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St. Clair Shores | April 02 2009
Brutus is a foster that we have had for a year and we are so pleased to see the "light" of a future home for him and just a happier dog in our care. Excellent rating in every category! Not only were the training techniques explained, but the rationale as it relates to the dog was emphasized. The very next day Brutus was much more relaxed - he was so happy to not have to be in charge. The philosophy makes perfect sense. Understanding the behavior of the species is so important in training and understanding your dog. My husband and I were excited to have the ability to help Brutus, but also ourselves. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. It's common-sense techniques are not difficult to implement and the results are amazing. Permalink
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Plymouth | April 01 2009
Excellent on every score! The Bark Busters training creates a good foundation for discipline that is easy to follow. Maril is very patient & our dog Charlie responds well to her techniques. Permalink
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Livonia | March 18 2009
The techniques were easy for our dog to understand as well as for her people so the results were immediate. We understand that what we learned is not a quick fix & needs to be ongoing - but the ideas are easy enough to remember and do consistently. Anyone who doesn't "understand" probably needs a course in basic English comprehension. :-) ~ It was interesting because the reasons for doing things made us think about how dogs process their life in ways we had not thought about. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters - everyone's dog should be trained and after listening to a trainer at a local pet supplies store telling a dog to "shut up" we knew we had to find another option. Maril was great & very patient with us. Permalink
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St. Clair Shores | March 18 2009
Delilah is not as bright as she could be but there was a huge change for the better after just one visit. Everything made sense to us and while Bob was here she behaved very well. Delilah is learning but we at times forget and aren't as consistent as we should be. I've already told several people as well as the vets' office about the program. It all makes sense and we were very happy that we decided to use Bark Busters. Permalink
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Canton | February 27 2009
It's actually pretty amazing what a couple hours of simple changes can make in behavior. The training techniques were easy to understand. There is nothing that shouldn't be a good and natural reaction for both me and my dog. It's really amazing how quickly you can become a pack leader. It's a 24/7 job right now but very enjoyable to see the results. Absolutely! I already have recommended Bark Busters to friends. I would highly recommend Bark Busters for any dog, any age. Biscuit is only 4½ months but getting her used to all this now has been incredible. Looking forward to 15+ more wonderful years! Permalink
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Milford | February 12 2009
Maril was very open and engaging; she explained everything in a very positive format. By the end of the first session, my dog was more responsive and a bit more open with her shyness. Yes! I was pleased with the natural training techniques. I have done a lot of training and learned several new techniques as well as a few things I was doing wrong. Absolutely, I truly enjoyed it! I was very excited to get started. Maril was a pleasure to work with. I love the natural techniques and the Bark Busters system. Thank you! Permalink
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Allan Park | February 09 2009
Maril was excellent during her presentation & very down to earth. We saw Lucy become calm & submissive (rather than biting us) before Maril left, and she has stayed that way ever since Maril left. We liked the fact that Maril didn't use treats during the training. It was a very interesting experience. Little did we know that we were the cause of Lucy's bad behaviors. We have already recommended Bark Busters. The training produced results in a very short period of time & was easy and effective. We love the lifetime guarantee that Bark Busters offers. It was a great investment in our family & our dogs quality of life. I wish I knew about Bark Busters a long time ago. Permalink
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Southfield | February 09 2009
The training techniques were excellent, very clear presentation. We learned a lot and the time went by fast. It's an approach that makes a lot of sense. Maril Zbik understands both dogs and people. She is gifted. Permalink
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Lori Phillips P Plymouth, Michigan | February 06 2009
Between the chart and Maril's explanations, we understood the techniques. By the end of the first lesson the dogs were staying away from the table, they stopped barking and stayed back from the door. The training was interesting - it held our attention and our son's the whole time. It was interesting and enjoyable. I like the Lifetime package and the flat rate charge much better than paying an hourly fee. Permalink
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Allen Park | January 27 2009
WOW! is all we can say...Maril worked wonders with our Lucy, a 5-month-old Australian shepherd. It literally was like "magic" before our eyes. By the end of the lesson and within 24 hours, Lucy was acting like a totally different dog. It was like Cesar Millan came to our house. Maril educated us on dog language and behavior with an excellent presentation. Then, we were taught the techniques and had an opportunity to try them out with her there. By the end of the first day, Lucy had stopped biting and mouthing, jumping up on people, playing too roughly, jumping up on the baby gates, climbing the baby gates, herding my two toddler girls, and chasing the cat. She started acting like a "calm, submissive" dog immediately that we could see with her body language and behavior. She started to come when called every time, having fewer potty training accidents, and stopped demanding attention 24/7. This is no joke! It really did happen like this! Little did we know that we were the problem and were the ones actually causing her misbehavior in the first place. Now we feel way more confident as Lucy's owners and becoming her pack leaders. After one week, we are confident that Lucy will become the dog we've always wanted. Thank you, Maril! Permalink

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