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Northville | September 26 2008
So glad we called you! I've already recommended Bark Busters to friends! (Godot, 10-yr-old Lab Chow mix) Permalink
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Dearborn | September 22 2008
Maril explained & demonstrated the techniques thoroughly & in a way easily understood. Bailey responded very well. Permalink
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Southgate | August 09 2008
Maril is not only an excellent trainer, but a very down-to-earth, easy-to-relate-to person. She was very patient. I was nervous before the session started, but now am at ease with the process. I now know Maril will not criticize but will patiently show me what to do. Maril was very informative. She was patient and took a lot of time making sure we understood what she was teaching us. We were amazed at the results! After Maril left Charley was much calmer and responded more readily to our commands. She was like a different dog! I had been trying to train Charley using treats. The results were spotty at best. This works so quickly! Permalink
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Westland | July 28 2008
We know how our dogs think now, and that changes everything. We have had dramatic results. We love not feeling like we have to scold our pets. We think of our dogs totally differently now. I tell everyone about Bark Busters! Permalink
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Farmington Hills | July 17 2008
Maril explained everything very well. The results were like night & day! Of course we'll recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. It's wonderful! Permalink
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Royal Oak | June 18 2008
We couldn't believe it worked so quickly. Maril was terrific! Very accommodating and accessible. She answered our questions by phone after the initial lesson. The background information was very helpful for understanding concepts. The training worked right away! Our Ellie is a "new" dog and we are a much happier family because of it. Permalink
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Canton | June 02 2008
Maril made the training techniques very manageable for all family members. We were able to stop Jackson from jumping up on us by the end of the lesson. At first, the correction seemed silly to us, but it works to correct Jackson. It was interesting ...Although the first session was long, Maril was able to keep the interest of our 9 year old son. I would recommend Bark Busters training...It's fairly simple, it works, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. I know that if I need help when Jackson gets older, Maril will come here to help us. Permalink
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Royal Oak | May 19 2008
Maril's techniques were easy to implement and worked quickly. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters! Riley responded so well to the session. It is amazing what we can get her to do now that we know how to speak her "language"!! Permalink
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Plymouth | May 08 2008
I was surprised how simple the training techniques were. At the end of the first lesson, I was much more relaxed about having my puppy & my toddler in the same room together. It is more relaxing to train with these techniques rather than yelling NO constantly! Maril made the training interesting and fun. :-) Permalink
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Northville | April 24 2008
There was a very thorough orientation prior to working with the dogs. The barking and biting stopped - by both dogs. No treats required = healthier for my dogs. The training was excellent, but frustrating - my dogs learned faster than I did! With results in the first session, and the fact that the contract is transferable, I recommend Bark Busters. I finally have my home back - visitors can visit without biting or barking dogs. (ShyAnn & Samson, rescue Papillions) Permalink

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