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Wixom | December 06 2009
The training sessions are very thorough and we saw results with some of the issues we had very quickly. Our trainer is very helpful and knowledgeable. Excellent rating in every area. Permalink
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Dearborn | October 14 2009
Bob put the training in terms that were very easy to relate to. He gave good examples and analogies. - Very enlightening! We were quite amazed. Reilly was like a different dog almost immediately and seems to understand that things are different in the house. We had been relying on treats which was a problem. The training was interesting for sure, I'm not sure I would call it enjoyable. It wasn't unpleasant and it was very informative. We were very comfortable with Bob from the start. He was great, he kept it light. We now have a new understanding of our relationship with our dog.---P.S. We had company tonight and used the techniques. Reilly was great and didn't jump on anyone or annoy them. Yeah, Reilly!! Permalink
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Westland | September 21 2009
The training was easy for my mother and I both. It works wonders! The training gives me confidence that when I'm correcting Abby, I'm not hurting her. It lets me enjoy Abby more and she respects me. The training is very effective and easy to learn. Permalink
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Farmington Hills | September 21 2009
Maril's method of teaching was detailed with helpful advice and made us eager to practice the lessons. Fletcher became more relaxed and approached the trainer and neighbor in one visit. We were amazed at his behavior. The techniques were effective, constructive and practical, sound advice which guided us through the weeks ahead. The session was energizing and rewarding. We were eager to absorb Maril's knowledge of dogs. I have high respect for Bark Busters success rate. I have contacted several people and hope they follow through with our suggestions. "Support for Life" is a special asset that appeals to dog owners. We are confident that Maril will be a part of our lives in the future. Permalink
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Southfield | August 18 2009
Each behavior was broken down into something so simple and obvious. The natural techniques are nice because I do not believe in hitting my dog or shock collars. I enjoyed the training and it is interesting to hear how everyone of my actions affects my dog. I would recommend Bark Busters. Milo is a stubborn dog and the techniques helped him a lot, so I know other other people's dogs can definitely benefit. Permalink
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Commerce | August 03 2009
Otis was much calmer by the end, very impressive. We were very happy with the techniques. No treat training, no beating the dog! It was very enlightening and fun. Maril was excellent. Great price and great results so far. Lifetime guarantee is great! Maril was a very good listener and very passionate about her work. She made the training fun and effective! Permalink
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Garden City | July 21 2009
Maril was extremely friendly and informative. The training was insightful. I was surprised how easy the methods were and how fast my un-neutered Pit Bull, Bubba responded. I was very pleased with the techniques. I have always recommended Bark Busters because every dog that comes into our clinic that has been through Bark Busters training is a great dog. Permalink
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Dearborn | July 13 2009
Our dog Annie (Briard) was a different dog at the end of the session. We were very much pleased with the natural training techniques. The training was interesting and we found it amazing. My neighbor was also amazed with the results. Excellent in every area. Permalink
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Farmington | July 13 2009
Excellent scores in every category! For our first visit, Maril stayed for four hours, answering all of our questions. It is the only training technique Emma has responded to. We enjoyed the cartoons in the flip book. Permalink
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Detroit | July 13 2009
Many of my bad ideas about dogs were corrected in a positive way. Some things seemed confusing at first, but became clearer as we continued. Excellent techniques, excellent results, excellent experience. Permalink

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