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Southfield | February 09 2009
The training techniques were excellent, very clear presentation. We learned a lot and the time went by fast. It's an approach that makes a lot of sense. Maril Zbik understands both dogs and people. She is gifted. Permalink
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Lori Phillips P Plymouth, Michigan | February 06 2009
Between the chart and Maril's explanations, we understood the techniques. By the end of the first lesson the dogs were staying away from the table, they stopped barking and stayed back from the door. The training was interesting - it held our attention and our son's the whole time. It was interesting and enjoyable. I like the Lifetime package and the flat rate charge much better than paying an hourly fee. Permalink
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Allen Park | January 27 2009
WOW! is all we can say...Maril worked wonders with our Lucy, a 5-month-old Australian shepherd. It literally was like "magic" before our eyes. By the end of the lesson and within 24 hours, Lucy was acting like a totally different dog. It was like Cesar Millan came to our house. Maril educated us on dog language and behavior with an excellent presentation. Then, we were taught the techniques and had an opportunity to try them out with her there. By the end of the first day, Lucy had stopped biting and mouthing, jumping up on people, playing too roughly, jumping up on the baby gates, climbing the baby gates, herding my two toddler girls, and chasing the cat. She started acting like a "calm, submissive" dog immediately that we could see with her body language and behavior. She started to come when called every time, having fewer potty training accidents, and stopped demanding attention 24/7. This is no joke! It really did happen like this! Little did we know that we were the problem and were the ones actually causing her misbehavior in the first place. Now we feel way more confident as Lucy's owners and becoming her pack leaders. After one week, we are confident that Lucy will become the dog we've always wanted. Thank you, Maril! Permalink
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American Red Cross Health and Safety Director | January 11 2009
Petey had attended a "manners" class at our local humane society and it was helpful with him, but the one-on-one training was so much better. It allowed me to better understand Petey and know how to work with him to get results. Petey just didn't seem to understand what I wanted him to do and I couldn't figure out how to make him understand until Maril came to our aid. She gave me a better understanding of how Petey was thinking and how my behavior and others in the household affected him. When we learned what motivated him and how to be a leader for him, everyone realized how much happier life could be. He was always a sweet and lovable dog, now he's one that listens and follows our rules too! 5 out of 5 rating on all counts! Permalink
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Hamtramck | December 02 2008
My husband and I were SO worried we would have to give up our rescue dog, Molly. She was behaving very aggressively towards male visitors, even though she was completely sweet with us. When Bob arrived at our house, we feared she was going to bite him! But after only ONE session with Bob, and 2 weeks of us following his instructions, our Molly was a different dog. When Bob re-visited, Molly greeted him as a good friend. We are so impressed with Bark Busters. Maril has also helped me out with verbal advice at a time when a home visit was not something I felt I needed. I know Bob and Maril are both there for us--and our dog--whenever. I love the concept of home visits as well: total convenience! Permalink
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Canton | November 18 2008
I was so frustrated with Grady! He was horrible about jumping on people and dug countless holes in our yard, I know he's only 8 months old but enough is enough. After a few hours with Maril, he was a totally different dog. I am so glad she was there. She took the time to make sure I understood everything and made sure we were getting results before she left. Now, I don't dread company coming over. I don't even have to worry about my 18-month-old nephew getting knocked over. The baby can give Grady commands and he actually does them! It is truly amazing! He even started walking on the leash better after just one session. I work in a vet's office and recommend them to all new puppy and dog owners. Maril works wonders! Permalink
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Dearborn Heights | November 17 2008
Maril demonstrated (immediately) how changing our behaviors impacted the dogs' behaviors. We were very impressed. Absolutely! The dog (pit mix found as a stray) that started out fearful & tense was relaxed and comfortable taking direction. The techniques demonstrated made perfect sense... Maril explained how our actions were perceived by the dogs. I was amazed at how making small changes in the way we did things made such a difference in the way the dogs acted. Maril gave specific recommendations for each dog & for each problem as well as how to properly reward good behavior. We were much more conscious of the way our body language impacted the dogs -- we were able to better recognize and respond to the signals the dogs were giving us. Maril made clear she was available for further help if needed. Ford Road Animal Hospital - Assistant Permalink
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Southfield | November 15 2008
It was easy to understand, and the handouts re-emphasized the lessons. Our two older dogs and our new puppy, Mya, are all behaving better. We would recommend Bark Busters -- it is well thought out and it works. The followup is also very helpful. Maril & Bob are kind, considerate and wonderful trainers. Thank you! Permalink
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Westland | October 30 2008
Hi Maril, It was so nice to finally meet you at Zeus's party. Being a cancer patient on chemo, I was so afraid that Zeus and I would never get along. I thought I'd end up missing an arm and not being able to visit my daughter. Because of your great teaching methods, he and I are now the best of buddies. He stands in front of the window whining and getting all excited looking for his Grandma now. He and I even sleep together when I'm over there. Zeus and I are the best of buddies now and all my fear is gone. Even Lucky waits, sitting patiently, for his massage from Grandma after Zeus gets his. Thanks again! Peggy (Lucky & Zeus's Grandma) P.S. They are both a great joy to be with! Permalink
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Grosse Pointe Park | October 30 2008
By the end of out first session, Ginger began to understand how to stay away from the door when I'm greeting guests. The techniques were easy and understandable. The lifetime follow-up is very effective. Permalink

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