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Garden City | July 21 2009
Maril was extremely friendly and informative. The training was insightful. I was surprised how easy the methods were and how fast my un-neutered Pit Bull, Bubba responded. I was very pleased with the techniques. I have always recommended Bark Busters because every dog that comes into our clinic that has been through Bark Busters training is a great dog. Permalink
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Dearborn | July 13 2009
Our dog Annie (Briard) was a different dog at the end of the session. We were very much pleased with the natural training techniques. The training was interesting and we found it amazing. My neighbor was also amazed with the results. Excellent in every area. Permalink
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Farmington | July 13 2009
Excellent scores in every category! For our first visit, Maril stayed for four hours, answering all of our questions. It is the only training technique Emma has responded to. We enjoyed the cartoons in the flip book. Permalink
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Detroit | July 13 2009
Many of my bad ideas about dogs were corrected in a positive way. Some things seemed confusing at first, but became clearer as we continued. Excellent techniques, excellent results, excellent experience. Permalink
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Allan Park | June 29 2009
Excellent scores in every category! A lot of the training is common sense.---A lot of Ah-HAAAA moments! Permalink
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Oak Park | June 22 2009
Excellent scores in every category! It's working. I really enjoy my trainer, Bob listens to my problems and gives me things to try! Awesome. The training experience is interesting, enjoyable and educational - which is obviously what I need. I believe this will work - the (non-Bark Busters) class I took did not. Permalink
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Novi | May 14 2009
5 stars! The training was easy to understand. I have shared some information and techniques that I learned with friends. It is amazing that we all thought we spoke "dog" well and we were wrong until Bark Busters taught us how. At the beginning Sherman was confused, but by day 2 - so great!! We now have and will continue to have the best dog through our new techniques and consistent training. Permalink
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Novi | May 07 2009
We've used other dog training with no results. We saw results with Bark Busters in minutes! Zoey has made so much progress just days into the training. Excellent rating in every category! Permalink
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Dearborn | April 23 2009
The directions were very clear and the reasoning behind the directions made perfect sense. My 12-month-old, high-strung Irish Setter had amazing behavioral results. I never would have thought that such simple, natural training techniques would have such large results. I found the training interesting because it took me out of my usual concepts and gave me a new perspective on a dogs way of thinking & behavior. Bark Busters, Maril Zbik, was very prompt with the appointment times. Maril helped me understand my dogs behavior and why she does things. My Irish Setter's behavior improved from the very first appointment. I am less stressed out now hat I have learned to become the leader. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone and already have through word of mouth and face to face. Permalink
St. Clair Shores | April 02 2009
Brutus is a foster that we have had for a year and we are so pleased to see the "light" of a future home for him and just a happier dog in our care. Excellent rating in every category! Not only were the training techniques explained, but the rationale as it relates to the dog was emphasized. The very next day Brutus was much more relaxed - he was so happy to not have to be in charge. The philosophy makes perfect sense. Understanding the behavior of the species is so important in training and understanding your dog. My husband and I were excited to have the ability to help Brutus, but also ourselves. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. It's common-sense techniques are not difficult to implement and the results are amazing. Permalink

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