary to not slide back into old behavioral patterns but it's been quite easy to do and Holly has been so responsive and helpful with our questions. It's a bit funny as it's also been so great for communication among us as a couple, as we're now really on the same page on what the right thing to do is in a certain situation, and we joke as we remind each other on how to claim and maintain our leadership roles towards the do. The gains have been immense, and we are very happy with the result so far. We're glad we chose Bark Busters and have learned so much! Permalink
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Kristin C Fort Collins, Larimer, Colorado | January 25 2023
I was so impressed with the professionalism, compassion, and knowledge that our Bark Busters trainer, “Holly” displayed throughout my and my dog Tallulah’s first training session. Holly first talked me through the training protocol using verbal, written, and audio visual tools . The explanations were clear, and easy to understand. My dog was suffering from horrible separation anxiety and her leash manners were atrocious. Upon conclusion of our session with Holly, both Tallulah and myself had a very clear understanding of our new way of communicating with each other. Holly taught us not only what changes we needed to make but why we needed to make them. The best part about this training was… my dog loved it !!!!. She loves our walks. And loves obeying the commands that I give her now . The Bark Busters training method is evidence-based , correction and praise training…and my and Tullulah’s relationship has become more enriched and bonded as a direct result of practicing the training. This program and this trainer, delivered much more than what I had expected or anticipated. I cannot say enough, about this program from start to finish ……it was Stellar!!! Permalink
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Gail S Fort Collins, Larimer, Colorado | November 11 2022
What a great experience! One day later and there is a significant change. I never thought I could learn so much in a few hours. Permalink
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Kelly D Fort Collins, Larimer, Colorado | November 03 2022
Holly (old friend from college) came to visit at the perfect time, when we'd just adopted a new puppy. She spent a lot of time with me, teaching me how to "speak dog." She was great at demonstrating training techniques then letting me give it a go and then showing me how to correct our dog's behavior. in the moment. Bark Busters' approach is so logical! I'm excited to have these tools - our dog's behavior is much improved and getting better still every day. Permalink
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Tiana A Fort Collins, Larimer, Colorado | August 30 2022
Scott and Holly were so helpful and supportive during our training. Their knowledge helped us better understand our extremely nervous pup and set her up for success. By the end of our session, we had breakthroughs with both of our fur babies and have seen results within the first 24 hours. We are so grateful to have them in our corner as we navigate this new chapter. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety
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Leslie K Fort Collins, Larimer, Colorado | August 09 2022
Oh my gosh I cannot thank this program and trainer Scott enough. I have done some treat based training when my Beverly was a pup to get a few of the basics down. She has a traumatic past from being attacked by dogs off leash 3 different times and ended up becoming super protective of me and would puff up angrily if people walked past or knocked on the door. We have moved around a lot and I'm just so happy that there's a way to train without treats or shock collars. Honestly the hardest part right now is consistency and timing. But even after this weekend with Scott coming by, I am amazed at the changes I am seeing in Beverly (who is a mixed breed rescue) She's finally relaxing around our apartment and I love it so much! Definitely will recommend to anyone I know that struggles to train their dogs. Permalink
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